Gaal and Esmon to Host Cocktail Dinner at Koo Zee Doo

Bartenders Christian Gaal and Phoebe Esmon have been largely quiet since leaving their jobs at Farmers’ Cabinet but on Monday, July 16th they couple will be hosting a cocktail dinner at Koo Zee Doo. The LUPEC cocktail dinner will include four courses and four cocktails for $120 per couple. Proceeds will benefit the Lupus research.

Phoebe and Christian will also be doing a guest bartending shift on Wednesday July, 18th at Kennett.

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Charcoal Grill for Koo Zee Doo

koo zee dooVictor Fiorillo has the details on the new charcoal grill that’s going live at Koo Zee Doo. This is good news for fans of the Portuguese restaurant. Back in September we were quite impressed by Koo Zee Doo’s barbecue at the A Full Plate annual Rib Cook Off.

Koo Zee Doo is getting bigger with outdoor seating on the sidewalk and on the back patio.

Exclusive: Cookin’ Out at Koo Zee Doo [Philadelphia Magazine]
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Rustic Goodness at Koo Zee Doo


Adam Erace visits Koo Zee Doo and even though it seems like much of what he liked is now off the menu, he’ll be returning to give David Gilberg’s take on Portuguese cooking another go-around.

Called farinheira, these clouds of smoked pork fat and wheat flour brought to mind the dumplings in chicken ’n’ dumplings, only with a piggy, Portuguese accent. The vegetables in the cozido rocked too: starchy Yukon Gold potatoes from Green Meadow Farm, tender collards and cabbage and a grab bag of sweet root vegetables.

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Koo Zee Doo Gets Praise


It’s pure Portuguese soul at Northern Liberties’ Koo Zee Doo.

[T]his is the first kitchen I’ve experienced in the States to elevate the authentic flavors of Portugal to another level. Some dishes might be familiar to those who have explored the pork-and-clam pots of the Portuguese cantinas in Northeast Philly and Riverside.

But [Carla] Gonçalves’ husband and partner, chef David Gilberg, 30, who did decent enough work in previous posts at the Ugly American and the opening of Coquette, has clearly stepped up his game to a higher level of inspiration. An apt comparison, perhaps, is what Konstantinos Pitsillides has done for traditional Cypriot flavors at Kanella.

Three Bells – Excellent

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Big & Beautiful at Koo Zee Doo


Trey Popp finds the antithesis of the small plate phenomenon at Koo Zee Doo in Northern Liberties.

[T]here was no improving on the steak. The blistered culotte, a cut from the top sirloin cap renowned more for flavor than texture, was surprisingly tender all the way through. Plus fried eggs, broccoli rabe and potato coins fried in canola oil — whose crispiness proved that duck fat isn’t always the best medium. And those entrées in particular are plenty big for two, a great value at about $13 per person.

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Koo Zee Doo Delivers Portuguese

koozeedooLari Robling has a better Northern Liberties experience than Craig LaBan did at Kong when she visits Koo Zee Doo, a Portuguese BYOB.

With its emphasis on sausage and seafood, Portuguese cuisine isn’t known for being vegetarian-friendly, but Gilberg does manage to make this soup vegetarian as well as offer a fried corn porridge with fennel, fava and green beans that is vegan.

Me, I’m going for as much of the chorizo sausages that Gilberg can get from his source in Newark, N.J. He gets many products from Portugal – such as the olive oil and sea salt – but the meats are as authentic, fresh and sustainable as he can get.

Northern Liberties Koo Zee Doo BYOB offers Portuguese cuisine [Philadelphia Daily News]
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Tale of the Tape: Koo Zee Doo

koo zee dooKoo Zee Doo has opened on 2nd Street between Spring Garden and Fairmount. The BYOB is named for the phonetic spelling of cozida a Portuguesa, a traditional Portuguese stew. The menu will of course be Portuguese and feature small bites, soups, salads, family style specialties and a section dedicated to grilled meats.
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