Dear Philly: Why Do You Hate My Clothes?

things in my closet philadelphians hate

See? They’re not that weird. | Photo by Alixe Wiley.

It was a Friday after work, and I was meeting an old friend from high school whom I hadn’t seen in years. We were catching up over cocktails at a bar in Center City, deep in the thick of boy drama and family happenings and scandalous things that high school acquaintances have gotten into since we were 17, when I felt someone caressing my back. “Is that fur?” I heard a slurry voice way too close to my ear ask. I turned to see a frat boy past his prime and his crew of drunk dudes snickering. They’d obviously weighed in on how this interaction was about to go down. Drunk Dude #1 was still pawing at my fur vest and slightly perspiring, when I shot back in my most cutting tone, “I’m sorry, are you touching me?” He was the third person within earshot to make some comment about what I was wearing (but the first to cross into personal bubble territory). I’d been there for 20 minutes. Read more »

The Coolest Pop-Up Shop in Town Right Now


Photo via Philadelphia Fashion Incubator.

The Philly Mag Fashion Project is in full swing but, I’m happy to say, we’re far from the only program supporting local fashion designers in town. The Philadelphia Fashion Incubator at Macy’s Center City, now in its fourth year, provides six hand-picked designers-in-residence the tools and resources—from studio space to mentoring—to successfully launch their fashion careers.

I’ve toured the PFI studio space, and the pieces the designers turn out are nothing short of inspiring. Lucky for you, they’re opening the design vault for a pop-up shop in Manayunk. Head there to shop the handmade, hot-off-the-presses summer collections of the current class (designers are Rebecca Imperiano, Victoria Wright, Terese Brown, Gabrielle Mandel, Jovan O’Connor and Sherrill Mosee), along with former designers-in-residence Melissa Choi, Pia Panaligan, Annina King and Trisha Williams. (And if some of those names sound familiar, they should: Victoria Wright and Terese Brown were designers featured in last year’s PMFP, and Melissa Choi and Pia Panaligan are two of the designers in this year’s design contest!)

Click here for the details.

10 Philly Fashion Instagrams You Need to See This Week: Snoop Dogg, Cheeky Tees and a Vintage Aviator Collection

Images via Instagram.

Images via Instagram.

This might be the most variety we’ve ever crammed into an Instagram roundup, Shoppists. (It was a busy week in Insta-land.) We found everything from Snoop Dogg in a Phillies cardigan (bonus points to who can guess where) to a boutique on wheels to a sparkly rose gold, diamond-encrusted ring. If this doesn’t get your creative juices flowing, we’re not sure what will.

We weren’t kidding about Snoop Dogg—click here for the proof.

10 Philly Fashion Instagrams You Need to See This Week: Zac Posen, Feather Shoes and McQueen Dogs


Images via Instagram.


I find a lot of my inspiration and story ideas from Instagram, and much of it comes from the style set right here in Philly. Each week, I’ll be rounding up the best of my (local) Instagram feed: who wore what, who shopped where, who looked awesome. Here, the most clickable of the style set right now.

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