Trinity Tuesday: A Little Something Extra in Pennsport

1105 S. Bodine St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19147 | TREND Images via RE/MAX Access

1105 S. Bodine St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19147 | TREND Images via RE/MAX Access

What a difference 200 or so square feet can make.

That extra floor space turns a standard trinity into a potential show piece with room for more than eating and sleeping.

Take this up-to-date, handsome trinity on a quiet Pennsport street, for instance. Extra space tacked on at the back gives this classic of the genre features you often don’t find in trinities. Read more »

Trinity Tuesday: Rested and Refreshed in Queen Village

1023-A E. Moyamensing Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 19147 | TREND Images via Houwzer Team

1023-A E. Moyamensing Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 19147 | TREND Images via Houwzer Team

We could feature many of the trinities in this weekly feature in our First-Time Finds department as well, as they are usually very reasonably priced. But if we did, we’d soon run out of trinities to feature. So, as usual, we’re offering for your consideration this week a beautifully maintained, up-to-date and surprisingly roomy trinity at a price that should fit almost any budget.

Like most trinities, this home near Queen Village’s border with Pennsport dates to the 19th century. But thanks to a complete rebuild in 1960 plus subsequent remodeling and upgrades, it feels almost like new. The remodeling jobs were sensitively carried out, however, so that much of this home’s original charm shines through. Read more »

Final Two Night Market Locations Announced for 2016

The Food Trust announces its final two destinations for 2016.

The Food Trust announces its final two destinations for 2016.

The Food Trust has just announced the locations for the final two Night Markets of 2016. Both are new locations for Night Market. On Thursday, September 1st, food trucks, other vendors and Chill Moody will descend to “Under 95” at Front and Snyder in Pennsport.

On Thursday, October 6th, the Food Trust will go past I-95 and set up at the Navy Yard. Be sure to mark your calendars now for both dates.

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Breakfast of Champions: The Dutch Reviewed



The Dutch | Photo by Emily Teel

Breakfast is the last great, untouched frontier. Of all the meals available to us (lunch, dinner, supper, elevenses, fourthmeal, midnight snacks, etc.), breakfast is the most pure, the most un-fuck-with-able. No one in his right mind tries to innovate during breakfast. No one tries to dazzle you with technical wizard-powers or supply lines to long-lost fruits and vegetables. Breakfast is toast and jelly. Coffee. Pancakes. Eggs and bacon. Waffles in all their myriad glories. It is, occasionally, oatmeal. Complicated (but comforting) pastries. Half a grapefruit doused in Wild Turkey. Whatever.

I love congee and chilaquiles as much as anyone, but Americans own breakfast the way the French do dinner. We have stolen all the great ideas ever had about breakfast and made them our own. Americans are so good at breakfast that our canon doesn’t extend merely to regional variations, but to social, religious, economic and historic ones as well. The trucker’s breakfast is a thing. The yoga breakfast. The camp breakfast. The Lutheran pancake social or Continental or Southerner’s petit déjeuner. Breakfast knows no bounds save temporal. And brunch? Well, brunch doesn’t even have those rules to adhere to. Brunch laughs at the notion of rules.

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First Look: South Helm


Cooking is hard.

It’s hard because it takes incredible skill, talent, and tenacity to climb the ladder of the kitchen. It’s hard because it requires long hours in an uncomfortable working environment for not a lot of money. And it’s hard because kitchens are a powder keg of both ambition and stress. But one reason that it’s hard, not as visible as those above, is the fact that cooking the same dishes over and over again is just boring.

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South Helm Is Now Open


South Helm’s doors are now open

The awaited sequel to Helm officially opened its doors on June 3rd.

Located at 100 Morris Street, South Helm is Michael Griffiths’s and Kevin D’Egidio’s second restaurant. General manager of Helm, Justin Manne, will also be heading up operations at South Helm. The team opened Helm just over a year ago, and they are on a roll.

A preview of their menu posted on Instagram teases at the dishes they will be offering and tops out at $14. Just like Helm, the menu will rotate and change week to week with farm-to-table specials. Griffiths said not to expect anything over $16 on the menu.

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Trinity Tuesday: Up on the Roof in Pennsport

1231 S. 3rd St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19147 | TREND Images via Keller Williams Realty Tri-County

1231 S. 3rd St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19147 | TREND Images via Keller Williams Realty Tri-County

A common conundrum that apparently faced the owners of trinity homes back when they were new was: Okay, where do we put the kitchen? Two standard answers emerged over time: If the trinity had a basement, it got stuck downstairs. If it didn’t, an ell attached to the back did the trick.

Those kitchen ells sometimes morphed into extra space on the upper floors as well, as appears to be the case with this completely renovated trinity in Pennsport. What’s more, some of that extra space is outdoors, on the top floor. Read more »

First Look: The Dutch


Johncarl Lachman and Lee Styer are going Dutch on Pennsport’s hottest new daytime destination. The pair’s sunny new collaboration, located in the space that briefly housed Andrew Michaels’ Fourth & Cross, is cozy yet contemporary, as natural a fit as though it had been custom built for them. While their collective endeavors of Fond, Noord, and Neuf are much beloved destinations for candlelit dinners, breakfast and lunch are the offerings at The Dutch.

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Trinity Tuesday: An Expanded Trinity in Pennsport

The kitchen and living room at 1105 S Bodine St.

The kitchen and living room at 1105 S. Bodine St. | TREND Images via Keller Williams Realty Center City

Part of the allure of trinity houses is the location. Many of them were built in small alleyways and intimate neighborhoods where you can squeeze in a bunch of tiny houses. Most trinities are on secondary streets and can feel slightly removed from busy city thoroughfares. This week’s trinity, located on South Bodine Street in Pennsport, has that same allure. The tree-lined street has easy access to all of Pennsport, and even comes with permit-free street parking. Read more »

Trinity Tuesday: A Pennsport Home in a Prime Spot

1114 S Bodine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19147

1114 S. Bodine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19147 | TREND Images via BHHS Fox & Roach

With the Phillies having had their home opener against the Padres yesterday at a sun-washed Citizens Bank Park, one of the cardinal rules of baseball as well as real estate came to mind when looking at this week’s trinity—location is key. Just like an Aaron Nola 2-2 fastball, the defining feature of this house is where it is located…and it’s a strikeout on the black. Situated in Pennsport, it’s right near Jefferson Square Park, Washington Avenue and Delaware Avenue. It is close to Penn’s Landing and has public transportation nearby as well. Read more »

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