Someone Made Incredible, Weird, Awful Songs About Pat Toomey and Bob Casey

Yesterday I came across a song by a group called Papa Razzi and the Photogs that had a curious title. “Song About Pat Toomey, Believer in American Values, Etc.” was a 1-minute-26 second-ditty that called him “good ol’ Pat Toomey” and vaguely touted his political qualifications. Papa Razzi, whose vocalist sounds like a country/folk bar singer and also kind of like Pee-wee Herman occasionally, doesn’t really go very deep on anything about Pat Toomey at all: He believes in the constitution, he believes in democracy, he represents Pennsylvania and he loves the country.

I figured it was an an attempt by a Pennsylvania singer-songwriter to help out the campaign he supported and get some attention, but it’s not. This song came out in 2014! What gives? Read more »

The (Too?) Careful Candidate: Inside Katie McGinty’s Senate Run

Photography by Will Figg

Photography by Will Figg

I have been getting some pretty weird emails from Senator Pat Toomey’s reelection campaign lately. There’s an anxious, almost desperate quality to them.

“Can’t sleep” was the subject of one from late June, which arrived a few hours shy of an important fund-raising deadline.

“Had to email you,” said another.

“Running out of time.”

“please … ” Read more »

Anti-Gun Violence Advocate Gabby Giffords Endorses Pat Toomey


Gabby Giffords (courtesy of her Facebook page), left, Pat Toomey (Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP), right

An anti-gun violence PAC led by U.S. Representative Gabby Giffords announced its endorsement of Republican Senator Pat Toomey yesterday.

Giffords and her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, wrote an op-ed published on CNN outlining why their PAC, Americans for Responsible Solutions, chose to endorse Toomey and fellow Republican Senator Mark Kirk, among other politicians.

Read more »

Poll: McGinty Gains Slight Lead in Senate Race as Clinton Pulls Ahead of Trump

Katie McGinty

A new Quinnipiac University poll says that Democrat Katie McGinty has gained a small lead on Republican incumbent Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania’s Senate race.

The poll, which was released today, puts support for McGinty at 47 percent of likely voters, ahead of Toomey’s 44 percent, but says the race remains a toss-up. Women and minorities in Pennsylvania who participated in the poll largely back McGinty, while white male participants prefer Toomey.

The Quinnipiac University survey is the most recent of three notable polls released shortly after the Democratic National Convention that place McGinty ahead of Toomey. There’s one thing the three polls have in common: They also place Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump. Read more »

Toomey Still Won’t Say Whether He’ll Vote for Trump

Pat Toomey and Donald Trump | Photo Credit, L to R: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Pat Toomey and Donald Trump | Photo Credit, L to R: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite; AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Senator Pat Toomey is committed to non-commitment when it comes to his party’s nominee for president.

At a press conference on Thursday, Toomey refused to clarify his position on Donald Trump. In response to questions from reporters, Toomey repeated that he has not endorsed Trump, and said he’s making up his mind about whether to support him. Read more »

Katie McGinty Rolls Out First TV Ad of General Election

We’ve been following the campaign ad blitz in the race for Pennsylvania’s junior senate seat pretty closely. There was the pro-Sen. Pat Toomey ad from a conservative independent group with an atrocious depiction of a cheesesteak, and there was the anti-Toomey ad from a liberal group that had a litter box in it for some reason. Plus, there was an independent ad saying McGinty might kidnap your kids, and a web ad from the McGinty team tying Toomey to Donald Trump.

Well! Today, McGinty is unveiling the her first television ad of the general election campaign. And… it’s a standard political “intro” ad. McGinty talks about how she was one of 10 children growing up while eschewing a Just the Ten of Us reference.

There is one part of it that especially caught my eye, though. Read more »

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