Why Runners Are Upset About the Philadelphia Marathon Course Changes 

Philadelphia Marathon | Photo by M. Fischetti for VISIT PHILADELPHIA

Philadelphia Marathon | Photo by M. Fischetti for VISIT PHILADELPHIA

Back in April, the Philadelphia Marathon announced that they’d be making some big changes to the November race this year: For one, Jim Marino, race director for the Broad Street Run, would be coming on as race director for the Philadelphia Marathon. Two, the half marathon and the full marathon would be held on different days — the former on Saturday and the latter on Sunday — as opposed to running concurrently, as they have in past years. And three, both distances would see some course changes.

Back then, they outlined the race changes in a press release, saying the most notable change to the full marathon would be the nixing of the out-and-back portion on East Falls Bridge. They outlined some serious changes to the half marathon course—long story short: significantly less time spent in Center City, more time spent in Fairmount Park—but there were no maps of the courses available then. Well, now there are. The race recently posted the map for the full marathon course (here) and the half marathon course (here)—and runners have quite a bit to say.

Runners have been chatting about the changes, primarily the changes to the half marathon course (the marathon course is mostly untouched, and many people are actually very happy about the fact that the East Falls Bridge portion was cut), over in the Facebook group Run215. Reading through the comments, there seem to be two main issues upsetting runners when it comes to the half marathon course changes. Read more »

REMINDER: Philadelphia Marathon Registration Opens Tonight

Photo courtesy GORE-TEX Philadelphia Marathon

Photo courtesy GORE-TEX Philadelphia Marathon

Reminder: Registration for the Philadelphia Marathon, happening Sunday, November 20th, opens at midnight tonight, people! And note: The first 500 registrants will get their bibs for just $85 rather than $105, so you’re going to want to go ahead and set your alarms for 11:55 p.m. Read more »

Philadelphia Marathon 2016 Registration Date Announced

Photograph courtesy GORE-TEX Philadelphia Marathon

Photograph courtesy GORE-TEX Philadelphia Marathon

Get ready to jot this date down, folks: The Philadelphia Marathon just released the registration date for the the 2016 race very early (they didn’t release the registration date for this year’s race until April!). And it is — drumroll, please — April 1st, 2016, which just so happens to be the same day registration opened last year. Do we spy a trend?
Read more »

PHOTOS: The Most Hilarious Spectator Signs at the 2015 Philadelphia Marathon

sign lead
Yesterday, about 30,000 runners took to the streets to tackle the Philadelphia Marathon and the Philadelphia Half Marathon, and a bunch more lovely humans lined the streets to cheer them on with some fantastic signs. So first off, big round of applause for everyone who ran — I sure hope you treated yourself to a chocolate croissant this morning because you deserve it. And secondly, big round of applause for the spectators. I’m sure plenty of runners would’ve collapsed well before the finish line were it not for all your encouraging marathon-related “Your mom” jokes and T-Rex costumes. Seriously.

Below, our favorite signs from this year’s race. Get ready to chuckle. Read more »

Marathon Training: Are You Eating Enough Carbs?

I’m going to state the obvious here, but running a marathon and half marathon are very different then running a 5K or 10K. I’m not talking about the difference in distance — I’m talking about the difference in nutrition needs. For the most part, nutrition isn’t a limiting factor to performance for the 5K and 10K, but once you get over two-hour mark in racing, nutrition play a vital role in how well you perform.  Read more »

The One Skill You Absolutely Need to Run a Successful Marathon

Nearly every long-distance running record, from the 1500-meter record to the marathon record, has been set by running negative splits, which is running the second half of the race faster than the first. But you can’t do this without knowing how to pace yourself. Pacing is the single most important skill in running and is absolutely crucial for a successful marathon. It also happens to be one of the more difficult skills to master.

In today’s world of GPS watches, treadmills and headphones, it’s easy for our internal sense of pacing to become clouded. These external distractions become background noise, affecting our senses and our ability to truly assess our pace. But here’s the good news: Pacing is a skill and, like most, it can be learned with practice and patience. Below, how to perfect your pacing skills. Read more »

This Is the Best Day to Do a Long Run

The weekly long run, the most important single run of the week and probably the one run you think about most: What route will I take? Is the weather going to cooperate? How will I feel? Can I finish it?

7-weeksFor most, the long run is a Sunday morning ritual. It’s set in stone, like some unspoken rule. I mean why not run long on Sunday? It seems perfect: Sunday is the last day of the week and last day of the weekend; You can relax and get loose Friday night after a long workweek and recover by Sunday; Also, most training plans have the long run set on Sundays and odds are most of your running partners run long on Sundays.

These are all good reasons to run long on Sundays. But the thing about a Sunday run is, given most people have work on Monday, you must get it done or skip it. And skipping a weekly long run can have a negative effect on your training — and skipping a few long runs will definitely have a detrimental effect.

But the nice thing is, this is super-easy to steer clear of. You can avoid setting yourself up to skip your long run by scheduling your long run on Saturdays instead of Sundays. Below, four very convincing reasons to move your long run to Saturdays. Read more »