Skeem’s Gorgeous Spring Collection Is Now Available Online


If you, like us, have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Skeem’s extended spring collection, we’ve got exciting news: it’s here! To rehash the deets, the collection includes a smattering of new candles in scents like white tea and thyme, currant mangosteen, citrus and olive, and grapefruit zest scents. Plus, there are perfectly whimsical new styles in their retro-inspired matches and half pint candles. We promise the blissful, refreshing scents will carry you through the winter.

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The 13 Best Perfumes to Wear Post-Workout (or Post-Shopping-Jaunt)

PerfumesConfession: I have kept perfume that I don’t even wear (or even particularly like) simply because I dig the bottle. Hey, as we’ve shown, perfume displays can totally add style to any room—even the bathroom. But when you’re coming straight from a workout (or, ahem, a midday shopping jaunt that takes you waaay across town—er, sorry, boss!) you need a spritz of something that doesn’t overpower but still takes away that post-workout stench. Sister blog Be Well Philly to the rescue! They talked to 13 local fitness pros (yeah, these people actually sweat for a living) to find out which scents they turn to to freshen up after a sweat sesh. Bonus? Most of their picks will look pretty lovely on sitting on your countertop, too. You know, in case you care about that stuff. (Yes, we care about that stuff.)

See the 13 fitness-instructor-approved perfumes right here.

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13 Post-Workout Perfumes Philly Fitness Pros Love

perfumes montage

We’ve all been there: You’re basking in the post-workout glow, still dripping with sweat, as you ride the bus or train home from the gym. Then you smell something rancid and think to yourself, “I don’t understand people who don’t wear deodorant,” only to realize that, YIKES, THAT SMELL IS COMING FROM YOU.

On the one hand, this smell is a badge of honor: You’ve sweated your brains out, torched some serious calories, and totally earned it. But on the other hand, well … that stench is nasty, girl.

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Slideshow: The Pretty Perfume Displays Of 8 Stylish Philadelphians


Perfume bottles are like jewelry: They look just as lovely as they smell (or, as our photography director discovered, they look deceivingly lovely, and the scent itself is actually pretty nasty). I’ve always felt that looking at someone’s perfume display is a bit like looking at her underwear drawer: It’s super-personal, and it instantly tells you about a person. (Brazilian bikini briefs or granny panties? Essential oils or Chanel No. 5?) So I asked a few of the most stylish women I know to show me their perfume displays, and to dish on what they wear, why they love it, and what else they’ve got on their vanities. Keep reading for the scent stories of eight of Philly’s coolest women.

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So This is What Gaga Smells Like

Lady Gaga‘s new ad – make that “mini film” – for her fragrance Fame (said to to be inspired by blood and, um, semen) looks more like one of her elaborate music videos than the average perfume commercial. The 35-second clip’s not only produced by Ridley Scott, but it’s directed by Steven Klein – the same guy responsible for her “Alejandro” video. Here, the pop star rises from a black bath (what is it with Gaga and rebirth anyway?) as she takes charge of an army of hunks. Wonder what Madonna thinks of all this?

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Fame by Lady Gaga - is the packaging "Gaga" enough?