Police Say Philly Cop Tried to Mail Marijuana


Yes, marijuana is kinda, sorta legal in Philadelphia, but that doesn’t mean you can just go trying to send it through the mail — especially if you’re a cop. But that’s just what one Philadelphia police officer did, according to a statement by the Philadelphia Police Department. Read more »

Two Police Officers Shot in West Philly

iStockphoto.com | carlballou

iStockphoto.com | carlballou

Update: Police have released more information about the shocking sequence events that left two people dead and two policers officers wounded in West Philly on Friday. According to Philly.com, a gunman approached a patrol car and fired more than a dozen shots at Sgt. Sylvia Young, who was sitting inside the vehicle. She was wounded in the arm.

The shooter fired into a nearby bar, wounding a security guard, and tried to use a woman as a human shield before shooting her in the leg. He then opened fire on a passing car at 49th and Spruce, critically wounding one occupant and killing another. The gunman wounded a Penn police officer named Eddie Miller in a nearby alley. Philly police officers fatally shot the gunman, who didn’t have any identification, the website reported.


A Philadelphia police officer and a University of Pennsylvania police officer were both shot in West Philly late Friday night.

The officers, whose names were not released, were reportedly in stable condition at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center after they were wounded near 51st and Sansom streets shortly after 11 p.m. Cops swarmed the area in the immediate aftermath of the shooting to comb across a large perimeter for possible suspects.

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Photo of a Philly Cop With a Nazi Tattoo Is All Over the Internet

There’s a photograph circulating of an on-duty Philly cop with what appears to be a Nazi tattoo, and it’s causing all kinds of controversy.

The photo was posted to Facebook by Evan Parish Matthews, who claims the officer is named Ian Hans Lichtermann. Matthews said he took the photograph on July 26th, at a Black Lives Matter march during the Democratic National Convention.

Philadelphia police have not confirmed Lichtermann’s identity, but Philly Voice reports that there is an officer by the same name listed in Philadelphia payroll records.

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Kensington Looks for Hope After Brutal Attacks on Prostitutes

Surveillance footage of suspect wanted for a July 12th sexual assault and attempted murder in Kensington. (Philadelphia Police)

Surveillance footage of suspect wanted for a July 12th sexual assault and attempted murder in Kensington. (Philadelphia Police)

A tiny pink sign sits on the ground at the edge of an empty lot in Kensington, calling out a reassuring message from the dirt and the grass: “GOD IS LOVE.” A wisp of yellow crime scene tape intrudes on that thought, drooping in the humid air from a cyclone fence. This is where a madman butchered Rickie Morgan.

The 35-year-old woman was bludgeoned with a brick and fatally stabbed late Saturday on Cumberland Street near Jasper. She tried to escape, running naked for a block until she collapsed from her injuries. The scene was every bit as gruesome as it sounds. “She was bloody from head to toe,” a police captain told NBC 10 that night.

Morgan was a prostitute. She was also a mother, according to her friends, and an avid reader who liked to talk about theology and the nature of the universe—the way life worked, or didn’t. Those who were close to her will gather for a vigil at 2 p.m. today in Kensington. They’ll mourn, but they’ll also be on high alert. Investigators believe the man who killed Morgan might have also been involved in other recent violent attacks of prostitutes in the area. Read more »

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