Federal Donuts Is Giving Away Fried Chicken for Life


Saturday, July 6th is National Fried Chicken Day and Federal Donuts is celebrating. Its Center City and Pennsport stores will be giving away ten golden tickets to chicken buyers. The tickets will entitle bearers to a prizes like t-shirts, complimentary coffee beans and for one very lucky person, free fried chicken for life (one complimentary order of fried chicken weekly for the remainder of their life).

So get to either location this Saturday at 11 a.m. and hope that your order of fried chicken will be accompanied by a golden ticket.

Federal Donuts [Official Site]

Photo by Mike Persico

Renderings of Townhomes to Replace St. John the Evangelist at 3rd and Reed

Yet another house of worship goes the way of all Philly churches: this time, it’s St. John the Evangelist at Third and Reed, which cannot withstand the power of the wrecking ball. Hidden City Daily broke the story that a developer purchased it quickly after closure to demolish it and use the land for town homes. When Naked Philly wrote about the demolition, a commenter bemoaned the church’s fate:

I had my first communion, confirmation and first wedding in this church. My family was a active member for years. I remember holiday shows, Bingos, Easter services, the Christmas Bazaar, fundraising shows that I participated in, my grandparents funerals……all of the truly important events in my life happened at this church. I wish I had known it was coming down, I would have asked to maybe take some of the glassware or stained glass windows. My father served on the alter and I was in the children’s chior. I loved this church….I am truly saddened to see it go.

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The Industry Makes Potato Skins a Permanent Addition


The Industry has updated its menu for spring and is including my potato skins from their Food Writers menuArt’s Potato Skins are Idaho potatoes topped with Brooklyn Lager and cheddar cheese sauce, bacon bits and crème fraiche. An order is $8 and I of course, highly recommend them. Also appearing on chef Pat Szoke’s spring menu:

  • Salt and Vinegar ChicharronesClams and Sausage, with Linguica sausage, fingerlings, tomato, scallion, shallots and a grilled baguette
  • Sweet Corn Arepas, with mole, asparagus, snap peas, radish, and cotija cheese
  • Mediterranean Salad made with watercress, Napa cabbage, radicchio, arugula, feta, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, crispy chickpeas and served with a red wine vinaigrette

The beverage list has also been enhanced for spring » 

The Industry Unveils Food Writers’ Menu – Vote for the Potato Skins


Photo by Danya Heninger | Zagat

The Industry in Pennsport has unveiled a new food writers’ menu of dishes designed with the help of  local food writers. Yours truly was among those asked to participate and after much consternation, I suggested beery potato skins. Potato skins have been a crusade for me for some time and chef Pat Szoke has created the spud that will bring potato skins back to the forefront. These beauties are baked with beer-and-cheddar sauce, bacon bits, house-made bacon powder and topped with creme fraiche. The potato skins along with the other writers’ items will only be available for a limited time, though the most popular will get a permanent spot on the restaurant’s menu.

The Food Writers’ menu and schedule »

Ugly American Has Closed After Five Years

Ugly American - Photo by Ryan Charles

The Ugly American, which opened in November 2007 has closed. Last night was the the final one for the Pennsport bar that once boasted white table cloths and Koo Zee Doo’s David Gilberg and Carla Goncalves in the kitchen. In recent years it has been much more the neighborhood bar with Thursday night quizzo being one of  the big nights for the bar.

What’s next remains to be seen.

Ugly American [Official Site]

Photo by Ryan Charles

Industry’s Pat Szoke Preparing Tasting Brunch at James Beard House

Ghost of Mary

Tasting menus with beverage pairings are popping up all over the place. They pose as creative outlets for awesome chefs trying to add some pizazz to their routine lives of menu classics. They provide insight into the chef’s mind and palate, and at the same time, create a unique dining experience for the customer enjoying them. It’s tug-o-war, a mini game of cat and mouse, encompassed by a coursed out menu of food and drink, and we’ve all come to love it.

There have been Thai tasting menus, and high-end collaborative tasting menus, but I’ve never seen a tasting menu/beverage pairing come out before 5 p.m. That is, until Sunday, March 3rd, at the James Beard House in New York, where Pat Szoke will be cooking up a mighty fine brunch, beverage pairings included.

The Menu »

The Industry Is Offering Restaurant Week Relief


The Industry’s owners Dave GarryHeather Gleason and chef Pat Szoke will be dedicating their staff meals and drink specials to all hospitality employees who are working during Center City District Restaurant Week. But you don’t have to have a restaurant job to take advantage these specials named things like “Only Two Weeks to Go” and “Is It Over Yet?”

So head in to the Pennsport bar and share a war story.

Chef Szoke’s menu will include »

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