The Shoppist Gift List, Day 20: Barbour Tartan Dog Coat

Our discerning editors have culled the best-of-the-best gifts available in Philly. Each day until Christmas, we’ll unveil our 25 top gift picks to suit everyone on your list. Happy shopping!

Because you can’t overlook your canine friend—and because there are only so many bones one dog can have—there’s this: Barbour’s dapper tartan coat. It’s made of insulated nylon and has a corduroy collar and an adjustable strap that fastens around the body so pups stay toasty and comfortable. Prepare to have the best-dressed pooch in town.

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Field Guide: 5 Insanely Posh Dog Hotels


The cheery check-in area at What A Good Dog on the Main Line. | Photo by Jauhien Sasnou.

What A Good Dog // Frazer
Owner Mary Remer, who’s spent more than 30 years training dogs, believes socialization makes most canines happiest, so she designed her state-of-the-art, 18,000-square-foot facility around that concept. There are 20 play yards and five fields for small-group romping, a misting system for refreshing dogs, and an indoor agility course. Come sleepy-time, staffers match dogs to their neighbors by breed, age, sex and temperament to reduce anxiety. Overnight stays come with lots of time in the sun; you can also add one-on-one leash walks, games of catch, swimming lessons and straight-up cuddle time. go here for: Extra love and attention for your senior dog. // 295 Three Tun Road.

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No, Thanks, Really, I Don’t Want Another Dog


I wrote a story for the September issue of the magazine about some very nice dogs. I started working on the story back in February, so for a long time, whenever anyone asked me what I was writing, I would tell them about these dogs. This provided an opportunity for people who knew me to say, “So! I guess you’re thinking about getting another dog!”

This was especially true of my two kids, who, when they were growing up, frequently accused me of loving our dog more than I loved them. There was some truth to this. Homer, the collie/shepherd mix who shared our lives for 12 years, never once kept me waiting, never couldn’t find his shoes, never talked back, never got arrested. It’s been five years now since we had to have him put to sleep, and I guess that’s considered a suitable length of time for mourning, because suddenly everybody is convinced I must want another dog.

“Don’t you miss when we used to take Homer for walks?” my daughter Marcy will ask, apparently forgetting that she frequently had to be hauled out of the house kicking and screaming when it was time for those walks. “A dog would make it easier for you to make new friends,” my son Jake will say. He’s become convinced I need to “make some new friends your own age,” as he puts it, like I’m a socially inept sixth-grader and he’s the parent. He recently guilted me into paying $220 for a special tailgating parking pass at his college, to fulfill some fantasy he has of me clinking highball glasses with the parents of his football teammates before the games. But he’s not going to guilt me into getting another dog.

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It Is Perfectly Legal to Kill and Eat Dogs and Cats In Pennsylvania

A platter of cooked dog meat in China.

A platter of cooked dog meat in China.

You’ve probably been doing most of your dog and cat eating in secret, ashamed to admit that as much as your pet Fido or Chloe was fun in life, well, they were much, much tastier in death. But it turns out that it is perfectly legal for you to chow down on Schnauzer Stew and Cassoulet de Chat in most of the 50 Enlightened States of America, including Pennsylvania. But the cretins in our state legislature may be about to pull the plug on these socially forbidden delicacies. Read more »

Would You Try Pet Acupuncture on Your Pooch?



A few months back, I took my dog to her groomer and as I left her to get a blueberry facial (I know, I can’t believe my dog gets blueberry facials either) and a bath, I warned the groomer that she’d been licking her paw nonstop for a few days and it might be a bit sensitive. The groomer, who last time I checked had 10 dogs living under her roof—10!—mentioned that the licking could be an indication of pain and asked me if I’d ever tried pet acupuncture. I hadn’t, and if the suggestion had come from anyone else, I might’ve brushed it off as total nonsense. But this lady knows her dogs, so my interest was piqued.

Luckily, my dog’s paw-licking was a thing of the past, post-blueberry-filled bath (I guess a spa day was treatment enough), but my curiosity about pet acupuncture was still alive and well. Then, last week, I spotted an article on Slate slamming the practice of pet acupuncture, which made me even more curious about the controversial treatment. Intrigued, we decided to delve into a topic we rarely explore here on Be Well Philly: pet health.

We spoke with Philly-based animal acupuncturist and licensed veterinarian Christina Fuoco of Whole Animal Gym, who boasts some of the Philadelphia Zoo’s animals as patients, to get the lowdown on how the heck pet acupuncture works and how our furry friends can benefit from it.

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