Your Big Gay Summer Music Preview 2014: La Roux, Robyn, Lana Del Rey and More


Nothing quite complements that worked-out beach bod like some sizzling summer tunes. This season, Mariah, Lana and La Roux are all returning with new music to provide you the perfect soundtrack while you’re making all your summer dreams come true. I’ve rounded up a few notable summer 2014 releases below that will be just the tunes to blast at your Rehomo beach blanket Bingo parties.

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What’s Next for “Clarity” Singer Foxes?

foxes clarity glorious

Get ready music queens, “Clarity” singer Foxes (aka Louisa Rose Allen) is another big-haired pop goddess from overseas who’s ready to make the music world her bitch. Let’s go back to last summer, when Zedd’s EDM powerhouse track “Clarity” was blazing the charts and tickling gay fancies everywhere. The fiery number exploded to become a top 10 hit, and was recently honored with a Grammy for Best Dance Recording.  Not to mention, it earned the coveted No. 1 spot on G Philly‘s top songs of 2013. So now that she’s blown up all over the place, what’s next for Foxes?

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LISTEN: Lance Bass Releases First Song in 12 Years

lance bass new single walking on air

Pop star Lance Bass has managed to keep making headlines since splitting from N’Sync in 2002. There was Dancing With the Stars, that whole “I’m going to the moon” thing and who could forget the original “I’m Gay” cover of People magazine? But we haven’t heard much from him musically — until now. E! reports that the former boy bander is releasing his first song in 12 years. Called “Walking On Air,” the club-y dance tune is a collaboration with three (three!) other musicians: Anise K, Bella Blue and (puff) Snoop Dog. Here’s what Bass had to say about it:

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LISTEN: Rena and Drootrax Release “Jealous”

Rena Drootrax Jealous

Rena has done it again with another sexy, super-danceable song that’s full of Gayborhood philebrities.

“Jealous” — her newest collaborative effort with DJ Drootrax — is a fun, sassy club anthem that will hopefully start making the rounds at local dance spots. The video was directed by Harry Paris at Voyeur. It’s a pot de crème of queer freakiness that will wet whatever your wild may be. “My body’s on, and my nails are tight/ This mug is beat and I run the night,” Rena coos as she flaunts her burlesque skills in a diamond brazier and thong.

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Top Model‘s Cory Wade Hindorff Releases New Single, “I’m Sorry”

cory wade hindorff im sorry

Philly Top Model contestant — and G Philly‘s winter cover boyCory Wade Hindorff took a tip from Beyoncé and dropped a surprise single on iTunes last night, called “I’m Sorry.”

Cory may have gotten flack for flaunting his femininity on Top Model, but you’d never know it here. The song oozes masculinity, and it’s damn sexy. Like, D’Angelo-sexy. In it, he croons to a jilted lover, “I gotta leave now/ It’s killing me, but I gotta get on that train and leave/ It don’t feel good/ It’s the hardest part of loving you/ I’m sorry, babe/ I’m sorry.”

It’s no doubt a from-the-heart kind of tune, which got me wondering, “What’s this song all about?” I reached out to ask him a few questions about it. I also took the opportunity to find out what else he’s been up to post-Top Model. Any amazing gigs come out of it? Has he heard from Tyra since the show wrapped? He answers all that and more below:

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2014 Music Preview: Madonna, Adele, Lana Del Rey and More

Lana Del Rey, Madonna, Adele and Frank Ocean are all set to release new albums in 2014.

Lana Del Rey, Madonna, Adele and Frank Ocean are all set to release new albums in 2014.

One of my favorite things about a new year is wiping my music slate clean. I can leave those over-played, over-twerked tracks from the year before (ahem, “Blurred Lines” and Miley’s EVERYTHING) behind me and focus on a brand new year of tunes. Because I’m not very good at waiting, I’ve done a little research into what’s slated for 2014, and I have to say it looks like a promising year for the charts (and our gay ears.) Here are some of my most-anticipated picks:

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G Philly‘s Top 10 Songs of 2013

G Philly Top 10G Philly‘s resident DJ Patrick DeMarco has done such a great job covering the gay-music scene on the blog this year that I asked him to help compile G Philly‘s definitive list of the best songs of 2013. (We had to get in on this end-of-year listicle fun, too!) To get the results, he asked each of us to turn in our personal Top 10′s so he could do some fancy calculations and inject a little of his own expertise to come up with a collective list of our favorite tunes. What does the list say about us? We love our divas. Give us a good dance song or a power ballad any day. We’re so gay. But you already knew that.

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LISTEN: Rena Releases “Cocaine Pillow Fight”

rena cocaine pillow fight

Over the past few months, local drag and burlesque performer Rena has released some pretty solid music tracks. In August she dropped “Better Than That,” a sexy collaboration with local gay DJs Javascript and Drootrax. The most recent — and my personal favorite — “Cocaine Pillow Fight,” was released in early-December. The video is pretty fab, too. It finds Rena licking lolli’s surrounded by lava lamps. It offers a voyeuristic sneak peek into the private lives of girls.

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ALBUM REVIEW: “Britney Jean” Stinks and It’s All’s Fault

britney jean album reviewI have a huge problem with Britney Spears’ eighth studio album, Britney Jeanand its name is The Black Eyed Peas frontman has taken over as executive producer, seemingly hijacking Brit’s emotions on half the record. The end result? An album of fillers that, despite the intimate title, is about as personal as a spot on the Home Shopping Network.

Mr.’s love affair with Brit began when he produced and dueted with her on “Big Fat Bass,” the only misfire on Britney’s 2011 EDM masterpiece, Femme Fatale. The track came and went like Lindsay’s sobriety. In 2012, the duo appeared on Will’s dancefloor romp “Scream And Shout,” which went on to be a huge hit. The outcome was inevitable: announced that he was going to executive-produce Britney Jean, the album that marks Britney’s 15-year anniversary in the music biz. Think of the other divas that made huge comebacks after 15 years: Mariah (The Emancipation Of Mimi), Janet (All For You) and (all hail) Madonna’s game-changing musical masterpiece Ray of Light. In Britney’s case, unfortunately, the 15-year-marker does little to catapult the young singer down the musical runway, instead it furthers her growing reputation as a soulless pop bot.

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PLAYDAR: Recalling a Better (Less Robotic) Britney

Britney Spears Toxic

I have a confession to make: There’s never been a time — through all the K-Fed drama and shaved-head breakdowns — where I’ve not been a Britney Spears fan. But now, as we get closer to the release of Britney Jean (Dec. 3, RCA Records), there’s something that’s been bothering me: Not one of her new tracks has managed to hit my G-spot. Read more »

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