Pennsylvania Doesn’t Drink That Much Wine, Comparatively

We here in Pennsylvania may be lushes — after all, Philadelphia alone bought over $59 million in wine and $51 million in vodka in 2012.

But that really wasn’t that much: According to a report from Business Insider using data from the Beverage Information Group, Pennsylvania drinks just 5.6 liters of wine per capita — ranking it 37th out of 50 states and the District of Columbia on the list. Alabama drinks more wine than we do!

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Farmers’ Cabinet Reopening With Full Bar On Thursday, Says Matt Swartz [UPDATED]


It has been a few weeks since Farmers’ Cabinet owner Matt Swartz was arrested and charged with forgery and selling alcohol without a valid liquor license. And by December 30th, the restaurant announced that it was closing, at least temporarily. But now, the Farmers’ Cabinet is reopening on Thursday, according to Matt Swartz. Read more »

Philadelphians Drink A Lot of Vodka and Barefoot Wines

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The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board just released its 2012-13 Retail Year In Review report, which tallies up the wine and spirits sales throughout the state. Philadelphia is not the biggest purchaser by county. The heavy drinkers of Pittsburgh and the rest of Allegheny County have that distinction, with Philadelphia coming in at a close second, followed by Montgomery, Bucks and Chester counties, in that order. So as a region, we are crushing it.

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PLCB: New 2-for-1 Shake Shack Philadelphia Happy Hour Is Illegal (UPDATED)

Photo by Matt Gari

Photo by Matt Gari

UPDATE 11/14/2013: Shake Shack has canceled its illegal 2-for-1 happy hour. “We are working with the PLCB on approval for our new happy hour concept,” reports Shake Shack publicist Jacklin Rhoads.


So, the Philadelphia Shake Shack is promoting a new weekday happy hour, as was mentioned here on Foobooz on Monday, the first day of the special. According to Shake Shack’s own website, which announced the details of the new happy hour last week, patrons can “enjoy 2-for-1 beer and wine from 4-6 p.m., Monday through Thursday.”

And given that those beers include Victory Brewing Company’s Festbier and the Shack’s exclusive ShackMesiter Ale from Brooklyn Brewery, that’s a pretty good deal. Too bad it’s illegal. Read more »

Theodore Netter Wants to Sell You Wine and Whiskey


We spotted this spectacular 1910 photo of Market Street looking west towards City Hall on the Old Images of Philadelphia Facebook page today. The whole photo is spectacular but the ad for Theodore Netter Wine and Whiskey particularly tickled us.

Maybe one day, a single proprietor will again be able to sell all of us wine and whiskey. But we have learned not to hold our breath for that.

Can you also spot the Horn and Hardart in the photo?

U.S. Postal Service Wants to Free You From the PLCB

The U.S. Postal Service is thinking about delivery alcohol as a way to not lose $16 bilion dollars every year.

Donahoe said delivering alcohol has the potential to raise as much as $50 million a year. He mentioned how customers might want to, for example, mail bottles of wine home when they tour vineyards.

Or how customers might want to, for example, live in Pennsylvania and not walk miles upon miles to find the nearest wine store that closes way too early and on holidays when everybody wants to drink. One problem with the USPS proposal: Delivery booze is currently illegal, as this entrepreneurial Penn student found out a little while ago. [Politico]

State Senator Rails Against that “Damn Sheetz” in Liquor Hearing

Sheetz, that backwatery, red-headed stepchild of a convenience store, is lobbying for liquor privatization so that it can sell beer. Boosters say it will create jobs. Some pro-PLCB Democrats, not surprisingly, dispute this.

“The notion that you’re gonna kill all these family sustaining jobs and that somehow people are gonna go out and work for minimum wage at a damn Sheetz, I think, is outrageous,” [Sen. Jim] Ferlo said.

Senator Ferlo, we don’t know you, but we like you. As long you’re cool with beer and low-wage jobs at Wawa, that is. [ABC 27]

Drivers Actually Got Busted This Weekend Smuggling in Booze from Delaware

It’s no secret that Pennsylvanians routinely disobey the state law forbidding them from buying and transporting booze back from Delaware and Jersey, where it’s typically cheaper. See, supposedly civic-minded journalists not only flout the law–they brag about it!

Well, state police officially got fed up this weekend, and decided to take sadistic pleasure in busting unsuspecting law-breakers. They even gave their mission a cool name.

Pennsylvania State Trooper Adam Reed says through an enforcement effort called Operation Border Patrol, three were arrested for bringing big quantities of liquor from Delaware. “We cited three individuals with this detail for transporting large amounts of alcohol,” said Reed. “In these cases, we are talking over 100 bottles of wine and 300 bottles of beer, as well, in separate transactions, probably for Memorial Day parties.”

Goons! Damn goons! [Newsworks]

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