Roy Halladay Might Be Returning to the Phillies (to Coach)

Roy Halladay pitching

Photo: SD DIrk (license)

Roy Halladay could be coming back to the Phillies.

No, the 2010 Cy Young winner and perfect-game-thrower won’t be returning to the mound. But longtime Phillies beat writer Todd Zolecki reported yesterday that the team and Halladay were looking for a place for him in the organization. “It seems likely he will be roaming Spectrum Field and Carpenter Complex in a Phillies uniform before the end of Spring Training,” Zolecki writes. Read more »

How Matt Klentak Plans to Rebuild the Phillies

Klentak in the team’s under-construction analytics department. Photograph by Chris Crisman

Klentak in the team’s under-construction analytics department. Photograph by Chris Crisman

Matt Klentak agrees to meet me at Citizens Bank Park at two o’clock on a bitterly cold January afternoon. I show up early and kill some time in the lobby. A receptionist cheerily informs me that Klentak’s secretary will come to get me in eight minutes. Not “right away” or “soon” — in eight minutes.

It’s quirkily precise, and I can’t help but ask Klentak about this when I reach his second-floor corner office overlooking the charcoal runway that’s Pattison Avenue. The Phillies’ 36-year-old general manager breaks into a small smile. We’d said we’d sit down at two o’clock, he explains, so it made sense to stick to that plan. And Klentak is all about sticking to plans, particularly the one he and other members of the team’s evolving brain trust have developed to right a ship that lost its way in the wake of the most successful era in franchise history. Read more »

Can Baseball Be Saved?

Philadelphia Phillies catcher Wil Nieves calls for an intentional walk at Citi Field on Jul 30, 2014. Photo by Anthony Gruppuso/USA Today Sports

Philadelphia Phillies catcher Wil Nieves calls for an intentional walk at Citi Field on Jul 30, 2014. Photo by Anthony Gruppuso/USA Today Sports

Just as the Phils kick off spring training comes the earth-shattering news that Major League Baseball is tinkering with the very foundations of America’s Pastime. That’s right: They’re killing the spectacle of the intentional walk. Read more »

Kenney: Christie Is the Biggest Loser in the Country


L: Photo by Jeff Fusco | R: AP Photo/Julio Cortez

In case you haven’t heard, yesterday on SportsRadio 94.1 WIPNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie called Phillies fans “awful, angry people” and said that Citizens Bank Park is “not safe for civilized people.”

Needless to say, the Phillies and their fans – and Philadelphians, generally – weren’t happy about it.

Turns out Mayor Jim Kenney wasn’t so happy either. Kenney had some fierce words for Christie this morning – also on SportsRadio 94.1 WIP.

“I just kind of feel sorry for the guy,” Kenney said to host Angelo Cataldi. “He’s got the biggest ‘L’ on his forehead of anybody in the country.”

And that’s not all – Kenney also called Christie “the most unpopular governor in the state of New Jersey in history” and said Christie is “bitter and has nowhere to go. Who’s going to hire him? What corporation would take him on based on all the nasty things he said and the confrontations he created. I just think he’s done.”

Christie’s been all over the news lately. During a New York sports talk radio show yesterday, the New Jersey governor said that President Donald Trump made him order meatloaf during a Valentine’s Day dinner at the White House.

“This is what it’s like to be with Trump,” Christie reportedly said to co-host Craig Carton. “He says, ‘There’s the menu, you guys order whatever you want.’ And then he says, “Chris, you and I are going to have the meatloaf.'”

Social media users went crazy with that one.

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The Phillies Have Opened Spring Training

Phillies at Spring Training

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

It’s cold and overcast in Philadelphia today. But a thousand miles south in Clearwater, Florida, it’s in the 70s — and the Phillies have opened spring training.

Okay, only pitchers and catchers officially report on Tuesday. But some of them even showed up on Monday! And either way, players are out on the field throwing, team president Andy MacPhail gave a press conference, and the beat writers are all down there.

The Phillies are not expected to contend in 2017. Manager Pete Mackanin says he believes the Phils could be a .500 club this year. That would be a 10-game improvement on last year’s 71-win squad — not quite the glory days of somewhat-recent memory, but a decent improvement over the 63-win 2015 team without having added any splashy free agents. Read more »

Philly’s Biggest Losers of 2016

Background image by M. Edlow for Visit Philadelphia™

Background image by M. Edlow for Visit Philadelphia™

Now that the last shreds of wrapping paper have been vacuumed up and the good dishes are finally put away, we revisit our time-honored tradition of taking a look back at the year and the losers, miscreants, and ne’er-do-wells it spawned. (For a more optimistic view of Philadelphia, consider Holly Otterbein‘s Biggest Winners of 2016.)

Ed Rendell

The once-lovable former champion of the everyman now spends his time being largely irrelevant and making facepalm-worthy comments in places like the Washington Post. But when you’re pulling in a cool $5,000 each month to do virtually nothing for a casino in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you probably don’t care. Read more »

Phillies Trade for Red Sox Pitcher Clay Buchholz

Clay Buchholz pitching for the Red Sox

Bob DeChiara/USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies made a move today, trading a low-level prospect for two-time All-Star pitcher Clay Buchholz.

Second baseman Josh Tobias was sent to the Red Sox to complete the deal. Without a big payroll for 2017, the Phillies essentially bought Buchholz and his $13 million contract from the Sox for a lottery ticket.

Buchholz was an All Star as a starting pitcher with the Sox in 2010 and 2013; he also threw a no-hitter in just his second-ever start and won the World Series with the team in ’13. But he’s struggled in recent years. While he started the 2013 season on fire, he missed most of the year with a shoulder injury. The next season, after re-aggravating the injury in the playoffs, his ERA ballooned to 5.34.

After a so-so year in 2014, he struggled again last season and was moved to the bullpen. He had a 6.35 ERA in 10 starts before being shuttled to the bullpen; he eventually finished the season back in the starting rotation. He finished the year with a 4.78 ERA and a losing record. Read more »

The Phillie Phanatic Had Jury Duty Today

12 Angry Men parody - 11 men with the Phanatic photoshopped in

11 Angry Men and 1 Happy Phanatic | Phanatic photo by Terry Foote (license)

Is the Constitutional right to a fair trial abrogated when one of the jurors is the Phillie Phanatic?

That’s the question I have after the Phillie Phanatic walked into the Criminal Justice Center, passed through the metal detectors, and showed up at the jury selection room with a few hundred other Philadelphians for jury duty today today. Read more »

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