Here’s What a “Political Funeral” at Pat Toomey’s House Looks Like


Courtesy Tyrone Boykin

Yes, there have been countless protests held for Sen. Pat Toomey – but today might’ve been the first time constituents ever organized a funeral for him.

About 50 Philadelphians took a bus and several cars to Zionsville, Pennsylvania this morning to hold a “political funeral” outside the senator’s house. The hour-long march in Toomey’s neighborhood was orchestrated by ACT UP Philadelphia, an all-volunteer organization “committed to ending the AIDs crisis through nonviolent direct action,” according to organizer Max Ray-Riek, who’s been with the group for 10 years. Read more »

Here’s What Philly’s Congress Members Think About Trump’s Airstrikes on Syria

trump, syria

President Donald Trump speaks at Mar-a-Lago, Thursday, April 6, 2017, in Palm Beach, Fla. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

A number of local Congress members have weighed in on President Donald Trump’s decision to order a missile attack on Syria.

In a speech last night, Trump said the airstrike was issued – without Congressional approval – in response to a chemical weapons attack earlier this week that is widely believed to have been carried out by Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. That attack reportedly resulted in the death of at least 80 Syrian civilians.  Read more »

11 People Arrested at “Tuesdays With Toomey” Protest

Protesters outside Sen. Toomey's office

Photo | Dan McQuade

Updated with a statement from Sen. Toomey’s office.

Eleven people — four men, seven women — were arrested after a sit-in at Sen. Pat Toomey’s Philadelphia offices on Tuesday afternoon. It was part of the weekly “Tuesdays With Toomey” protest.

Protesters said they’d sit in the lobby of Toomey’s offices at 8 Penn Center (17th and JFK) until he scheduled a town hall–style meeting with constituents. He has yet to schedule one, so they said they wouldn’t leave. Cops said protesters would be arrested unless they left. They didn’t, and so their hands were zip-tied. Protesters were taken into the back of a police cruiser. Read more »

Sorry, Philly: Toomey Would Rather Meet Protesters in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg


Yeah, you might be among the protesters who clear their schedule once a week to make their voices heard outside U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey’s Philadelphia office, and you might call him incessantly or even send him faxes (he gets a lot, by the way) – but if you’re from Philly, chances are you won’t get through to Toomey anytime soon.

Maybe if you lived in Pittsburgh or Harrisburg, you’d have more luck.  Read more »

Pat Toomey Is Moving His Philly Office to Old City

Protesters outside of Pat Toomey's office

A protest outside of Pat Toomey’s office at 17th and JFK earlier this month. | Photo: Dan McQuade

Pat Toomey announced today that he’s moving his office to the U.S. Custom House in Old City.

Typically, the relocation of a regional Senate office one-and-a-half miles would not make the news. But ever since the election of Donald Trump, a group known as Tuesdays with Toomey has been protesting outside his offices in 8 Penn Center (17th and JFK) every Tuesday.

That hasn’t been the only group protesting outside the normally sleepy office, which also has a state liquor store on the ground floor. Earlier this month, a group of med students from various universities in Philly gathered outside to protest. Read more »

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