PHOTO: Just-Traded Union Goalie Chris Konopka With Girlfriend Maria Papadakis

Our very own Scenester, HughE Dillon, informs us that the below photo, taken last night at Feastival, is the only one you’ll find  online of just-traded Philadelphia Union goalie Chris Konopka and his lady friend, Philly socialite Maria Papadakis.

According to reports, Kononpka is headed to Toronto FC. He tweeted his thanks to the Union this morning. No word on what this means for the romantically linked pair, or if Konopka will have to relinquish his Sexy Single-dom.

Watch the Trailer for the “Sons of Ben” Documentary

Whether or not it would be worth watching a documentary about the middling Philadelphia Union, I don’t know. But there is one in the works about their rabid 2,500-member fan club that seems promising. The documentary is in part a success story about the Sons’ success in bringing a team to Philly, and in part an exploration of their relationship with downtrodden Chester, where many were apprehensive about plunking down a stadium. And a fair amount of insane crowd behavior, one would hope.

The filmmaker is still getting the project funded, and hopes to release the full version in 2014. I can think of a group of people that might be able to help with that.

H/T Spike Eskin

Philadelphia Union Gets Lots of Bread from Bimbo

The Philadelphia Union has inked a sponsorship deal with mega baker Bimbo. The four year, $12 million deal will put the Bimbo brand on the front of the team’s jerseys. The Bimbo name may draw snickers, but the company, whose US headquarters is located in Horsham, is no joke. 2010 will see the U.S. arm make close to $6 billion. Bimbo also owns the well-known Boboli, Entenmann’s,  Stroehmann and Thomas’ English muffins brands. Most recently the company purchased Sarah Lee’s North American Fresh Bakery business for $959 million.

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