Union: Three Sticking Points in Inquirer/Newspaper Guild Negotiations



The company that owns Philly’s biggest daily newspapers is seeking a mediator to help resolve contract negotiations with the union that represents most of its journalists.

Howard Gensler and Bill Ross, president and executive director of the Newspaper Guild, said in a Tuesday memorandum to their constituents that negotiations with Interstate General Media — the company that owns the Inquirer, Daily News, and Philly.com — were foundering over several issues: Read more »

Who Isn’t Partnering With Philly.com to Cover Mayor’s Race?

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 1.43.52 PM

So maybe this is the future of journalism: Collaboration instead of competition.

We’d already told you that WHYY would be partnering with Philly.com to cover the mayor’s race, with grant support from the Wyncote Foundation. Turns out the partnership is much larger than that: Philly.com on Tuesday unveiled its new “The Next Mayor” website — which, along with the aforementioned organizations, includes support and contributions from the Center for Public Interest Journalism at Temple University, Technically Philly, The Committee of Seventy citizens’ group, 900-AM WURD, and Young Involved Philadelphia.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 1.48.20 PM

Interstate General Media’s partners in covering the 2015 mayor’s race.

It might be easier to name Philly’a journalism and civic groups that are not part of the effort.

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Will New Blog Bring WHYY, Philly.com Together?

WHYY Blog Face

WHYY’s new blog covering the mayor’s race is just one piece of what could end up being a unique collaboration among Philadelphia’s most-powerful media outlets.

The blog, NinetyNine, debuted Wednesday at WHYY’s news site, NewsWorks.org, helmed by longtime Philadelphia reporter Brian Hickey. It’s expected to be the first piece of multi-platform coverage of the mayor’s race, which will ultimately be hosted at Philly.com.

“The blog will be our contribution,” said Chris Satullo, WHYY’s president for news and civic dialogue. ‘The blog will also be on Philly.com.”

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Older Workers Targeted in IGM Buyout Offer


Interstate General Media — the parent company of Philly.com, Inquirer, and Daily News — is seeking to cut costs by eliminating some of the company’s longest-tenured workers.

IGM employees received a memo Wednesday afternoon from Howard Gensler and Bill Ross — president and director, respectively, of the Newspaper Guild that represents them in collective bargaining — informing them of the buyouts, and asserting that layoffs may be necessary if the company doesn’t reach its cost-cutting goals through volunteer departures.

The target of the buyout efforts: Employees who have stuck with IGM and its parent companies the longest.
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Philly.com Hires Next City Editor

Diana Lind, editor-in-chief at NextCity.org. Photo by Inna Spivakova.

Diana Lind, editor-in-chief at NextCity.org. Photo by Inna Spivakova.

Philly.com has made another high-profile hire — bringing Diana Lind, the editor in chief at Next City, aboard to be its director of digital audience development.

Employees at Interstate General Media, the owner of Philly.com, the Inquirer, and the Daily News, were told this morning in a memorandum emailed to the staff.

“This is a new role that will collaborate closely with the newsrooms and other parts of the organization to evolve how we promote and share the work we do and to help us engage the community in our journalism,” Eric Ulken, Philly.com’s executive director of digital strategy, said in the memo. “Diana joins a growing team of leaders with diverse digital experience, and her appointment represents another big step toward expanding our audience and strengthening our bond with readers.”

Lind spent six years at Next City, a Philly-based website that covers issues involving urbanism. She spoke to Philly Mag in September abut cultivating a mostly female masthead; she is scheduled to interview Christina Weiss Lurie at Philly Mag’s ThinkFest on Nov. 14.

The full memo below:
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Meet the New Philly.com Brain Trust

topel ulken 940 x 540

Mike Topel, left, and Eric Ulken of Philly.com.

Meet the new braintrust of Philly.com. These are the guys who may hold the future of Philadelphia’s two major daily newspapers in their hands.

Mike Topel, the executive editor of Philly.com, is an old hand — he worked on the print side at the Inquirer, then Philly.com, before leaving for several years. He returned this summer to lead the operation. Eric Ulken arrived shortly after from the Seattle Times to become the site’s director of digital strategy — a position that has a foot both in journalism and the business of Philly.com

With the recent announcement that the Inquirer and Daily News sites are shutting down and folding into Philly.com, this duo’s work becomes more important than ever to the future of the Interstate General Media, which owns all three organizations. It’s a fraught assignment: The three newsrooms have a spotty record, at best, of cooperation. Philly.com has had its own reputational problems. But the duo vows a renewed emphasis on journalism — and on making that journalism look good on the web.

The two sat down with Philly Mag recently to talk about the future of Philly.com, how to get three newsrooms to cooperate together on the web, what went wrong with the newspapers’ websites, and Philly.com’s advantages in the marketplace.

Oh, and we talked about comments. Of course.

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Inky, Daily News Websites Shutting Down

Soon to be no more.

Soon to be no more.

The websites for the Inquirer and Daily News will shut down in December, leaving Philly.com as the sole website distributing the journalism of the two papers.

“In December, we will fold the Inquirer.com and PhillyDailyNews.com sites back into Philly.com, our flagship digital brand,” journalists at Interstate General Media, which owns all three entities, were told in a memorandum today. “What this means is that the standalone newspaper-branded sites will no longer exist and will instead redirect readers to Philly.com, where users will find Inquirer and Daily News journalism featured more prominently and have access to branded Inquirer and Daily News section fronts that represent the editorial voice and judgment of the newspapers.”
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Interview: Stan Wischnowski Leads Philly Newspapers to the Future

Stan Wischnowski has been named Vice President, News Operations for The Inquirer, Daily News and Philly.com.

Stan Wischnowski has been named Vice President, News Operations for The Inquirer, Daily News and Philly.com.

In an Inquirer newsroom often known for infighting and factionalism, longtime editor Stan Wischnowski somehow emerged with his own reputation … for being a nice guy.

Whether that reputation can help him survive in his new job is an open question. As the new vice president of news operations for Interstate General Media (a job that didn’t exist until new company owner Gerry Lenfest gave it to him this week), Wischnowski gets to set the strategic direction of the Inquirer, Daily News and Philly.com.

It’s a tall order:

• He has to manage the company’s long-faltering transition to the digital era — with his first job being to get Philly.com and the newspapers to play nice with each other, to each side’s benefit, instead of constantly bickering.

• He has has to reinvigorate a Sunday paper that — even with large print circulation losses in the last year — remains the economic engine powering much that happens at the company.

• And he’ll probably need to do what nobody else in the industry has quite managed yet: Figure out how to make newspaper-style journalism pay — online or off — so that his newsrooms can continue to do their job for the next few decades.

It’s clear in talking to Wischnowski that Philly.com — which, after all, has the largest audience of the three newsrooms — will be central to his strategy for distributing and promoting the journalism of all three.  “Philly.com is still the dominant website in the region and we have an opportunity to make it better,” he said. “I think we owe it to our users to make it much easier to find what it is they are looking for.”

Last week, following his promotion, Wischnowski spoke to PhillyMag about the task ahead. Some excerpts:

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Lawyers Identify Johnny Doc’s “Anonymous” Philly.com Commenter


Screen shot of Stephen Montemuro’s Twitter page taken at 3:30  on April 19th, 2014

Electrical union boss John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty is suing “anonymous” Philly.com commenter “FBPDPLT” for calling him a “pedophile” in a 2012 comment, and back in March, Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Jacqueline Allen ordered Philly.com to turn over any identifying information it had on the commenter. Philly.com gave Dougherty’s attorney an IP address, and now the previously anonymous commenter has been named in a court filing as Stephen J. Montemuro.

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