Eagles Unveil New Food Options at Lincoln Financial Field


Now at Lincoln Financial Field: Pizzeria Vetri and a custom oven.

The Eagles and Aramark unveiled new food options for the 2014 season at Lincoln Financial Field today. Among the new concessions, Marc Vetri’s Pizzeria Vetri, complete with a custom brick pizza oven and barbecue sandwiches devised by Eagles greats Michael Quick and Harold Carmichael.

The Pizzeria Vetri stands are located in both the SCA Club and Panasonic Club areas. Vetri is serving up his popular rotolo (ricotta cheese, spicy sopressata and marinara sauce) as well as two square pizzas, a Margherita and sausage as well.

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Great Expectations: Pizzeria Vetri Reviewed

Rotolo | Courtney Apple

Rotolo | Courtney Apple

Trey Popp comes to Pizzeria Vetri with great expectations but too many of the pizzas literally flopped.

The further away I got from the pizza menu, though, the better Pizzeria Vetri got. There are lovely salads: arugula and roasted fingerlings slathered with killer pesto, and a “wood oven” salad that’s a belly-filling medley of corn, chanterelles, blistered green beans and top-drawer ham, studded with ricotta salata. There’s exceptionally fresh-tasting kegged wine from the Gotham Project, and bottled sloe-gin fizzes and Americanos that serve two for $12. The rotolos are instantly the best savory pastry in town: crispy pizza dough coiled Cinnabon-style around mortadella and ricotta, doused with pistachio pesto.

Two Stars – Good

Restaurant Review: The Best Food at Pizzeria Vetri Isn’t the Pizza [Philadelphia Magazine]
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Restaurant Review: The Best Food at Pizzeria Vetri Isn’t the Pizza

Photo by Courtney Apple.

Photo by Courtney Apple.

I was wrapping up lunch at Pizzeria Vetri when a gentleman approached my table. He was skinny and stooped-over and appeared to be in dire straits. Very politely, he asked for help getting a little food. I handed him the last slice of my rosemary-and-mozzarella pie.

A black blister had erupted from the only part of the wedge that wasn’t overburdened with cheese. The slice flopped over in his grasp, as the rest had in mine.

“Is this what they gave you at this restaurant?” he asked.

“Yes,” I nodded, attempting a reassuring smile.

His brow creased. “Were they angry with you?”

That was a little less polite. Save for one flighty server overcome by the dinner onslaught, Pizzeria Vetri’s staff was exceptionally pleasant on all four of my visits. And doubly so when my lunch date required a kiddie cup. Yet my unexpected visitor wasn’t totally off the mark. Pizzeria Vetri has many things to recommend it, but consistently good pizza isn’t one of them.

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Where We’re Eating: Pizzeria Vetri


If Pizzeria Vetri had opened five years ago, Marc Vetri’s Fairmount pizzeria might have been greeted with a parade on par with what the World Champion Phillies received. But in 2013, excellent pizza abounds in Philly. Our children know to check for leoparding spots and blister marks on their slices. Bufala mozzarella and crushed San Marzano tomatoes have us yawning in complacency (like a 2010 Phillies fan). Yes, our pizza scene has come a long way, and on any given day, one of a half-dozen spots might pull the best pizza in town out of its wood-fired oven. But Pizzeria Vetri is certainly in that mix, and as part of Vetri’s stable of restaurants, it certainly has access to great ingredients. Fresh basil pops here. The fennel in the sausage provides a slightly sweet snap. But when you come to Pizzeria Vetri, get the specialty items, like the rotolo—a savory relative of the cinnamon roll that layers pizza dough, mortadella, fresh ricotta and pistachios in a seductive starter you won’t want to share. Combine this with a slice of Roman-style pizza al taglio and a glass of draft wine, and you’ve concocted a winning team—certainly way better than what the Phillies put together this season.

Pizzeria Vetri
1939 Callowhill Street

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