Report: Philly Sees Drop in Election Board Candidates

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There are many ways to get involved in the age of President Donald Trump. One option – a crucial one – would be to run for local office.

After Election Day last year, many Philadelphians seemed keen to take that step. In November, 275 people turned out to a workshop (held by Young Involved Philadelphia) that taught people how to run for office – and 600 more attended the organization’s other trainings throughout the next three months. In January, more than 400 fresh faces came out to a similar session held by the Philadelphia Democratic Progressive Committee. Read more »

Poll: 1 Percent of African-Americans in Pennsylvania Are Voting for Trump

In the four-way presidential race, Hillary Clinton has a 90 percent to 1 percent edge among African-American voters in Pennsylvania, which is helping to push her to a 46 to 39 lead over Donald Trump, according to a new poll from the Siena College Research Institute and the New York Times’s Upshot blog. (And in the context of this poll, that 1 percent is derived from literally one African-American respondent who said he or she supports Trump.) Read more »

Franklin and Marshall Poll: Clinton Gaining Sizable Lead Over Trump in Pa.

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

Trump photo by Michael Vadon, used under a Creative Commons license

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton secured an 11-point lead over Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, according to a new Franklin and Marshall College poll.

The Franklin and Marshall poll, which was conducted after the Democratic National Convention, shows Clinton received 49 percent of support among the state’s poll participants, while Trump received 38 percent.

Read more »

Poll: Plurality of Pennsylvanians Want Philly to Secede

PA map with Philly five-county area detached

Original map via Wikimedia Commons, used under a Creative Commons license

Pennsylvanians want Philadelphia to leave the state.

Not all of them, of course. But according to a new poll from conservative firm Harper Polling, among those who could decide, a plurality of Pennsylvanians selected the five-county Philadelphia region as the one they’d like to leave the commonwealth. A Philexit!

Harper asked 500 adults in the state earlier this month the following question: “As you may have heard, the United Kingdom recently voted to leave the European Union, an event that has been referred to in the media as Brexit, or the British Exit. Which region of Pennsylvania would you most like to see leave the Commonwealth in its own Brexit?”

Fifty-two percent weren’t sure. But 29 percent of Pennsylvanians say Philadelphia and Southeastern Pennsylvania should leave. No other region was close. Pittsburgh and the Southwest got 7 percent. Scranton/Lehigh Valley, South Central PA and the Northern PA all got four percent. Aw, well at least everyone was nice to York. Read more »

Monmouth Poll: Clinton Leads Trump by 7 Points Nationally

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

Trump photo by Michael Vadon, used under a Creative Commons license

A new poll from Monmouth University has Hillary Clinton out in front in the presidential race.

Clinton leads Donald Trump nationally, 47 percent to 40 percent, according to the poll. When Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green candidate Jill Stein are included, Clinton’s lead is 42 percent to 36 percent.

The national preference poll with the other candidates could be a little misleading, as neither party may be on the ballot in all 50 states. The Libertarian Party, however, currently only has ballot access in 33 states, though it says it is working on all 50 states plus DC. The Green Party believes it can get on the ballot in 47 states.

Still, Clinton leads by a wide total in both polls. Read more »

Poll: Phillie Phanatic More Qualified to Be President Than Donald Trump

The Phillie Phanatic and Donald Trump - split photo

Phanatic photo by Googie Man, Trump photo by Gage Skidmore; both used under a Creative Commons license

Don’t want to vote for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump this November, but not quite ready to push the button for Hillary Clinton? You could always vote for the Phillie Phanatic.

Public Policy Polling, a liberal-leaning polling firm that was judged the most accurate in 2012, recently polled Pennsylvania voters. And PPP found that citizens of the Keystone State find the Phillie Phanatic to be more qualified to be president than Donald Trump.

It wasn’t all that close, either: Forty-six percent of Pennsylvania voters surveyed said the Phillie Phanatic was more qualified to be president than Trump, with 40 percent saying they felt Trump was more qualified than the giant, green fuzzy mascot who doesn’t talk. Fourteen percent said they weren’t sure. Weren’t sure. Read more »

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