Alba Martinez Is Not Running For Mayor

Alba Martinez | Photo Courtesy: Martinez's Facebook

Alba Martinez | Photo Courtesy: Martinez’s Facebook

That was quick.

Alba Martinez says she is not going to run for mayor of Philadelphia. Ken Trujillo, who dropped out of the mayor’s race this week, was urging her to run, a Trujillo spokeswoman told us Wednesday.

“I was sad to see Ken Trujillo exit the mayor’s race. I love Philadelphia, and I love public service,” says Martinez. “However, I do not have plans to run for mayor in 2015 because I am fully committed to Vanguard and to our clients at this time.”

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Ken Trujillo Is Out of the Mayor’s Race

Ken Trujillo Campaign Announcement

(Editor’s Note: We’ll be updating this post throughout the day. For our analysis of what Trujillo’s departure means for the race, check out Holly Otterbein’s report.)

[Update, 4:12 p.m.] Lynne Abraham’s campaign has released a statement on Trujillo dropping out of the mayor’s race: “We are very sorry to hear that the reasons for Ken’s withdrawing are family related, and we understand that family comes first. We were looking forward to a spirited, issues-oriented campaign; now we wish Ken and his family the very best.”

[Update, 2:36 p.m.] State Sen. Anthony Williams’ campaign just issued a short statement on Trujillo’s withdrawal from the race. “Ken Trujillo is a good man with a record of public service and a deep commitment to the city of Philadelphia.  Vigorous debate over serious issues benefits the people of Philadelphia and Ken’s energy will be missed. I wish him and his family the best.”

[Update, 1:53 p.m. from Holly Otterbein] Unsurprisingly, political insiders are already gossiping if something other than family matters was was behind Trujillo’s surprise announcement: Was he having a hard time fundraising? Was he forced to drop out of the mayor’s race because a high-profile candidate is planning to jump in?

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Doug Oliver: Here’s Why the Mayoral Field Is Boring

Doug Oliver, Mayor's Press Secretary. Copyright City of Philadelphia. Photograph by Mitchell Leff.

Doug Oliver. Photo Credit: Mitchell Lef, City of Philadelphia.

Well, this can’t be good: Philadelphia’s mayoral field is apparently such a bore that now even the presumed candidates themselves are trying to explain why that is.

Doug Oliver, a former spokesman for Mayor Nutter who is expected to officially launch his mayoral campaign any day now, wrote this week on his “DO2015″ website, “It’s no surprise to me that this year’s crop of candidates isn’t plentiful or diverse.”

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