The 15 Fashion And Lifestyle Pinterests You Need To Follow Right Now


Hello, inspiration!

Pinterest has taken the blogging world by storm, and is also probably single-handedly keeping A.C. Moore in business, as enthusiastic DIYers desperately try to copy the things they’ve seen on various boards. But the site can be overwhelming and confusing for newcomers, so we’re making it easy to dip your toe into the phenomenon. Here, 15 of the best fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and home pinners you need to follow right now. (Oh, and while you’re at it, follow us, why don’t you?) Read more »

10 Inspirational Healthy-Eating Quotes That Won’t Make You Cringe



Finding a healthy-eating quote that doesn’t inspire a cringe (á la “Keep calm and control your portions”) or cause you to cower underneath your kitchen table in fear (I’m looking at you, #EATREALORDIE), is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. And this is a serious shame because who couldn’t use a good-humored healthy-eating quote as a friendly reminder every now and then? Especially the week after Thanksgiving.

But not to fear, friends: You don’t have to resort to any of the many awful “Keep calm and …” quotes for inspiration quite yet. We searched high and low through the virtual haystacks that are Pinterest and Instagram to supply you guys with enough non-cringe-worthy healthy eating inspiration to cover your fridge, plus the occasional “treat yo self” quote (because balance). Enjoy!

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5 Philly Pinterest Boards That Are Making Us Hungry for the Holidays

Broccoli fennel soup from Philly's With Food + Love

Broccoli fennel soup from Philly’s With Food + Love // Recipe link below.

We’re just about to enter the season of eating, two back-to-back holidays that feature a big meal with all the trimmings (and then some). Plus, when you figure in all the holiday parties and cookie swaps you’ll inevitably be roped into over the next few weeks, you can safely assume you’ll be eating for, well, pretty much a month straight.

While I would never preach total eating abstinence (Please. Have you met me? This girl loves to eat.), I would encourage you to go the pot-luck route when you can. Why? Because bringing a dish or two to a holiday gathering gives you at least some control over what you shove down your gullet. Bring, say, a giant green salad, and you can load up on your contribution while simply sampling from everyone else’s.

To give you some fresh ideas for foods that are festive, delicious and good for you, we turned to our trusty Philly friends over on Pinterest. These are locals who fill our feed with eats we’d be proud to bring to a pot-luck meal. The whole oh-hey-this-food-is-good-for-you thing can be our little secret.

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Tie-the-Knot Tuesday: 10 Gay Wedding Ideas and Party Favors From Pinterest

Wedding Header

We all love Pinterest, and there’s quite a few fantastic ideas, pictures, and concepts that can provide some awesome inspiration when planning a gay wedding. We picked our top ten favorite pins that will give our soon-to-be wed gay couples some fabulous ideas that they can incorporate into their own celebrations!

Midweek Motivation: 11 Fitness Quotes That Won’t Make You Cringe

Some days, getting yourself off the couch and into your sneakers is way easier said than done. I mean, let’s face it: Posting up with a Law and Order: SVU marathon and central air conditioning is simply more appealing than sweating your face off in 90-degree weather. And those “Keep Calm and Sweat On” Instagram posts, hashtagged with every variation of “fitspiration” imaginable—#fitspiration, #fitspirationquote #fitspirational, and so on—are more cringe-inducing than motivating, am I right?

But not to worry, friends: Next time you catch yourself ditching the sweat session for a hangout sesh with your favorite SVU detectives, refer to this handy list of motivational mantras. These quotes will get you off the couch without making you cringe. And I promise, Detective Stabler will still be waiting for you on Netflix when you get back.

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7 Healthy-Eating Philly Pinterest Boards You Need to Follow Now

pinterest lead

There’s no doubt about it: healthy eating is the bomb. It’s good for your your body, your brain—it can even up your Instagram following if you style it correctly. The only problem is, without a bazillion and one sources of inspiration, coming up with healthy recipe ideas can be tough. And after a long, draining day of working/watching cat videos on YouTube/twisting yourself into a pretzel during hot yoga–or whatever it is that you do during the day—the last thing you want to do is rack your brain for a healthy dinner idea, right?

We’re totally with you. So to make sure none of us ever has to think of a healthy dinner recipe again, we’ve scoured the depths of Pinterest to find the most amazing healthy-eating recipe boards our fellow Philadelphians have to offer (aside from ours, of course!). Here, seven totally drool-inducing Pinterest boards overflowing with years—maybe even decades!—worth of healthy recipes and inspiration. Happy cooking, friends!

(Warning: Pinterest is like Pringles—once you start, you canNOT stop. Case in point: I spent an entire two days this week just looking at Pinterest boards. You’ve been warned.)

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What We’re Pinning: Our Favorite Pinterest Finds in January


Warning: Use of Pinterest may result in food-photo-induced slobbering, painful wanderlust, and hours upon hours of time wasted.

Okay, so that warning label doesn’t exist but, seriously, it should: I have spent at least one third of my life on Pinterest and I only started using it like four months ago. (I know that doesn’t sound mathematically feasible, but it’s totally accurate—I swear.) So to save you the hassle of scrolling through thousands of captivating photos and potentially losing days of your life, we’ve done the work for you. Here are our top five, can’t-miss, favorite pins of the month.

And if you’re on Pinterest and haven’t followed Be Well Philly yet, you can do that right here.

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We know “The Dirt” has created a faithful readership since debuting over the summer. Author Emily Teel’s tips for what to look for each weekend have been invaluable. There is also great photography with each post. If you’re a Pinterest user, you’ll want to make sure you follow our Philadelphia Farmers’ Markets board. It’s visually appealing and educational too.

Follow Foobooz’s board Philadelphia Farmers’ Markets on Pinterest.

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