What They’re Saying About The Eagles


Photo By Jeff Fusco

Photo By Jeff Fusco

Here’s what the media are saying about the Eagles this week:

Kelly’s tenure in Philadelphia continues to be polarizing, but he deserves another year to flesh out his ideas, writes Yahoo! Sports’s Charles Robinson.

The Philadelphia Eagles are giving the one-or-the-other argument plenty of ammunition in 2015. One moment the Eagles are getting plowed under in losses to the Detroit Lions or Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the next they’re beating the defending champion New England Patriots on the road. So the pendulum of opinion swings – Chip is the next Steve Spurrier, Chip is the next Jimmy Johnson.

Neither is a fair estimate at this point. Forty-five meaningful games have passed and it’s still too early to say what Kelly is, good, terrible or mediocre. Nearing the final stretch of his third season, Kelly has lived inside all three of those boxes. Determining which represents him best requires a larger sample size. And that means one thing at this point for ownership: making the correct determination on Kelly means letting this season and next play out.

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Peter King Q&A: “Chip Kelly Will Admit That Is An Issue”

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Peter King has been to 16 different training camps so far this offseason. T-Mac and I have been to one. So the MMQB Editor-in-Chief is one of the best people to compare the Eagles to other teams across the league. He visited NovaCare today and we asked him about their playoff chances, the team’s biggest question marks and more.

What did you think about Sam Bradford today?

“What I thought was really interesting about Bradford is that he’s not playing with a brace. I asked him about it and he goes, ‘Hey, I got hurt with a brace on it so why should I use the brace? It didn’t help me stay healthy so I’m not going to use the brace anymore.’ I thought Bradford was efficient. I was impressed mechanically with Tim Tebow; he looked different, he looked smoother. Sanchez had a beautiful deep throw today; Barkley looked good too. It’s all going to come down to how they play in the preseason games, but it looks like they could have an interesting choice at quarterback.” Read more »

King Predicts Eagles Will Trade Up For Mariota

Robert Hanashiro / USA Today

Robert Hanashiro / USA Today

Peter King’s first mock draft of the season will only fuel the Marcus Mariota-to-Philly hype.

King takes a shot at predicting how the first 15 picks will play out. He has Chip Kelly moving into the No. 5 spot to grab his quarterback.

Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon

*Trade: Washington gets Philadelphia’s first- and second-round picks this year, and first- and fourth-round picks in 2016. Washington could be moving from five to 20 in the first round by doing this deal, with GM Scot McCloughan scoring points with his new boss for not giving away the store in a trade, but rather acquiring the store. This has so many poetic points to it. The Eagles gave Donovan McNabb to Washington a few Easters ago; now Washington would be giving a longer-term quarterback, theoretically, to Chip Kelly. Kelly would be reunited with the quarterback he recruited out of a Hawaii high school and helped make a star in college football. It just feels right, though Howie Roseman will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into giving up so much draft capital for a player with some question marks.

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Kelly: The Worst Thing About the NFL Is…

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Peter King was in Philadelphia over the weekend as part of his training camp travels for Monday Morning Quarterback. He sat down with Chip Kelly while he was in town, and called his time with the head coach “the most impressive 20 minutes I spent in Week 1 on the Training Camp Tour.”

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Peter King Weighs In On the Eagles

Peter King is on his annual training camp tour, and he stopped by the NovaCare Complex Sunday to check in on Chip Kelly and the Eagles.

Kelly’s notes and observations turned into the lead for his Monday Morning Quarterback column on TheMMQB.com:

My simplest question to Kelly, back inside the NovaCare Complex after practice: “Why run it this way?’’

The Eagles imported Kelly from Oregon in January, and he quickly began to change things all over the facility, and in the locker room. His reign, I believe, will be the most interesting college-to-pro transition since Jimmy Johnson went from the University of Miami to Dallas in 1989. Lots of new thoughts from Johnson then, and from Kelly now.

King also chimed in on the Riley Cooper situation and discovered that Kelly sought Tony Dungy for guidance on how to handle it. Dungy’s son, Eric, played for Kelly and is still at Oregon.

“I told him to trust his instincts,’’ Dungy said Sunday night, reached in Canton before working the Dallas-Miami preseason game for NBC. “He can use this as a teaching moment, and his decision could pull this team together.’’

Three years ago, Dungy recalled Sunday night, “Chip could have kicked [LeGarrette] Blount to the curb. He chose to believe in him. And it worked out. With Riley Cooper, this kid made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. The big issue, too, is the alcohol. That has to be dealt with. But Chip will make the right decision. He doesn’t care what the popular opinion. He cares about what’s right.”

Tim linked to this in the morning, but King Tweeted that he would not be shocked if the Eagles ended up being one of the league’s surprise team:

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: A King’s Thoughts On Reid and Vick

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy ReidPeter King had some interesting things to say about the Eagles during an interview with 97.5 The Fanatic Wednesday, including his thoughts on Andy Reid‘s job security and potentially pulling the plug on the Michael Vick era.

King, much like the coach’s agent, doesn’t see Reid going anywhere barring a major collapse.

“I think unless they have a disastrous season, or a 6-10 season and Foles comes in and looks bad, I’d be surprised if they fired Andy almost no matter what happens,” said King.

Reid has just one more year remaining on his contract. Jeffrey Lurie will be asked all about this situation when he meets with reporters Thursday for his annual State of the Team address.

As for the fate of Vick….

“I think especially if Vick goes down and they have to play 10 games or whatever with Nick Foles, I think at some point you have to say, ‘Look, this grand experiment with Vick, we’ve got to rethink that, and we have to think about doing something else at quarterback,'” said King.

The dean of NFL sports writers gave his opinion on Foles as well.

“What really impressed me with Foles when I saw him last week against Cleveland: There was the rollout pass where he held it, held it, held it,  and finally at the last second found Brent Celek, that’s an NFL play right there,” said King. “Foles looks to me significantly more composed and more ready to play than you think a third-rounder should be.”


Sheil took a final stab at  projecting the 53-man roster. He is holding firm to 11 defensive linemen making the cut. Maybe he’s right. What he’s not right about is the punter situation, as Mat McBriar is on the verge of being cut, according to his agent.

As Friday’s final cuts move closer, some of the biggest intrigue surrounds the quarterback puzzle. Here’s a case for why Trent Edwards now has an edge over Mike Kafka to secure the No. 3 position.

Good news: A CEO has guaranteed that Vick will not get injured this season. We can all breathe easy now.

At Brian Westbrook‘s retirement press conference, we heard the story of an unusual workout that helped sell the Eagles on the Villanova back.


Kerry Byrne over at SI.com gave statististical storylines that each team in the NFL will have to fight against. Here’s what he had to say about Reid’s group.

The Eagles are a pretty easy team to decipher: they’ll succeed if Vick stays healthy. They’ll fail if he’s injured. That knowledge certainly must keep Eagles fans up at night.

The fragile Vick has played just one full season in his entire career, back in 2006. He missed five games for the Eagles in 2010, and three more last year. The Eagles are 15-9 when he starts and 3-5 when he does not.

Dan Graziano has a breakdown of the Giants’ preseason finale against the Patriots. Hakeem Nicks got some work and had one catch for six yards in limited action.

Vick offers a review of “Madden 13.” With a rating of 89 out of 100, he believes he’s underrated.


The Eagles wrap up preseason play with a 6:30 home tilt against the Jets. Foles will get the start and Edwards will play the final three quarters. Lurie will give his annual address at 4 p.m. at Lincoln Financial Field.