The Drink Program for Petruce et al


We gave you a look inside Petruce et al earlier this week as they were preparing for tonight’s opening. And now we have Petruce’s opening drink list. A list that is particularly interesting with the dynamic duo of Tim Kweeder and George Costa.

The list includes classic cocktails as well as some interesting “new school” versions as well. A small but interesting wine selection is available by glass and bottle. Beers are available on draft as well as beer and bottle.

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Prep Day: Petruce et al, In Pictures


They just got the ovens lit up two days ago. Last night, they did the first menu test for the servers–which, according to Justin Petruce (who’s running this namesake joint, along with brother Jonathan) did not go smoothly.

“It was kind of a shitshow,” he laughs. Not everything on the menu worked. Not everything came out on the plate as good as it sounded on paper. So today, he’s tinkering. His brother is tinkering. The whole kitchen crew is tinkering–playing with the new, wood-burning ovens and adjusting the amount of black garlic that goes with the pork and getting turnips ready to go in the oven–while, down in the bar area, George Costa tries to get the POS system working, gives up and starts buffing and polishing the floors instead.

It’s a prep day at Petruce et al. With four days left before the first paying guests come through the door, the brothers are re-thinking the menu, worrying about an inspector that’s due any minute and looking ahead to tonight when, at 6pm, they’re going to be doing another dinner–friends and family this time–where the food has to be…well, better.

Still, even with all of this going on, they let me in to snap some photos of the space, the ovens, the supplies, the prep lists, and just generally get in everyone’s way. So you wanna get an idea of what Petruce is going to look like when it opens this Friday? Then just check out the photos after the jump.

Petruce et al, pre-opening photos

Petruce et al Now Accepting Reservations

petruce-et-al-logoThe sharp eyes over at Eater Philly noticed that Petruce et al–the multiply-delayed Walnut Street project from the Petruce brothers, Jonathan and Justin–is now accepting reservations through Open Table. The big day appears to be Friday, March 21.

And that seems about right. Most recently, the crew has been stymied by the installation of hoods and ventilation for the kitchen, but I’ve heard that this problem either is, or shortly will be, in the past. The team is hoping to fire up the kitchen some time in the next couple days to start testing things out in advance of the public opening next week. So here’s hoping this final leg of the marathon goes smoothly.

Oh, and for those of you out there who just have to be the first ones in to any new restaurant of note, I’d snag those Friday reservations now. People have been waiting a long time for this place, and there’s no saying how fast the tables will be snapped up.

Petruce et al Has Opened Up The Reservation Book [Eater]
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Tonight: Petruce et al Bar Pop-Up With George Costa At Lemon Hill

lemon-hill-bar Photo by Jason Varney

So Petruce et al is getting closer and closer, but the crew of all-stars they’re assembling still needs some space to practice. Which is why tonight, from 9pm til 2am, Petruce’s bar man, George Costa, will be behind the long oak at Lemon Hill to work out the kinks in his menu and test out his cocktails on all you guinea pigs willing drunks.

So get out to Lemon Hill tonight and get your sneak preview of what you’ll be drinking once Petruce gets the doors open later this month (hopefully).

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Petruce et al Assembling All-Star et al

petruce-et-al-logoPetruce et al is coming to 1121 Walnut this February. We’ve known that Jonathan and Justin Petruce were onboard. The brothers will be cooking together and utilizing the restaurant’s two wood-burning stoves. Today we learn more about the “et al.” Tim Kweeder is onboard as partner, general manager and wine director. Kweeder comes to Petruce after a time at as well as Moore Brothers Wine.

Also signing on is George Costa. Costa, who was a longtime institution at Southwark and Philadelphia’s best bartender at Pub & Kitchen will be the beverage director and guarantee Petruce et al will have a solid cocktail program.

Petruce et al [Foobooz]

Foobooz Open Stove XVIII: Hands Up, Knives Down


So last week, before all the madness of the Thanksgiving holiday (and all its attendant drinking and regrets), we threw a little party of our own. It was just us, twenty or so of our nearest and dearest, and two of the best sous chefs in the city who’d come together for one night only at COOK to battle it out for Thanksgiving supremacy.

Our competitors were Chuck Formoso who possesses a formidable Ron Swanson mustache and will soon be behind the stoves at the forthcoming Petruce et al and Keith Krajewski, who was once kicked out of the CIA (the cooking one, not the other one) but didn’t let that stop him from becoming sous chef at Marigold Kitchen. Despite us saddling them with all manner of questionable Turkey Day staples (like bagged stuffing, fried onions and canned cranberry sauce), and, at one point, making the chefs stop cooking entirely so that their assistants had to finish dishes in their stead, both teams came up with some spectacular plates. Granted, a liberal application of pumpkin vodka and mystery beers to the crowd might’ve helped a little, but if you click through the jump and check out some of what we got to eat last week, I think you’ll agree that both sides handled themselves with skill and brought honor to their houses.

Of course, at the end, only one man could claim victory…

Show me the pictures already…

Sneak Preview: November At Cook

Open Stove

November is the best month of the year. That’s not an opinion, that’s fact. The city looks prettier, the people look nicer, the food even tastes better. My birthday is on the 5th of it, and 23 days later, I get to eat a lot of turkey. It’s really the best month.

It’s looking to be an awesome month for COOK, too. Very Thanksgiving-y, and rightfully so. Rachel Klein (Miss Rachel’s Pantry) is serving up a Vegan Thanksgiving, while Laura Frangiosa (The Avenue Delicatessen) is whipping up a Jewish Thanksgiving, and I have no idea what either of those mean, but it’s exciting. Also, there’s an inside-look at what the Petruce brothers are bringing to Walnut Street and yet another installment of our Foobooz Open Stove Night which, coming as close to Thanksgiving as it does, promises to be a total drunken disaster totally awesome.

Check out the full schedule after the jump and be ready to buy some tickets this Friday, October 4th, at 2 pm.

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Petruce Brothers Opening Petruce et al on Walnut


Michael Klein is reporting that brother chefs Justin and Jonathan Petruce have signed a lease at 1121 Walnut Street. The brothers have both worked as sous chefs at the dearly departed Mémé and Justin was the highly regarded chef de cuisine at Fish while Jonathan was a Restaurant M and Little Fish.

The restaurant, Petruce et al will focused around two wood-burning ovens. Check out Klein’s column for another fun coincidence about the space.

Brothers opening Petruce et al on Walnut Street [The Insider]