Drexel Prof. Makes Philly Art Museum App


Mary Jo Grdina, an associate clinical professor in Drexel’s School of Education, has created a new iPad app that seeks to prove that “physics principles can be found everywhere, even [at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.] A description of “Physics in Art” from developers:

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Art Museum Makes Top Instagram List

Mashable has stumbled upon one of Philly’s favorite ways to pretty up an Instagram feed.

The website compiled a list of 14 of the world’s best museum Instagram accounts, and our own Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA) makes the cut, at No. 8. The mention includes a photo of PMA’s massive The Burghers of Calais sculpture by Rodin. The quick description? “The City of Brotherly Love is home to a beautiful art museum with a wildly active Instagram account. Follow for a daily dose of creative photos.”

Leaves a little to be desired, huh? Well that’s all made up for considering who else is on the list, including Paris’s The Louvre, New York’s Museum of Sex, Tate in the U.K. and more. To see the complete list, go here.

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PHOTOS: Director and COO of Art Museum Does Rocky Pose on Art Museum Steps

On Monday, March 10th, Rocky Director John G. Avildsen received the City of Philadelphia Special Citation in celebration of the release of “The Rocky Heavyweight Collection” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Here are a few snapshots — including the Director of Rocky and the President of the Art Museum doing the Rocky Pose on the Art Museum Steps. Unprecedented!

EXTRA READING: The People Want Rocky: Why Did it Take the Art Museum and the City’s Tourism Folks So Long to Understand That?

The People Want Rocky: Why Did it Take the Art Museum and the City’s Tourism Folks So Long to Understand That?

Dan McQuade, God bless you. Your immortal post on Rocky’s run through the streets of Philadelphia has finally shaken the marble pillars that keep the city’s art elite and tourism snobs high above us all and removed from reality. And the reality is that Philadelphia is Rocky and Rocky is Philadelphia.

In case you missed it, Dan’s post on how far Rocky’s run to the Art Museum steps equaled in real miles was shared and spread around the world. The overwhelming response was only eye-opening to those who have been trying so long to ignore the allure of the movie legend.

And now, with Dan’s post and the Rocky musical opening, the city’s upper crust can’t ignore it anymore.

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The Oval at the Art Museum Announces 2014 Lineup

eakins oval philadelphia

The Eakins Oval — aka Philly’s Park on the Parkway that was created last year — has announced its activity lineup for 2014. The Oval is an initiative of the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation department, a project to bring a little family-friendly entertainment to this six-acre stretch of Fairmount. Last year activities ran the gamut from late-night movie screenings to a food and beverage truck festival. Here’s what they have planned so far for 2014:

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