PHOTOS: Meet the Adorable Baby Red Pandas at Philadelphia Zoo

Photographer HughE Dillon did us a solid this morning by going to the Philadelphia Zoo to take photos of the two brand new baby red pandas. Today was the first time the yet-to-be-named furballs have been set free in their sanctuary, in full sight of the public. They were born in June to 5-year-old parents Spark (mom) and Basil (pops). I’m going to stop typing now so you can look at the pictures. Gets your awwwwwwws ready:

Up until today, the mother has been caring for the cubs. I’m told they are super active, and are currently able to eat a diet of fresh bamboo, grapes, apples and biscuits on their own. When they are old enough, the cubs will move to other institutions to breed with other red pandas.

Similar to the social media campaign they held in 2014 to name their new lion cubs, the Zoo is encouraging fans to chime in about what the cubs should be named. To put in your two cents, visit their Facebook page here, or email

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Red Panda Cubs Debuting Tomorrow at Philadelphia Zoo


Not the actual red panda cubs at Philly Zoo. Photos will be released after their debut. | Matthieu Photoglovsky via

Two red panda cubs that were born this summer will get their grand debut tomorrow morning at the Philadelphia Zoo. At 10:30 am on November 18th, zoo keeps will bring out the little guys, who were born to 5-year-old parents, Basil and Spark. So far, the cubs — one boy and one girl — don’t have names.

The Zoo couldn’t be more thrilled about the new members. Reps say that red pandas, which are found in the Himalayas, have been classified as vulnerable because of loss of habitat, fragmentation, poaching and climate change.

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WATCH: Mayor Elect Jim Kenney Sings “The Animal Song” at Philly Zoo Gala

Philly mayors like to sing (see here, for instance), and Mayor Elect Jim Kenney is no exception. Last night, he attended the Philadelphia Zoo’s annual Global Conservation Gala, where he treated the audience to a talk/sing rendition of “The Animal Song.” The tune appeared in zoo commercials around the country in the early 1960s promoting a Zoo Key program for kids.

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This Weekend: Get Drunk With Monkeys


Wanna go for beers at the Zoo? Of course you do. Which is why we don’t even have to try that hard to sell this one.

So we won’t try to be cutesy when we tell you that from 6-10 pm on Saturday, the Philadelphia Zoo is hosting its annual iteration of the Summer Ale Festival that allows beer drinkers to co-mingle with the species they sometimes resemble upon imbibing too much of the beverage.

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Philadelphia Zoo to Host Summer Ale Festival

Courtesy of Philadelphia Zoo

Courtesy of Philadelphia Zoo

Beer enthusiasts are welcome to raise a glass to the animal kingdom during the Philadelphia Zoo’s annual Summer Ale Festival. On Saturday, July 25th visitors can attend an evening filled with the region’s finest brews and favorite food truck vendors. Dance to live music alongside jungle creatures like exotic birds, great apes, large cats and other wildlife that call the Zoo home.

Be sure to leave the kids at home, but maybe don’t tell them you’re going to the Zoo.  This adults-only function gives grownups a chance to play like kids again. Yet, now there is alcohol involved.

Spend the evening sampling an impressive crop from over 30 participating breweries from the surrounding area. Each brewery will offer guests a selection of two beers of the brewers’ choosing. All tickets include unlimited access to beer samples and a souvenir tasting cup. Pace yourself and take breaks, perhaps moseying over to the new Gorilla Treeway.

The evening begins at 6:30 p.m. and will carry on until 10:00 p.m. General admission to the summer Ale Festival is $55. On-site parking and shuttle service to and from 30th Street Station will also be included with the purchase of every ticket.

Those interested in attending can buy tickets here.


7 Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Out of Your Hair This Summer

That hand won't go anywhere near your white walls if she's at summer camp. |

That hand won’t go anywhere near your white walls if she’s at summer camp. |

Yay Clay! Philadelphia
Throw on a smock and fire up the kiln! Yay Clay! is a ceramic art/pottery day camp program that offers a fun and creative outlet for kids and young teens ages 7 to 14. Professional instructors will teach campers the art of ceramics using real potter’s tools, techniques and the potter’s wheel. Yay Clay! offers 3-hour half-day (AM or PM) sessions or 6-hour full-day sessions. Pay by week starting June 22nd through August 15th. 3237 Amber Street. 

Philadelphia School of Circus Arts Camp
Fly through the air with the greatest of ease in a comfortable air-conditioned space. The Philadelphia School of Circus Arts operates three summer camps that accommodate all skill levels and youth ages 5 to 18. Campers will be moving, climbing and swinging upside-down while supervised by the regions most experienced aerials instructors. Here is a perfect opportunity to clown around without getting into trouble. Summer sessions start July 6 and run through August 28. 5900A Greene Street.

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PHOTOS: Gorilla Treeway Opening This Weekend at Philadelphia Zoo

The latest addition to Philadelphia Zoo‘s Zoo360 program, an initiative that seeks to get visitors up close and personal with the animals like they’ve never seen them before, is set to open this weekend. That addition is Gorilla Treeway, a 300-foot, mesh overhead system of tunnels that lets the gorillas stroll around the Zoo grounds more freely—and at times right over our heads. The Treeway extends 12 feet above the visitor path and gives the animals a 5-foot by 6-foot expanse to stretch their arms and get peeks at parts of the Zoo—and their animal neighbors—that they may not have seen before.

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There’s a 900-Pound Gorilla Sculpture Made Out of Car Hoods at Philadelphia Zoo

"Blue Gorilla" by Don Kennell

“Blue Gorilla” by Don Kennell

The Philadelphia Zoo is home to a whole new crew of creatures, thanks to a new exhibit comprising animal sculptures made with recycled, renewed, reused and repurposed materials.

“Second Nature: Junk Rethunk” is on display now at the Zoo. Twelve artists from across the globe got together to make the 70 eco-friendly artworks that are made out of everything from burned-out spark plugs and recycled plastic bottles to wads of chewing gum.

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Zoo’s African Plains Project a Step Closer to Being Realized

A rendering the upcoming Gorilla Treeway, an extension of the Great Ape Trail.

A rendering the upcoming Gorilla Treeway, an extension of the Great Ape Trail.

Who says Philly’s homo sapiens are the only ones seeing changes in their habitat? PlanPhilly’s Matt Golas reports Wednesday saw the Art Commission give conceptual approval the Philadelphia Zoo’s African Plains project, one of six in there Zoo360 plan, a campus-wide trail system that will allow Zoo residents “more exciting and enriching experiences,” while maintaining their safety.

According to the Zoo360 plan on the Zoo’s website, four of the projects have already been established (Treetop Trail in 2011, Great Ape Trail in 2012, KidZooU in 2013, and Big Cat Crossing in 2014). The 300-foot Gorilla Treeway is set to open this May, while the African Plains project is expected to open in 2016, provided they get the official go-ahead.

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