Is Michael Nutter Too Honest?

Philadelphia Schools

Over at Politico as part of the magazine’s “What Works” series on innovative ideas and urban reinvention, WHYY’s Holly Otterbein takes a look back at the Michael Nutter-mania that swept Philadelphia back in 2007 and wonders, as we prepare to select our next mayor, if it’s possible for a Philadelphia government to be “honest and effective”:
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Terry Gillen for Mayor: “I Want to Make Philadelphia a City of Opportunity for Everybody”


Terry Gillen

Terry Gillen has spent much of her adult life in public service to the city of Philadelphia — serving Mayors Rendell and Nutter in positions (including as director of the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority) meant to help rebuild the city from its early 1990s bottoming-out. A chief highlight during that time: Serving on the team that revived the Navy Yard as a center of private enterprise after it was closed as a military base during Rendell’s administration.

Now she’s running for mayor, and holding a June 30th fund-raiser to collect cash for the effort.

“I think there’s a lot of opportunity for this to be a fabulous wonderful city and that’s what I want to help turn into reality,” Gillen said this week.

She talked to Philly Mag about the issues facing Philadelphia, whether her status as the only female candidate matters, and the lessons she’s learned from working for two Philly mayors. Read more »

Clarke, Butkovitz Lead Mayoral Field

A poll featuring likely Philly mayoral candidates puts City Council President Darrell Clarke at the head of the field with 14 percent, followed closely by City Controller Alan Butkovitz at 12 percent. But many, many Philadelphians still haven’t found a candidate to back — the election isn’t until next year after all — 41 percent are undecided.

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Hospital Workers Union Backs
Kenney for Mayor

jim kenney philly

Councilman Jim Kenney

The 2015 Philadelphia mayor’s campaign has officially begun.

Henry Nicholas, president of the National Union of Hospital & Health Care Employees Local 1199, said Thursday his organization will back Councilman Jim Kenney for the city’s top office. Nicholas said Kenney started his career as a member of that union.

“It’s time he was promoted to the top of the class,” Nicholas told Philly Mag. “We’ve been a good citizen. It’s time for an 1199 member to be in charge of city government.”

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Interview: Anthony Williams Aims Higher

anthony-williams-pa-gay-conversion-therapyOne surefire way to make Philly Mag’s list of the 75 most powerful people in the city? Be mayor. (Check out Philly Mag’s list on newsstands now: The mayor is on it.)  As an alternative, you might try to be a frontrunner to be the next mayor. State Sen. Anthony Williams is in the latter category: He’s not formally announced his candidacy yet for the 2015 race, but the longtime politico has already lined up support and is seen as the man to beat.

“I want you to know that I’m a passionate Philadelphian, who loves the Flyers, the Eagles, the Sixers — all Philadelphia stuff I love,” he says.

Philly Mag spoke to Williams recently about power, popularity, and what losing the 2010 Democratic primary for governor taught him.

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