Insider: Philadelphia’s Old Guard Freezes Out Young Professionals

(Editor’s note: This is an opinion column from a Citified insider.) 

There’s an old Philadelphia adage that loosely goes like this:

“This is a town run by 100 people with two jobs: the first is keeping the other 99 in power. And the second, is keeping everybody else out.” If this doesn’t resonate with you, take a long hard look in the mirror, because you’re probably one of those 100. When upstarts attempt to challenge or crack into this system they are usually met with a combination of curiosity, scorn and sometimes aggression: “How dare you work so hard at trying to disrupt a system we’ve worked so hard to keep you out of?”

Philadelphia is a city that’s getting younger by the day, but in many respects is still an old school town with old school thinking.

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Who’s Afraid of Darrell Clarke?

Darrell Clarke

Darrell Clarke

City Council President Darrell Clarke—and by extension City Council as a whole—is showing in both words and deeds that Council intends to play a huge, perhaps dominant, role in city government now and in the future, no matter who is elected mayor. Read more »