Where We’re Eating: The Good King Tavern

the-good-king-tavern-philadelphia-squareThe neighborhood let out a collective groan when, over the summer, Chick’s announced that it was closing. But the good news came with its replacement, The Good King Tavern—this excellent little brasserie with chef Paul Lyons (a graduate of Barbuzzo and Jamonera) in the kitchen. Fans of Chick’s cocktail program will be pleased to know that the list here features drinks like the Sazerac, Aviation and French 75, and there’s a wine list filled with relative bargains. Lyons’s menu is small and unambitious, but that’s okay. The octopus will make you forget about neighboring Dmitri’s, and the substantial $15 steak frites is understandably an early hit. And when your server tries to sell you on the crispy chickpea flatbread as a starter, just say yes. 

The Good King Tavern [Foobooz]

First appeared in the February, 2014 issue of Philadelphia magazine.

New Life for the Old Chick’s Social


Over on the Insider, they’re reporting that the former home of Chick’s Social is going French.

Father and daughter team, Bernard and Chloe Grigri, are moving in, renaming the place The Good King Tavern, and hoping to open in October with an Alsatian tavern menu and feel. One very interesting thing they have going for them? Their chef, Paul Lyons. He was chef de cuisine at Barbuzzo and Jamonera, then jumped over to Morgan’s Pier to work as c-de-c for his buddy George Sabatino.

The Good King Tavern Replacing Chick’s [Insider]

An Inside Look At Morgan’s Pier


Sous-vide cheeseburgers, hand-made tofu, a full-on vegetarian menu, ice cream sandwiches and a backyard barbecue vibe? Hell, yeah.

Over on the Zagat blog, Danya Henninger gets a look behind the scenes at Morgan’s Pier–now preparing for its scheduled May 9 opening under exec chef George Sabatino and chef de cuisine Paul Lyons. She talks to the young gentlemen about the staggering size of the place, the rapidly approaching opening date and how the menu is shaping up, then makes it out with a few pictures of the work in progress.

Of course, if you want to see a whole bunch more pictures, just check out Sabatino’s instagram, where he’s documenting much of the run-up to the opening.

Morgan’s Pier Sneak Preview [Zagat]



George Sabatino To Morgan’s Pier For The Summer


“The first time I saw the place, all I could think was, ‘This is fucking bad ass’.”

That’s George Sabatino, the very-recently-ex chef of Stateside, talking about his newly-announced gig as chef at Morgan’s Pier. And the bad-assery to which he’s referring? That’s not the space (the size of which frightens him more than a little). That’s not the view (which is lovely on a summer evening). No, it’s the kitchen. The huge, fully-outfitted kitchen which is just so much bigger than anything he’s become accustomed to that he can’t wait to get in there and just start playing around.

“Dude, do you have any idea what I’ll be able to do there?”

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Collaborative Dinner at Stateside

Stateside’s George Sabatino and Jamonera chef de cuisine Paul Lyons are collaborating on a late summer tasting dinner at Stateside on Tuesday, August 28th. The seven-course dinner costs $55 per person and feature dishes like smoked corn soup, grilled French cut black bass and roasted torchon of lamb saddle.

There are three seatings, 5:30, 7:30 and 9:30. Make your reservations now and be on the look out for the optional drink pairings that should be finalized this week.

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