The Ambulance Route in Rocky II Is Completely Baffling

Almost two years ago, I wrote a piece about the Rocky running route in Rocky II. It turned out Rocky’s montage run (when connected arbitrarily, by me) in the film was nearly a 50K — a number so incredible it led to its own entry on a Google search and an actual race tracing the route.

Recently, I re-watched the film again. As far as sequels catching you up on the original, Rocky II is a hoot: The first few minutes of the film are actually just the final few minutes of Rocky. What better way to start a sequel than to literally pick up where it left off!

When the original footage ends, though, things get weird.

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M. Night Shyamalan in Town Shooting Low-Budget “Microfilm” Sundowning

Feb. 25: "Out in the cold with our production designer."

Feb. 25: “Out in the cold with our production designer.”

A few weeks ago we reported that M. Night Shyamalan will re-team with Bruce Willis for the locally set film Labor of Love, but before he starts on that, the Philly director has a “microfilm” to get out of the way first.

Shyamalan’s Twitter feed has been all abuzz with news about a small-budget flick he’s filming in town called Sundowning, which only has a cast and crew of 10. suggests that Bruce Willis and Denzel Washington may make an appearance in it, but that’s not confirmed.

He started tweeting about it on Feb. 14, which, if you’ll remember, was in the midst of Winter Storm Pax. Here’s what we know about it so far:

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Two Films With Philly Ties Nominated for GLAAD Media Awards

The cast of "Geography Club," one of the films with Philly ties up for a GLAAD Media Award.

The cast of “Geography Club,” one of the films with Philly ties up for a GLAAD Media Award.

The 25th annual GLAAD Media Award nominees were announced yesterday. The list comprises a host of magazines, blogs, films, musicans etc … that “recognize and honor media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and the issues that affect their lives.” While I’m bummed G Philly wasn’t nominated for Most Amazing Awesome Fabulous Blog of the Year, I’m happy to see that at least two films with local ties made the cut.

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