Q&A with Eric Bresler of the Philadelphia Psychotronic Film Society

From the poster for Never Too Young To Die (1986) starring Vanity and John Stamos, a past Philadelphia Psychotronic Selection. The lineup for Friday’s Action Movie Marathon is a mystery.

True, “psychotronic” has an easily Googled definition: “a genre of movies, typically with a science fiction, horror, or fantasy theme, that were made on a low budget or poorly received by critics.” But fans of the form might tell you it’s more of a “I know it when I see it” kind of situation.

The Philadelphia outpost of Psychotronic Film Society — there are iterations all over the world — has been operating for about a year, offering free, BYOB screenings of forgotten/forgettable screen gems to a growing fanbase. This Friday’s Action Movie Marathon seemed like a good excuse to talk to PPFS co-founder Eric Bresler, whom you might already know as the director/curator at PhilaMOCA and programmer of the Cinedelphia film fest. Turns out he was in Japan… Read more »

Let’s Watch Some Cinedelphia Trailers

I, Olga Hepnarova tells the story of a real-life Czech mass murderer.

I, Olga Hepnarova tells the story of a real-life Czech mass murderer.

Now in its fifth year, Cinedelphia — an “alternative celebration of film” — returns to PhilaMOCA with a full roster of rare gems and revisited favorites. Curated by organizer Eric Bresler and a small cadre of movie buffs, the festival is so eclectic you might want to do some advance homework to make sure you’re not missing something secretly awesome. So. Let’s watch some trailers.

Blue Velvet Revisited
The fest begins on Thursday with this companion piece to David Lynch’s cult-hit 1986 neo-noir staple Blue Velvet, (appropriate, given the venue’s Eraserhood locale). Filmmaker Peter Braatz was actually on set with Lynch and co., collecting behind the scenes footage and interviews. It’s like DVD extras from an alternate universe and it looks dreamy. (Thursday, April 13) Read more »

There’s a Treat Y’rself Festival in Town This Weekend

treat-yrself-webFew things are more satisfying than waking up one morning, deciding you’re going to call out of work and declaring the rest of the day “Treat Y’rself Day.” With that in mind PhilaMOCA is hosting a whole daylong festival dedicated to treating y’rself and, in turn, treating s’meone else.

This weekend’s Treat Y’rself Fest is a benefit supporting October’s March to End Rape Culture, organized by Square of Opposition Records, Permanent Wave, Philly activist group Pussy Division and Pittsburgh music blog Grey Estates. For the day, curators have lined up a dozen bands, and a host of record, craft, clothing and food vendors so you can treat y’rself in a variety of ways.

For your ears: local bands The Pretty Greens, Littler and Mercury Girls will headline alongside Ohio’s Leggy. Other acts, like Ghost Gum and Kississippi will perform throughout the night. Vinyl retailers Sit & Spin Records and Rainbow Records will be on hand to sell you tunes that you can crank up at home.

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Learn About The History of Music Videos Tonight


Stephen Pitalo likes music videos. He really likes them. So much so that he has a wide-ranging website about the Golden Age of Music Video, which he says is from 1976 to 1993. And tonight you can learn from his deep knowledge of music videos at The History of Music Videos: Part One at PhilaMOCA.

Pitalo’s multimedia presentation will begin with early jazz films, TV performances and movie musicals before eventually moving into the 1980s and the birth of MTV. It ends with the downfall of hair metal and the beginning of the Seattle grunge and alt-rock scene. Doors at PhilaMOCA (531 N 12th St.) open at 7 pm; the event starts at 7:30 pm. Read more »

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GIRL TALK: Gossiping With Southern Baptist Sissies Star Leslie Jordan

leslie jordan 1

On Thursday, PhilaMOCA is screening Del Shores’ Southern Baptist Sissies, the coming-of-age tale about four gay choir boys growing up in a church in the South. The film stars Leslie Jordan, the adorable, country-bumpkin dynamo who’s stolen scenes — and our gay hearts — in everything from Sordid Lives and Will & Grace to, most recently, American Horror Story: Coven (AHS), where he held his own alongside the likes of Jessica Lange and Francis Conroy.

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