PPA Hopes to Let You Pay for Parking With Your Cell Phone

The Philadelphia Parking Authority is hoping to allow you to pay for parking with your cell phone by next summer. Well, “hopefully,” a spokesperson says.

The technology is already in place in cities near Philadelphia, including Allentown and Camden. The PPA actually posted a request for information (RFI) about pay-by-cell parking, but has since said the RFI “will be revised and re-posted at later date.”

Fortunately, the the actual RFI is still on the PPA’s site (PDF). It’s pretty standard stuff. The PPA is (was?) simply looking to “explore available options with currently marketed services utilized by various government entities for Pay-by-Cell solutions.”

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PPA to Start 6-Month Study on Motorcycle, Scooter Parking in Center City

The Philadelphia Parking Authority is starting a study on motorcycle and scooter parking in Center City. It’s expected to last about six months.

Last year, the PPA began issuing $76 tickets to scooters and motorcycles parked on the sidewalk downtown. After protests, the PPA announced new initiatives for motorcycle and scooter parking, but it hasn’t followed through on the new spaces it pledged to create in early January.

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PPA Has Issued Over 260 Tickets for Cars Parked in Bike Lanes Since January



The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia posted an update today on its joint #unblockbikelanes Twitter campaign with the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Between January and March, the campaign, which launched in December, generated 55 complaints, and PPA reports that it doled out 264 tickets to cars illegally parked in bike lanes; the bulk of the tickets were issued on Spruce and Pine streets.

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Philadelphia Parking Authority Boots Widow’s Car Over 23-Year-Old Tickets


Bucks County’s Judi Space had to come to Center City last week to meet with her estate attorney, since her husband passed away suddenly in December.

She decided to make a day of it.

Space met her cousin for lunch near Washington Square. She visited with her daughter. And when she returned to her car, parked perfectly legally at 21st Street and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Space was shocked to find that it had been booted by the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Read more »

PPA Turns to Twitter to Ticket Cars Parked in Bike Lanes



If you’re a driver who frequently parks in bike lanes (tsk tsk), take note: The Philadelphia Parking Authority has taken to Twitter to stop bike-lane-blocking drivers everywhere. According to the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, in an effort to stop drivers from parking in bike lanes, the PPA is now monitoring the Twitter hashtag #unblockbikelanes to find and ticket offenders.

Here’s how it works: If you see a car parked in a bike lane, just tweet the location of the car to @PhilaParking along with #unblockbikelanes. If a PPA officer happens to be in the area, they’ll teach that driver a lesson by slapping a ticket on their windshield. As the PPA stated on their blog, “While we can’t promise that enforcement can be dispatched to every single tweet we receive…we are committed to working closely with the cycling community on this issue.”

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Street Artist Kid Hazo Gets Giant Cardboard Revenge on the PPA

First, he went after the vampire squirrels in LOVE Park. Then, it was the fist-pumping bros of Drexel. Now, Phillly street artist Kid Hazo has set his satirical sites squarely on the PPA with the largest parking ticket ever:

Starting out Sunday morning, when most hip city dwellers were still staking out tables at cafes, Hazo parked his car (legally), disguised himself in sunglasses and a cap, and walked quickly toward South Street, carrying a big, black plastic garbage bag.

Inside was an enormous mock parking ticket with an exact replica of the dreaded “VIOLATION” along one end. The upper right corner read, “Place Giant Stamp Here Absurdly Large Postage Required Post Office will most likely not deliver this.” The address: KID HAZO Street Art Division PO BOX 092013.

His mission? Slip it under the wipers of a parking authority traffic enforcement car.

Slip it he did, right onto the windshield of PPA officer T. Free’s patrol car at Sixth and South. Then, of course, Kid Hazo ran like hell. The guy, after all, is in his 30s with a full-time job—not exactly your average graffiti artist.

But, then, the PPA isn’t your average scoundrel. Hopefully, the message was big enough this time. [Philly.com]


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