The New, Weird, Fabulous Ways to Wear Brooches


Bring on the pin. | Images via Nordstrom and Modern Kiddo.

A few years ago, I took to wearing a cluster of vintage brooches on everything: sweaters, dresses, t-shirts, clutches. After a while I grew tired of the look — and the pinholes I poked in everything. Now my exceedingly vast brooch collection languishes in a Lucite box in our living room so I can still see my treasures, even if I don’t wear them. (In fact, the only one that gets any play is a tiny vintage rhinestone star brooch which I leave on the pocket of my Madewell chambray button-down, a pinprick of sparkle that differentiates it from the 19 other chambray button-downs you’ll see in the Philly Mag offices on a given day.)

But now the brooch is back in a big way, turning up in unexpected places like the cuff of a pair of jeans or clipped to a belt loop. Yesterday, I stumbled upon photos of the shoes that stomped down Céline’s latest runway show: painfully prim square-toed shoes with a disarmingly long toe-box and a low stacked heel. They were rather nondescript — even a tad ugly— except for the pairs that featured a spangly spray of rhinestones and pearls, huge antique brooches that hung like fringe at the sides of the shoe or that burst with wild abandon from the toe.  Read more »

My Style Dilemma: Am I a Cool-Girl Minimalist Or a Wacky Maximalist?


My maximal to minimal(ish) looks.

As a lifestyle and shopping editor in her early thirties, I feel pressured to have a distinct, set-in-stone style. I should wear only one color, all the time (like Knit Wit’s Ann Gitter), or I should be a reliable wackadoo, wearing ostrich feathers and sequined visors on Septa. My closet should be a tightly edited collection of painfully cool Rick Owens pieces, sort of like Vera Wang and everyone who works for her. A particularly great street-style photo should not sway me, nor should glossy magazine (or equally glossy online) profiles of Very Stylish Women. I should look at these and think, “That is very nice, and they are very stylish, but that is not My Style.”

But here’s my dirty little secret: They do sway me. And as I near my mid-thirties, I feel as if I should be inconvertibly unswayable.

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9 Best-Dressed at Indochino’s Opening Party

Best Dressed Indochino 2

All photos by HughE Dillon.

Last week, Philly Mag’s resident pap HughE Dillon went to the grand opening party of Indochino, a Canadian custom menswear store that has opened a brick-and-mortar showroom at 1606 Chestnut Street.

Dillon’s pics included plenty of well-dressed guests, but a few partygoers stood out to me for various sartorial reasons (clockwise from left):

Best Neckwear: Brandon Wycha and Al Lee. (I also give them props for use of pockets. Who really knows what to do with your hands when someone takes a picture of you? Anyone? And Al wins for best adorably cheesy grin.)

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I Wrote Down Everything I Bought For One Year


Some of the buys that made my list.

In December of 2013, I issued myself a challenge. For one calendar year, I’d keep track of every single apparel item and accessory I bought. The idea came to me as I did my annual pre-new-year closet purge, a very serious affair that is as cathartic as it is enlightening.

As I sorted a mountain of clothes into Toss, Donate and Consign bags, I realized that my shopping habits were creating the sort of closet I didn’t want to have: one that was reasonably packed but not ‘thoughtful’ or ‘curated’ or ‘edited’ or any of those other buzzwords that fashionable people cling to. My walk-in is a whirl of colors, ruffles, fur, kimonos and caftans and is quite obviously lacking in anything that could be remotely considered practical. For every fantastic piece—a pair of gorgeous silk pants by The Row—there was an equally forgettable item—a pair of polyester-heavy pants by BCBG. I loved most of my things, but not all of them.

I’ve long recognized that my shopping modus operandi is pure impulsivity. I buy things when I am very happy, or very sad, or very bored. I buy most things when I feel a very particular sort of pang in my chest. The problem is that I get this pang over things that are appropriate for a life that I don’t actually live, i.e. a gigantic neon green Roksanda Ilincic ball-gown skirt that I had to own but have still never worn because one doesn’t wear neon green ball-gown skirts to places like work or CVS or Acme.

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10 Street-Style Inspirations For Your Chicest 2015


Fun with clothes. | Photos via Stockholm Street Style, Street Peeper, Victoria Adamson, Pandora Sykes, Advanced Style.

It’s easy to fall into a style rut. Take this opportunity to ditch your weight-loss resolutions and replace them with style resolutions. Whether your goal is to wear more color, learn how to play with prints, or simply to become more sartorially brave, here are 10 highly inspiring looks that are giving us ideas for how to mix it up and broaden our style horizons this year.

Ready to start playing with fashion? Use these looks and tips as a start to a whole new you. (And then toss your bathroom scale for good measure.)

See all here.

Market Report: 5 Style Resolutions For Your Chicest Year Ever


  • These five simple style resolutions will help you upgrade and polish your look for 2015. And who doesn’t want that? [WhoWhatWear]
  • Because this is just plain fun: Here are the worst looks of 2014. (We’re looking at you, Kim K.) [Go Fug Yourself
  • Consider this your ultimate beauty bucket list: 21 treatments, tricks and products you have to try before you die, including why that $100 hair brush is actually totally worth it. [Refinery29]

Up next: What it’s really like to get eyeliner permanently tattooed on your face.

10 Unexpected Ways To Style a Turtleneck


Turtlenecks get a bad rap. But, really, a thin black turtleneck is the equivalent of a basic white tee; it’s chic perfection with a simple pencil skirt or jeans. And with a little bit of layering know-how and sartorial bravado, you can make it work with just about anything—even your favorite strapless cocktail dress. Here are 26 looks to steal now, broken down into 10 main styling tricks. Have fun!

See ‘em all here!

A Day In The Life With DesignPhiladelphia’s Co-Founder Hilary Jay

If anyone knows all about the coolest stuff in the city, it’s Hilary Jay. Ten years ago, Jay brought DesignPhiladelphia to life, and the weeklong design festival remains one of the most inspiring events of the season. (It goes through Friday, so if you haven’t yet been to one of DP’s many workshops, pop-ups, studio tours or lectures, click here to find one to attend. You won’t be sorry.)  Jay is one of my favorite people to have coffee with, partly because she’s got the wickedest sense of humor—it’s dry as toast—and because, more often than not, she’s uncovered some fantastic gem in the city, be it a new studio, store, designer or craftsperson. Here are the people, places and things that inspire her, from a magical secret garden/outdoor kitchen to her pitbull, Daisy.



Photography by Courtney Apple.

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