ThinkFest Videos: On Philly Street Art, the New Comcast Tower, and Drexel’s Neighborhood Vision

ThinkFest was filled with innovative voices discussing Philadelphia’s evolving landscape. Below are just a few video selections from speakers who were at the event: urban explorer and photographer Conrad Benner, Senior Comcast Vice President Karen Buchholz and Drexel President John Fry.

(Pssst! And you can watch more videos here!)

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ThinkFest Recap: Why the New Comcast Skyscraper Will Be Great for Philly

Missed Thinkfest? Not to worry, we have a social media roundup of the highlights. Here’s one of Comcast Senior Vice President Karen Buchholz telling us why the upcoming Comcast Innovation and Technolgy Center will be great for the city:

Karen Buchholz, senior vp, Comcast, makes a case for the new Comcast building in 15 seconds. #ThinkFest

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ThinkFest: William Hite on the State of Philly Schools and America’s “Dirty Little Secret”


People who ask if money spent on Philly education is being wasted don’t ask the same question about richer suburban school districts, Philly School Superintendent William Hite said Friday during an appearance on the ThinkFest Main Stage.

Hite referenced the Lower Merion school district, which spends $10,000 more per pupil than Philadelphia, before mentioning a discussion he recently had with M. Night Shyamalan, the director and author of a book about education reform.

“I’m quoting him: ‘You know, I’m going to share a dirty little secret: America is racist,'” Hite said.

“There’s no one else that’s reduced its workforce by the amount that we’ve reduced, there’s no one else that’s closed the schools that we’ve closed — not even on a percentage basis,” Hite added. “If we’re going to talk about waste in Philadelphia, let’s talk about waste everywhere else.”

Three other takeaways:
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