The Man Behind the Irish Bus Bomb from The Layover

Molly Eichel of the Philadelphia Daily News tracked down Brendan Bownes, the man who downed the Irish Bus Bomb at the Pen & Pencil during Anthony Bourdain’s Philadelphia episode of The Layover. Why was Bownes at the Pen & Pencil that day? Well of course he was on stop 15 of a bar crawl.
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Pen & Pencil Gets a Facelift

Pulitzer Prize winning Jim MacMillan snagged some photos of the just refurbished Pen & Pencil Club. The country’s oldest press club has gotten a thorough sprucing up that includes new art work, all-new bar furniture, Internet jukebox and two flat-screen TVs.

We’re more than just a little freaked that natural light can get into the P&P. We also worry that maybe it has always been that way and we just were in no condition to notice.

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Photo by Jim MacMillan