This West Philly Artist Will Bring You a Surprise Pizza

Photo by Alex Jones

Wanna crush some ‘za but don’t feel like going outside? You’ve got several options for delivery, from schmancy chef-driven pizza through Caviar to your neighborhood pizza joint. With luck, you’ll be eating an ok-to-pretty-good (depending on your location and desired price point), still-hot pizza within an hour.

But where’s the fun in that?

Instead, you could let West Philly-based theater artist and performer Donna Oblongata bring you a pizza…sometime. Somewhere, at a location you’re likely to be (a little social media sleuthing might be involved). And there’s no telling what she’ll put on it.

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Brigantessa Makes Tuesdays Awesome With $10 Pizza Deal


The good folks at Brigantessa already know how to make Tuesdays — one of the most mediocre days of the week — a little bit special with their late-night Family Meal partnerships. And now, they’re offering a super sweet deal on pizzas that night, too.

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Neapolitan Pizza, Craft Beer, and Comfort Food Coming to Chestnut Street This Fall


Chestnut Street in Midtown Village is heating up. Last week, we announced that beer and BBQ hall Tradesman’s would be opening late this year on the 1300 block. And nearby at 12th and Market, construction on the East Market project continues apace.

Now, the Asbury Park-based creative collective and restaurant group Smith will be opening two restaurants on the 1200 block of Chestnut. Neapolitan pizzeria Porta and comfort food and craft beer-focused Brickwall Tavern will set up outposts at 1214 and 1216 Chestnut Street, respectively.

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Hey Philly, It’s Time to Hop on the Pizza al Taglio Train



Philly is no stranger to the square pie. I mean, we literally have an award-winning restaurant in Queen Village called Square Pie that specializes in four-cornered pan pizzas, not to mention a storied history with Sicilian pies and hybrid-types like La Rosa and, more recently, Pizza Gutt. But for a city so comfortable with straight-edges, Roman-style al taglio — the Italian king of rectangular pizza — stays put right under the radar. Few restaurants have tried it out in Philly, and even fewer were successful when they did.

But pizza al taglio is the hot, new thing in the States, what with Roman-style shops opening in big food cities like New York, Chicago, San Fransisco, and Portland. Philly is joining the movement with a new shop called Rione opening at 102 South 21st Street in just a few short months.

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This New Washington Avenue Gastropub Goes by a Very Familiar Name

chicks - 940

Big changes are imminent on Washington Avenue, and husband and wife team Philip and Gina Narducci are joining in with a new gastropub and pizza shop called Chick’s.

The logo may have been inspired by the Narducci family dog, an Argentine mastiff they like to dress up as a biker for Halloween, but the name comes from Frank “Chickie” Narducci Sr., Philip’s father and a purported capo in the South Philly mafia who had his life cut short in a 1982 mob hit. Read more »

Mattei Family Pizza Brings “Molise-Style” Pies to Point Breeze

mattei family pizza

“This area is about to blow up. All of the chefs are going to be coming down here, just like on East Passyunk Avenue,” said Mariano Mattei, chef and owner of Point Breeze Avenue’s freshly-opened pizzeria Mattei Family Pizza.

But how does Mariano plan on coaxing Philly’s hungry diners across Broad Street? With pizza, of course. “Molise-style” pizza.

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