PHOTOS: 85 Signs Seen During the Philadelphia Papal Visit


I remember the spring of 2001 fondly. It was the end of my freshman year of college. I was glad to get the first year over. I was excited to intern in Center City. And the Sixers were in the NBA Finals.

They lost, but for a few weeks the city was galvanized. It was all my friends and I could seem to talk about. I owned like 10 bootleg Allen Iverson shirts. And every store in Philadelphia seemed to have a “Go Sixers!” sign in the window.

I thought of that this weekend, when Center City was just covered in signs. Tons of businesses had signs up, welcoming Pope Francis or telling you their pope specials. The government had signs telling you where you could or couldn’t go. This is what pilgrims to Philadelphia were reading about us!

I spent the weekend chronicling pope signs in Philadelphia. In a way, I think they tell some of the story from the weekend. I also did a t-shirt round-up and wrote about my thoughts in general.

Including the one above, here are 85 signs (some are “text on things other than signs”) seen during the pope’s visit to Philadelphia. Read more »

PHOTOS: Mt. Airy Street Fare

Over 50 food trucks provided plenty of snacks and sips for the estimated 15,000 people who attended the Mt. Airy Street Fare last evening. This was the third annual festival that stretched along Germantown Avenue between Sedgwick Street and Mt. Airy Avenue. Our friends HughE Dillon and Kory Aversa provided plenty of shots of the festivities and the people that made the evening a standout.

PHOTOS: Greenfest Philly 2015

This year marked the 10th anniversary of the Clean Air Council’s Greenfest Philly, which brought out an estimated 10,000 people to the Shambles at Headhouse Square this past Sunday. There was something for everyone, ranging from plenty of cute dogs to fresh produce to edible bugs. We’ve got shots that feature a little bit of everything from the day’s festivities thanks to Aversa PR.

Photos: Eagles-Ravens Preseason Week 2

The Beautiful Destruction of Market East

Snellenburg's in 1915

Snellenburg’s in 1915 (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Library of Congress)

A few years ago I bought a $10 photograph at Mostly Books. My friend told me it was too much, but I didn’t bother to haggle and now it’s on my wall. It’s of Snellenburg’s at 11th and Market. I’m not sure where it’s from, but there’s a card glued to it describing the old department store. The card says the photo is courtesy the Community College of Philadelphia. I’ve assumed it was in the lobby of a since-closed building, but that’s just a guess.

Of course, I never saw that Snellenburg’s in real life. The store closed in 1962. By the time I was a kid, it had been altered and was unrecognizable to the building today. I live nearby, and I occasionally stopped by some of the stores in the building (on the way back from The Gallery). It was your usual Center City strip: City Blue, USA Boutique, Hallmark, an eyeglasses store, a cell phone shop, a dollar store, a scrub shop, a store called “FUNKY” I never set foot in. Read more »

PHOTOS: LGBT Business Leaders Gather for Annual (and Sold Out!) IBA Business Luncheon

Yesterday afternoon, community leaders and area LGBT business owners and supporters gathered at Sofitel in Center City for a springtime luncheon and to find out which local business snagged Independence Business Alliance’s annual LGBT Business Award. The $10,000 prize (up from $5,000 at previous years’ events) went to Stir Lounge co-owners Stacey Vey and Holly Johnson. More on what they’ll do with that money (hint: food!) go here. For now, check out some photos of the afternoon snapped by our friend—and another local LGBT business man—HughE Dillon.

PHOTOS: Opening Night of Theatre Exile’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf

Last night was the premiere of Theatre Exile’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf at Plays and Players. The Edward Albee-penned, Tony-winning play concerns a fed-up, middle-aged married couple who invite a young co-worker and his wife to their home for cocktails. What ensues is an intense evening of psychological mind games that will make you cringe and beg for more all at the same time. The show stars Boardwalk Empire’s Pearce Bunting and Catharine Slusar as George and Martha. The younger couple is played by Jake Blouch and Emilie Krause.

HughE Dillon was there to get snapshots of the opening-night crowd. Check them out in the slideshow below. For more information on how to see Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, go here.

PHOTOS: 2014 FIGHT For Life Gala Starring Out NFLer Wade Davis

Friday—after a heated game of dodgeball with local LGBT youth on Thursday—former NFL pro Wade Davis hit up Philadelphia FIGHT‘s 2014 FIGHT For Life Gala to serve as keynote speaker. Davis, who came out publicly in 2012, is an advocate, writer and public speaker who addresses issues ranging from gender and race to equal rights and HIV/AIDS prevention. He serves as Executive Director of the You Can Play Project, an organization that works to end homophobia in professional sports.

Besides the star power, the gala was rife with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, a live jazz ensemble, and a silent auction, with proceeds benefitting FIGHT‘s Jonathan Lax Treatment Center, Y-HEP (Youth Health Empowerment Project) initiative, and the John Bell Health Center.

Freedom G Photography’s Tara Lessard was there to capture the event on digital film. Check out some of her shots below.

#MotivationMonday: 10 Awesome Photos from the 2014 Rocky 50K Fat Ass Run

At 7 a.m. this past Saturday morning, while you were cozied up under the covers enjoying luxuries like sleep and heat, a super-inspirational (and maybe a little crazy) group of people were outside, in the cold, rainy Philadelphia-winter weather, gearing up to run the Rocky 50K. Yep, that’s right: 50K. The run, in its second year, takes the same 30.61-mile route Rocky seemingly ran in Rocky II, kicking off in South Philly and ending at the Art Museum. And let me tell you, the photos do not disappoint. So it only seemed fitting to use them as this week’s #MotivationMonday roundup. Below, a big fat dose of get-moving inspiration, courtesy of all the folks who bravely ran the Rocky 50K.

Read more »

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