Poll: More Than Half of Pa. Voters Want to Legalize Weed

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More than half of Pennsylvania voters – 56 percent – want to legalize marijuana, according to a new survey from Franklin & Marshall College.

According to the poll, support for marijuana legalization is at an all-time high in Pennsylvania. In 2006, when F&M first surveyed Pa. voters on the topic, just 22 percent of participants supported legalization.

Here’s how support breaks down along party lines, per the poll: 75 percent of independent voters are in favor of legalization, 65 percent percent of Democrats are in favor, and 44 percent of Republicans support legalization. Across the board, support has grown drastically since 2015, when the poll found that about 40 percent of Pennsylvania voters supported legalization.  Read more »

Sure, Legalize Pot — but Stop Pretending It’s Harmless


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Philadelphia is awash in marijuana smoke. Take the Frankford El or the Broad Street Subway and the smell floods your nostrils. Walk downtown and the smell hits you like tear gas from phantom SWAT teams. Sit in Rittenhouse Square and the smell once again inundates your nostrils, only this time you detect a slight smell of skunk.

We are a city of potheads, but is that something to be proud of? Read more »

Univesity of Delaware Student Charged with Pot-Laced Goodies Business

A University of Delaware student is facing multiple drug charges after being accused of manufacturing and selling food laced with marijuana, including treats that bear a strong resemblance to Froot Loops and bunny-shaped gummies.

Dylan Nunn, 22, a hotel and restaurant management and entrepreneurial minor (hmm…) is alleged to have run a home shop in his Newark, Delaware, apartment called “The Bakery” where he concocted and sold the pot-infused food.

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Amazon Picks Up Local-Made Board Game for Stoners, Pass the Grass

Photo from Pass the Grass Facebook

Photo from Pass the Grass Facebook

In the 1970s, Paul Greenwald of Huntingdon Valley developed a board game for folks to play at home when they’re toking with friends. It wasn’t until this year, though, that the 64-year-old retired dentist began to market it. Amazon loved the idea, and Pass the Grass is now available on the e-shopping site for $24.95. You can also nab it via an app on Android devices for $1.99. Here’s how the game works, as told by Greenwald to the Daily News:

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Can I Bring Ganja to a Dinner Party?

Photo by Shutterstock

Photo by Shutterstock

As the laws restricting marijuana have begun to change, there’s a new pot etiquette to consider. How do you navigate parenting within a legalized state? What do you bring to the neighbor’s potluck? For answers, we spoke with two cannabis connoisseurs from Colorado: Brittany Driver, who writes about parenting and pot for The Cannabist, and Jane West, proprietor of Edible Events Co.

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Confessions of a Philly Pot Dealer

This bud’s for you, says the dealer, shown here. Photo courtesy of Nick Centore

This bud’s for you, says the dealer, shown here. Photo courtesy of Nick Centore

When everything is legalized — here and everywhere else — guys like me will be done. I serve a purpose because the laws are backwards. I started selling in college. A friend of mine was getting four ounces at a time, and I would sell an ounce and keep what I made in profit. You make more money by selling it in smaller quantities, but you also take on more risk, just because you’re dealing with more people. Now, I’m a professional — I’m a publicist — and I don’t sell directly to customers. But I’m happy to go out of business. I want to be able to buy weed legally and enjoy it legally.

The people who move pounds and have made a career out of this, those who don’t go legit and open stores — they won’t go out of business immediately. When I went to California — back when you needed a medical card — we still went to dealers.

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WATCH: 3 Grandmas Smoke Pot For the First Time

Cut Video found three grandmothers in Washington (where marijuana is legal) who had never smoked pot before and persuaded them to do it on camera. What results, naturally, is hilarious. And they get blasted—smoking from a bong, a vaporizer, and sipping on marijuana-infused tea.

Check out the video above for unforgettable quotes like, “I could go iron for days now,” and “I’d do it again … if I could get this bag of chips open.”

Jersey Gives Green Light to Medical Marijuana Dispensary

NewsWorks reports that New Jersey has authorized a second medical marijuana dispensary, in South Jersey’s Egg Harbor Township. The first center, in Montclair, already has more customers than it can handle. There are big fees, long wait times, and people aren’t getting nearly as much, er, medicine as they paid for. “I had no idea it would take so long, I just have to sit and wait for a phone call,” said one disgruntled patient. Thanks, Obamacare.

Everything You Need to Know About Legalizing Marijuana

I would like to respond to yesterday’s post by fellow Philly Post-er Beth Capriotti wherein she rhetorically threw her hands up in the air in bewilderment and, with a discernible note of pride in her glib know-nothingness, declared that:

Like rap music and twerking, here’s something else I have to live with that I just don’t understand.

Beth, you are on your own with the twerking and rap enlightenment, except to say this: Twerking is just a modern version of dirty dancing, which has been around since at least Cleopatra’s day. As for hip-hop, I’m guessing that by “I just don’t understand” you actually mean that, blinkered by a generational divide and the remove of white privilege, you’ve never really made the effort to understand the last great evolutionary leap in the continuum of modern music and what is arguably the most influential sociocultural phenomenon of the last 30 years.

But I might be able to help with the pot thing.
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