10 Years Later: Why We’re Still Obsessed With Mean Girls


Ten years ago today, Upper Darby’s own Tina Fey and Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels brought us Mean Girls, and, in one way or other, we’ve been under its spell ever since. To honor this pop culture milestone, I threw on my XXL pink shirt and came up with the 10 reasons we’re still so obsessed with the film after all these years.

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What’s Next for “Clarity” Singer Foxes?

foxes clarity glorious

Get ready music queens, “Clarity” singer Foxes (aka Louisa Rose Allen) is another big-haired pop goddess from overseas who’s ready to make the music world her bitch. Let’s go back to last summer, when Zedd’s EDM powerhouse track “Clarity” was blazing the charts and tickling gay fancies everywhere. The fiery number exploded to become a top 10 hit, and was recently honored with a Grammy for Best Dance Recording.  Not to mention, it earned the coveted No. 1 spot on G Philly‘s top songs of 2013. So now that she’s blown up all over the place, what’s next for Foxes?

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LISTEN: DJ Mashes Up 2013 Pop Hits

pop danthology mashup

Just in time for the year’s “Best of” lists to come rolling out, DJ Daniel Kim has taken 68 of this year’s best pop songs and mashed them into a single, quite catchy track. All the biggies are here — from Daft Punk (who pretty much kicked off the summer’s hit parade) and Miley (who shows up twice) to Justin and our girl Mary Lambert, who’s there to rep Macklemore’s “Same Love.”

You have to watch/listen hard to identify all the songs, especially Taylor Swift’s “Trouble,” which enjoys a mere blip in the five-minute-plus span of tunes. Give it a peep below.

Goodbye, Disco Queen

Her music was on the pulse of the 70s during the quintessential disco era. So when we heard about Donna Summer’s death yesterday, we couldn’t help but think about her influence on a more than a few generations of music lovers.

Picture it: Studio 54. It was 1979. If you’re looking for a way to ring in the weekend – look no farther than this stellar medley featuring Summer, Cher, Alicia Bridges and more:

On Our Gaydar: Keith Haring Exhibit

Keith Haring (American, 1958–1990). Still from Painting Myself into a Corner, 1979. Video, 33 min. Collection Keith Haring Foundation. © Keith Haring Foundation

Keith Haring grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch Country and even attended Kutztown University before dropping out and moving to New York City where – within a few years – he would become one of the kings of art world. His “Radiant Baby” and other famous line drawings would eventually catapult him into fine art stardom after getting a humble start as a graffiti artist along with the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Kenny Scharf (whose recent mural hovers above Sampan in Philly).

As the 1980s dawned, Haring was moving into the mainstream. His work appeared on T-shirts and fashions, in his Pop Shop, in videos for nightclubs and on walls of famous buildings around the world. He even painted his line drawings on a very famously naked Grace Jones.

The Brooklyn Museum is taking a look at the influential years between 1978 and 1982 in a new exhibition about the gay artist. It’s the first large-scale exhibit of its kind to explore Haring’s early career – and includes 155 works on paper, experimental videos and more than 150 archival pieces – including the artist’s personal notebooks, journals, exhibition flyers and photographs.

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