Cheu Noodle Bar, Pizza Brain and Little Baby’s Are Collaborating

Photo by Mike Persico

Photo by Mike Persico

This Thursday, February 20th, Cheu Noodle Bar, Pizza Brain and Little Baby’s Ice Cream will be collaborating to make a Cheu inspired pizza and ice cream. The event will run from 6 to 9 p.m. at Pizza Brain.

The collaborations include:

  • Pizza: pork belly, miso truffle aioli, black garlic glaze, pickled mustard green and katsuobushi flake
  • Ice Cream: ramen-inspired ice cream with candied ramen noodle sprinkles on top

Interesting combinations to say the least and they’ll only be available for one night only.

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Tonight: Federal Donuts / Pizza Brain / Little Baby’s Ice Cream First Friday Collaboration


Under normal circumstances, just putting two of the above names together would be enough to make certain segments of the Foobooz readership completely melt down with joy. But for FedNuts, Pizza Brain and Little Baby’s to all throw in together on a First Friday collaboration? That’s just crazy-pants. In their own words: “It’s just a regular ol’ First Friday Frankford Avenue Food Freakout & Funtacular…”

Do you really need to know any more? Okay, so for those of you who aren’t sold yet, at Pizza Brain, they’ll be slinging chili garlic chicken honey donut pies made with Federal Donuts’ fried chicken and plain honey donuts. Next door at Little Baby’s, they’ll be scooping pumpkin spice latte donut ice cream, which is basically a deconstructed FedNuts pumpkin spice latte donut, served in ice cream form, made with Federal Donuts’ donuts plus vanilla glaze plus pumpkin spice glaze plus coffee streusel, all set into a Little Baby’s Coffee Ice Cream with additional spicings.

Yeah, I’d leave work early, too, if I were you.

Federal Friday on Franklin Avenue [Official]

Tonight: Discount Slices At Pizza Brain During Sixers Promotion

PizzaBrain02_LoRes Photo by Mike Persico

Photo by Mike Persico

It seems that the crew at Pizza Brain have hooked up with the Philadelphia 76ers for the run-up to their home opener on Wednesday night.

Tonight, from 5-6pm, Pizza Brain will be creating a giant, blue Sixers ball and logo in pizza form as part of “Blue Week.” More important to the rank-and-file Foobooz readers, the shop will also be offering half-price slices of their buffalo chicken and blue cheese pizza during the 5 o’clock hour.

And seriously? If anyone in the city was going to attempt the creation of a blue pizza, I figure it would have to be the guys from Pizza Brain. If anyone makes it down there for the event, be sure to take some pictures and tweet them to us @Foobooz.

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Crime and Punishment Brew Pub Coming to Brewerytown

crime-and-punishmentA new brew pub is aiming to open in Brewerytown. Crime and Punishment is the name and they’ve been previewing the beer at Pizza Brain’s First Friday parties. The brew pub is up for 2014 but look for the beers to show up at Pizza Brain. This month it was House Arrest Farmouse Ale and Truancy, a peanut butter and jelly ale.

Liz Spikol, who claims she loved the peanut butter and jelly ale has more details over on Property.

New Brew Pub Coming to Brewerytown [Property]

ReAnimator Coffee Throwing a Grand Opening Bash


ReAnimator’s coffee shop at 1523 E Susquehanna Avenue has been softly opened for more than a week now. But tomorrow, Saturday, August 10th will be the official grand opening party. Their calling it their Forks Crawl and nearby spots like Cedar Point and Loco Pez are doing drink specials. At ReAnimator’s cafe, Little Baby’s Ice Cream and Pizza Brain will be serving up bites. They’ll also be giving out drinks of their Yards ReAnimator Espresso Love Stout while it lasts.

The fun kicks off at 4 p.m. and lasts till your caffeine buzz wears off.

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Best of Philly: The Best Pizza Choices You Can Make

Photo by Jason Varney | View full size

Philadelphia magazine’s 40th anniversary Best of Philly issue is hitting newsstands right now. Philadelphia magazine’s is tweeting out some winners now and we are sharing these best pizza winners with you on Foobooz. 

For all the winners, pick up a copy of Philadelphia magazine at  your local bookstore or newsstand now. 

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More Than Just Hype at Pizza Brain and Little Baby’s Ice Cream


Trey Popp gives us two reviews in one as he visits the “weirdos” behind Pizza Brain and Little Baby’s Ice Cream.

I’ve got a severe hype allergy. But Brian Dwyer and Joseph Hunter’s partly Kickstarter-funded brainchild—which shares space, and a cockeyed ethos, with Little Baby’s Ice Cream—had me on an EpiPen high by the time I was chasing a rosemary-scented mushroom/fontina/goat cheese pizza with dense scoops of chipotle chocolate and Earl Grey sriracha ice cream.

How did it happen? Well for one thing, nothing neutralizes a rambunctious preschooler like knickknack-crammed plexiglass display boxes. For another, this is inventive and frequently terrific pizza.

Two-and-a-half Stars – Good to Excellent

The Infamous Pizza Brain [Philadelphia magazine]
Pizza Brain [Official Site]
Little Baby’s Ice Cream [Official Site]

Philadelphia Restaurant Review: The Infamous Pizza Brain


First, a confession. I don’t watch the Today show or CBS This Morning—nor do I read Qantas in-flight magazine or Jeopardy’s Twitter feed—so by the time I walked into Pizza Brain, I didn’t fully appreciate just how many people had beaten me to it. I mean, Malaysian Insider? Nigeria News? That’s a lot of press for a six-table pie joint in Fishtown.

Oops, I mean the Guinness-certified “World’s largest collection of pizza-related items.” Because it’s amazing how far Fat Boys records and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gear can get you these days.

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