Wildwood Boardwalk T-Shirt Update: What’s In, What’s Out

Summer is nearing its end. There’s about five weeks left until the solstice, but we all know the unofficial end of summer is what really matters. Labor Day isn’t even sneaking up on us: The stores are filled with Halloween candy. Bars are already stocking pumpkin beer for the messed-up people who think it’s okay to drink pumpkin-flavored things in August.

That means it’s time for an update! As part of Philly mag’s ongoing ownership of tacky Wildwood boardwalk T-shirt coverage, I headed down the shore this weekend. And it turned out the popular T-shirts have changed much since my last piece at the beginning of summer.

The biggest change at the shore, of course, is the dress code. There’s even a PSA:
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Keep Your Laws Out of My Wardrobe

“Pull your pants up!”

The simple refrain, ordinarily from the mouths of grandmothers, becomes more complicated as a government mandate or talking point from pundits.

While no longer the fashion du jour (it seems that most are opting to stay on-trend with skinny jeans) there is a lingering fixation to quell sagging pants as a means to alleviate all the bad behavior that supposedly comes with it.
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Steelers to Reprise Heinous Bumblebee Uniforms

One advantage the Eagles will have over the Steelers this year, at least for a game: team wardrobe. Reprising the very busy throwback 1930s yellow-and-black-striped unis they dug out of storage last year, Pittsburgh will again resemble bumblebees in 2013. Team president Art Rooney II says he’s still trying to work out details with the NFL to decide when to bust out the alternates. The NFL, in response, probably said: “Do you really want to do this?”

Image: Nflshop.com

Either they’re willingly committing fashion suicide or they’re filming a new version of The Longest Yard. [WTAE]

Allentown School District Bans Jeans, Cargo Pants

The Allentown School District will feature a new dress code next year. Regulations differ slightly for different age groups, but for high school kids, here’s the rule: No skinny jeans, no cargo pants. Yes polos, yes khakis. (Gray and navy blue shirts for one school; yellow and royal blue for another.)

See how happy they are?

But what happens if they disobey? The Morning Call has the scoop: A. Students won’t be allowed in their classrooms without proper attire B. They will face detention and/or suspension if they repeatedly refuse to wear their new uniforms. In a deliciously cruel punishment, they may also might be forced to maintain the school’s “uniform bank.”

This may sound a bit extreme, but any rule that bans cargo pants is a sound one. [Morning Call]

And the Bridal Party Wore Flip-Flops (Ugh)

I was at two weddings recently where most of the young women wore flip-flops all the way to walking into the ceremony, and then put on their six-inch stiletto-heel, platform-at-the-toe shoes, for the ceremony. They simply walked in carrying their $2.50 Old Navy flip-flops, clutched in the same hand as their special occasion beaded handbags. They switched back to their flip-flops as soon as they walked out of the ceremony.

Sure, I’ll look for any reason to feel superior to girls in their twenties in skin-tight sheaths, but I have to admit, this flip-flopping into flip-flops did not look hot, it looked, well, silly. Not to mention how they looked when trying to walk in their heels: stumble-staggering with their hips thrust too far forward or too far back, legs shaking a bit with each step, not sweet and endearing like a doe on new legs, but awkward and clumsy, like Lena Dunham at the Emmy’s. I snicker, in my Aerosole wedges, and tell myself that confidence and the ability to walk, are sexy. Read more »

Urban Outfitters Has a “Bogus” Plan to Hire More Women

Philly-based Urban Outfitters, which calls the Navy Yard home, has come under fire lately for having an all-male board. To solve that problem, CEO Richard Hayne has added one Margaret Hayne to the board. Margaret Hayne is Richard’s wife. And folks are not happy about that.

The state treasurer of Connecticut called Urban Outfitters’ proposal to add CEO Richard Hayne’s wife Margaret Hayne to its all-male board “cynical” and an “insult,” according to a statement by the New York and Connecticut state pension funds, the Catholic Sisters of Mercy, and the Calvert and Portico investment funds.

“Bogus,” added someone else. To add insult to injury, the Inquirer story that reported this called Urban a “women’s clothing chain.” Not into skinny jeans, eh? [Inquirer]

Michelle Obama Cut Off Her Bangs! (Or Did She?)

Today it was revealed to the world that FLOTUS Michelle Obama had sheared her controversial bangs.

Oh, but has she really? The Daily Beast’s Isabel Wilkinson says no, silly.

As anyone who has had bangs knows: they’re still on her head. Judging from photo evidence alone, Michelle’s bangs haven’t gone anywhere. They’re more grown-out than they used to be, sure, but she’s just parted her hair differently and is wearing them swept up rather than straight down over her forehead.

Oh. Sorry, we’re just all sort of on the scandal look-out these days.

Wet Seal Soaked for $7.5 Million in King of Prussia Race Case

In 2009, Nicole Cogdell was fired from her job as manager of the Wet Seal in the King of Prussia Mall shortly after she overheard a corporate VP tell one of her supervisors that she “wasn’t the right fit for the store” and that he “wanted someone with blonde hair and blue eyes.” Another black woman, who worked at the clothing store’s Cherry Hill and Center City locations, was told she’d be fired if she didn’t hire more white employees. One email from an exec even put it in starker terms: “African American [sic] dominate.” So, along with another plaintiff (all three are from Delaware County) they sued last summer.

And now they’ve won, as Wet Seal has agreed to pay out a $7.5 million settlement, most of which will go to current and former African-American store managers. The store is now promising to be more inclusive, etc., though that doesn’t actually mean you should shop there if you’re above the age of 17. [Philly.com]

Philly Writer Apologizes for Inventing the Word “Fashionista”

Stephen Fried, former editor of this magazine, has apologized to the world. For it was him, who in 1993, invented the word “fashionista.” Though the term is now often deployed to refer to any reasonably fashionable person, or any person at all connected in the fashion world, or barbies, Fried had a more specific meaning in mind. It first appeared in his 1993 book Thing of Beauty, about the infamous rise and fall of Philly-bred supermodel Gia Carangi.

There was no simple way to refer to all the people at a sitting for a magazine photo or print ad. I got tired of listing photographers, fashion editors, art directors, hairstylists, makeup artists, all their assistants, and models as the small army of people who descended on the scene.

By 1999, it appeared in the OED, and was being dissected in the New York Times Magazine. Then it received its official christening, when Donatella Versace used the term to describe herself. Read the original Philly Mag piece on which the book was based, published back in the ’80s, when riffing off “Sandinista” was a thing. [The Atlantic]


Joan Shepp Closing Walnut Street Boutique

Philadelphia women who want to look impeccably stylish, with just the right amount of edge, know who to call: Joan Shepp. Even willowy leading lady Anne Hathaway has shopped at 1616 Walnut Street, where Shepp has dressed the rich and famous since 1999, when she moved her Elkins Park shop to the more regal Rittenhouse location. But now, Shepp tells me that the Walnut Street boutique must close. Read more »

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