You Can Now Exercise While Waiting for Your Flight at PHL

First, pop-up beer gardens. Now, pop-up gyms.

If your flight’s been delayed at Philadelphia International Airport, there’s more to do now than just browse Brookstone and Brooks Brothers. In a gym that’s been moving around the terminals this summer, there are now exercise bikes and elliptical machines! The pilot program is just for the summer, though an airport spokesman says there is an indication the bikes could become a permanent fixture.

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FAA Suspends Flights to Israel

Many U.S. airlines have canceled their flights to Tel Aviv, due to safety and security concerns. The FAA has now ordered all U.S. carriers to suspend flights to Israel for up to 24 hours (full release from the FAA below).

The cancelations affect travelers at Philadelphia International Airport. US Airways canceled two daily Israel flights today, one from Philadelphia to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport and another from Tel Aviv to Philadelphia.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 4.57.54 PM

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City Raises Minimum Wage for City Contractors to $12 an Hour

As expected, Michael Nutter today signed an executive order hiking the minimum wage in Philadelphia for city contractors and subcontractors to $12 an hour. It will go into effect January 1, 2015.

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What Not to Do at PHL Over the Holidays

You know when you’re flying in from overseas and the airline hostess hands you a little blue form where you verify that you didn’t touch any livestock infested with Mad Cow Disease? There’s also a little box that you’re supposed to check if you’re bringing in $10,000 or more. You can bring any amount in, you just have to declare it. Here’s what happens when you don’t.

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Alleged Gunman Kills TSA Agent at LAX (Updated)

Update: An earlier report was incorrect (see below)–the alleged gunman is not dead, but in custody. He is 23-year-old Paul Ciancia, of Pennsville, New Jersey.

Update: The alleged gunman was a TSA employee, the LA Times reports. In addition to the TSA agent he reportedly killed, seven have been treated for injuries.

Suspect pulled rifle out of bag, opened fire in several locations. Police tracked suspect down, shot him in Terminal 3. He was taken into custody. “At this point be believe this was a lone shooter,” he said.

Original story:

A gunman reportedly opened fire at Los Angeles International Airport today, killing a TSA agent, according to the Los Angeles Times. That alleged gunman is now being reported as dead.

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All American Airlines Flights Cancelled Until *At Least* Noon

Yesterday’s rainfall–the rain that set a bunch of records we already told you about–has cancelled all American Airlines flights to and from PHL til at least noon. Some measured thoughts from the people:


And this, from last night, via Reddit user Andrewz111:

So…Snoop Wasn’t at PHL Last Month After All

Department of Weeks-later corrections. Also, Department of Don’t Believe Everything on the Internet. In late June, I posted a Redditor’s photo that appeared to depict Snoop Lion Dogg at PHL.

Today, the Daily News published an item about Clementon, N.J. Snoop impersonator Lawrence Johnson tricking other celebrities into thinking he was the man himself. Here’s a pic from Johnson’s Facebook page.

And sure enough, as the Daily News correctly noted at the time, Johnson was indeed the guy at PHL. Anyways, now you know who to book on the cheap for your next birthday party!

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