Airport Taxis Will Soon Cost Even More for Some Philadelphians

The wallets South Philly and West Philly residents are about to become the latest casualties of the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

On Wednesday morning, the PPA announced a plan to expand the flat-rate cab fare zone for airport trips. According to numbers compiled by BillyPenn, those living in the newly covered areas could see an increase in airport fare of as much as $5 once required to pay the flat rate. Read more »

Why Is the PPA Teaching Us How Not to Get Tickets?

The Philadelphia Parking Authority will hold a workshop on avoiding parking tickets next month.

Seeing as the organization brings in a big chunk of money from its on-street operations (meaning parking fines, booting and towing fees, meter payments and permit fees), you’ve got to wonder… what’s going on here?

The PPA says the “fun-filled” workshop (again…trap?) will run between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. on June 17th at the organization’s headquarters, located at 701 Market St. It’s titled “Parking 101: A Workshop on Avoiding Parking Tickets.”

Per a PPA event description full of exclamation points, those who attend will:

  • Hear from your own Parking Enforcement Officers the tricks to avoid tickets and readily understand any parking sign you may come across!
  • Get one-on-one, hands on instruction from a certified driving instructor on how to parallel park like a pro!
  • Learn tips on parking and driving safety for two and four wheeled vehicles!

If you’re as hesitant as we are, at least know that you’ll be given two hours of complimentary parking at the PPA’s “newly renovated Parkade” (a parking garage at 8th and Filbert streets) if you attend.

Space is limited. Those interested should register by emailing Registration closes at 5 p.m. on June 9th.

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The PPA Wants to Put Billboards in Neighborhood Lots – and Neighbors Aren’t Happy


Courtesy 5th Square

The Philadelphia Parking Authority wants to install 45 billboards in neighborhood parking lots – but community members and activists aren’t happy with the plans.

More than 600 people have publicly opposed the billboards through a petition introduced by 5th Square, an urbanist political action committee that aims to achieve “better transportation, land use and public space for the people,” according to its website.  Read more »

PPA Refused to Ticket Republican Senator’s Illegally Parked Car

The driver for the Republican senator talks a PPA agent out of giving him a ticket for being parked illegally. (Note that the Counter Terrorism truck in the back had nothing to do with this exchange. It was just driving by.)

The driver for the Republican senator talks the PPA agent out of giving him a ticket for being parked illegally. (Note that the Counter Terrorism truck in the back had nothing to do with this exchange. It was just driving by.)

If your car is parked in a no-stopping zone in Center City, you will, no doubt, get a $51 ticket. Your car might even be towed. But if you’re a Republican senator of the United States, well, the rules are apparently just a little bit different.

On Wednesday evening, as I was in Center City to cover the protesters surrounding the Republican retreat at the Loews Hotel, I saw a Philadelphia Parking Authority agent working his way up the 1400 block of Sansom Street. (Yes, the same PPA that has long been a Republican patronage haven in Philadelphia.)

As he lumbered along, the agent encountered an illegally parked orange Jeep Wrangler JK. It was in a clearly marked no-stopping zone across the street from the side entrance of the Union League. (Yes, the same Union League that has been a Republican stiff-shirted haven for many years.) Read more »

Pa. Auditor General to Investigate Embattled PPA Director’s “Excessive” Payout

L: Auditor General Eugene Depasquale | R: Former PPA Director Vince Fenerty

L: Auditor General Eugene Depasquale | R: Former PPA Director Vince Fenerty

Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale said he will investigate what he called an “excessive” six-figure payout for the former head of the Philadelphia Parking Authority, who resigned last year after reporters revealed he had been accused of multiple instances of sexual harassment. Read more »

I Took on the PPA and Won — and It Might Be Worth Millions to Philly Drivers


If you hate the robbers known as the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) and its conspiratorial kangaroo court known as the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication (BAA) as much as I do, you’ve got to read and circulate this article — especially since it might earn you and thousands of other victimized drivers millions of dollars in total.

I won a big trial this month against the PPA/BAA in a real court, i.e., the Court of Common Pleas, which is presided over by real judges who had been real lawyers who had attended real law schools (unlike the non-legally trained patronage-infested bureaucratic hacks in the PPA/BAA).

As a result of my major victory, the PPA/BAA might have to refund a whole lot of unlawfully confiscated money to you all. How much? Let’s do the math: Although it’s unclear exactly how many $51 “bus zone” parking tickets the PPA issues each year, let’s reasonably estimate, for example, approximately 100 daily from just Monday through Friday, which equals 500 weekly and 26,000 yearly. And, for the sake of easy computing, let’s apply this to a ten-year period (although it’s certainly much longer). That means the PPA/BAA could owe drivers who were victimized like me a total of more than $12 million! Read more »

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