Lambertville Nitefare: A Food Truck Festival For All


This Thursday, June 12th, Lambertville, New Jersey, is hosting Nitefare, their first food truck festival. The free, public event runs from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. and will be filled with food, food, and more food. Top Lambertville restaurants will be featured along with food trucks from the Philadelphia area and a Yards Beer Garden.

The Cow and The Curd will also be serving up, for the first time, its poutine, a dish that includes hand cut fries, gravy, fresh cheddar curds and hand chopped bacon to top it all off. Other food trucks include Say Cheese, Nomad Pizza, and Sweet Box. And as you eat your way through the festival, be sure to keep your ears open for the live music going on at every corner. The event will be held on four blocks of North Union Street from Bridge to York Street.

Nitefare [Official]

Thanksgiving Poutine at Square Peg

Chef Matt Levin loves his poutine. We’ve seen it at Adsum with a big hunk of seared foie gras on top, and then when he moved over to Square Peg he introduced the “Breakfast Poutine”, with eggs, sausage gravy, and bacon. Now, he’s taking it seasonal with “Thanksgiving Poutine.”

Square Peg will offer the Montréal-made-popular street snack, with a bit of Thanksgiving love. Sweet potato fries are doused in turkey gravy, with cheese curds, turkey, and cranberry sauce. It’s available for lunch and dinner now through Black Friday, with the exception of one day: Thanksgiving, when Square Peg will be closed.


Square Peg [Official Site]

Square Peg In Primetime

Chuck Hughes, of the Food Channel show Chuck’s Eat the Street travels America’s most famous streets in search of cuisine that help define the history behind those roadways. During his trip down Philadelphia’s Walnut Street, Hughes found himself at Square Peg, where chef Matt Levin showed Hughes what’s happening in Levin’s kitchen.

In celebration, Square Peg will be hosting a viewing party tomorrow, October 9th at 8 p.m. The episode will air at 8:30 p.m, so you’ll have plenty of time to order the $5 Poutine and $3 Kool-Aid Pickled Watermelon garnished Wheat Beer, which were both featured in the episode.

Hughes also filmed at Zahav, Marabella Meatball Co., and Capogiro for the episode.

Square Peg [Official Site]

Photo via Square Peg

Philly is the Late-Night Capital of the US

According to the September issue of Esquire, Philadelphia is the Late-Night Capital of these here United States. The issue’s late-night eats guide contains essays about the difference between truck stops and diners, the glory that is poutine (I’d say we agree), and tons of recipes for manly food to be eaten in the wee hours of the morning. Esquire even lists all the best late-night foods from all over America– from egg rolls in Chicago to fried chicken in Louisville– but without mentioning a single food from Philly. Why? Because we got our own article about why we’re the best ever, that’s why.

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Six-Pack: Poutine in Philadelphia

Ah, poutine, arguably the best Canadian import prior to Ryan Gosling, and even more delicious. This Montrealean dish usually consists of French fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds. Due to its popularity, poutine has trickled down into the good old USA and some Philadelphia restaurants have caught on. These six places serve it up right.

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Of Poutine and Young Britney

Brian Freedman damns the Blind Pig to mediocrity but does have an interesting way of praising the poutine.

Poutine came a lot closer to hitting its notes. The best versions of this totemic late-night drunk food tend to be defined by their reckless sense of lustiness. Well-assembled poutine is the early career Britney Spears of the junk-food world: You feel kind of dirty for thinking about it as much as you do, but you’re powerless to stop yourself once you give in to its easy, saucy allure. And if this one wasn’t a revelation, it was nonetheless a more-than-enjoyable dish, not to mention a deeply personal one: The curds, appropriately squeaky against the teeth, are produced by the chef’s daughter’s godfather in Amityville. Heart-stopping food is rarely this heart-warming.

The Blind Pig in NoLibs Isn’t Quite Hog Heaven [Philadelphia Weekly]
Blind Pig [Official Site]

MyPlate Replaces Food Pyramid, We Replace MyPlate

Months of work. $2 million dollars. 4,500 focus group participants. The loving attention of Tom Vilsack, the Department of Agriculture, Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity task force and Surgeon General Regina Benjamin. And this is what we get to replace the food pyramid? A circle divided four ways?


As mentioned a couple days ago, the Obama administration has decided to cast down the two-decades-old food pyramid in favor of a simpler, easier-to-understand graph called “MyPlate.” It was supposed to alleviate the confusion and controversy that has (apparently) dogged the classic pyramid since its inception, and present to all and sundry a clear message on how they are supposed to eat in order to not become the sorts of land whales who always seem to end up as a graphic on the nightly news whenever they want to do a story on obesity in America.

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Happy 4/20, You Stoners: A 12-Course Dream Menu to Pair With Your Weed

Happy Weed Day, everyone!

Yes, today is April 20th and as every college student, Phish fan, trust-fund hippie, glaucoma patient and resident of Boulder, Colorado knows, April 20th is a very special day on the calendar. It’s a day for celebrating the joys of nature’s bounty, a kind of harvest festival for the dreadlocked and tie-dyed. It’s a holiday most commonly observed by getting totally weird on the pot and pretending like your public consumption of said hippie lettuce has a political bent by wearing t-shirts demanding the immediate legalization of the thing you’re openly smoking in the middle of a public park on a Wednesday afternoon.

As reported by Grub Street earlier this afternoon, Domino’s apparently knows full well what 4/20 means and has released a one-day-only Groupon which will get peckish weed enthusiasts still capable of operating a phone a 10-topping pizza for just $8. And while that’s all well and good (we can’t imagine anyone but a gang of very stoned liberal arts majors and drum circle attendees even considering a 10-topping pizza–or eating anything from Domino’s, period), we here at Foobooz HQ put our heads together and decided that, as a service to some of our more gastronomically picky (but still super-stoned) readers, we’d come up with a list of some of the best ways for the discriminating stoner to take the edge off his or her munchies this evening.

List after the jump. You’re welcome in advance.

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