South Philly Pad Going For $1.5 Million

231-33 Gerritt St, Philadelphia PA, 19147

1231-33 Gerritt St, Philadelphia PA, 19147

This house seems suited to large gatherings. Judging from the pictures (see gallery below), the 5,000-plus-square foot home enjoys an expanse, the likes of which the open floor plan takes full advantage.

Home particulars include hardwood floors, recessed lighting, and a sleek, SS-bedecked kitchen with granite counters and tiled backsplash. There are also three balconies (one of which is accessed via the master bedroom) and a private 2-car garage.

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Weekend Open House Pick: Passyunk Square

Photo via

Photo via

This former industrial building on Reed Street is not the only one of its kind — down the block there are at least two other buildings once used for industrial purposes, but the street has moved far from its workaday manufacturing roots. Need proof? It’s already cycled through the installation and destruction of a Shepard Fairy wheatpaste mural on its corner.

This building has been adapted into condos, and this “penthouse” unit is one of six. The neighborhood is one of row homes and one-way streets, and it can feel a little tightly drawn. But this apartment seems uncharacteristically spacious, perhaps due to its big windows, two levels and large deck. The listing copy recommends sitting on the deck with “a glass of wine or a favorite Keurig.” Further suggestions for Passyunk Square living: “Take the dog for a walk in a nearby dog park and chat with your neighbors about the local civic meeting and all the new developments.”

See for yourself, though, at this weekend’s open house. One thing’s for sure (or as sure as real estate gets): this zip code is good investment. Gallery below.

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Signs of Change: Passyunk Avenue Gets an Organic Food Market

passyunk avenue doctor

Google Street View capture from 2011 shows the doctor’s office when it sported his nameplate.

The soap and bath products company Volta Organics has opened a bricks-and-mortar location at 1439 Passyunk Avenue. Be Well Philly reports that the new store will sell groceries and “once she gets Health Department clearance, Volta hopes to open a take-out tea and tonic bar inside the store, where you can get tea blends to go and quick shots, like apple cider vinegar, which has detoxing properties.

It’s another sign of change in that area. The location used to be the office of family doctor Julius Mingroni, who was the subject of a 1986 feature by Michael Capuzzo in the Inquirer. Capuzzo wrote:

Mingroni is the doctor for the whole neighborhood in South Philadelphia where he grew up. He is the doctor for about 5,000 patients – aunts and cousins, friends and high school chums – and sometimes it seems that 5,000 hearts, 5,000 sets of hands are reaching out to him.

He visits the sick in four hospitals and nursing homes each morning. He keeps regular office hours for nine hours a day, working seven days a week, until 10 or 11 at night. He sees anyone who knocks after hours, and afterward he goes on house calls until 3, 4 and 5 in the morning. Mingroni lives by a simple motto. “I cannot say no.”

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Habitat: Artsy, International Vignettes in Passyunk Square

Photo by Conrad Benner

Photo by Conrad Benner

Name: Julia Koral
Neighborhood: Passyunk Square

Where are you from, and why did you choose to call Passyunk Square home?
“I’m originally from NEPA (Northeastern PA.) I moved here in 1999 for undergrad at UArts. Two years after I graduated I made my way to Brooklyn for grad school, and returned in 2008 for my current job at Urban Outfitters — I work in the home office designing store displays. I have always gravitated to South Philly. It’s comfortable. It’s home.”

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Passyunk Square Townhouse Goes in a Week!


It’s cute, it’s charming, and it’s in a neighborhood that’s just soaring with potential. The increasing growth of retail and young transplants suggests that the value of this 1,000+ square foot home will only appreciate, so why not? With three bedrooms, a basement for storage and laundry, and a bathroom and powder room, it’s the perfect neighborhood starter home. The backyard is a keeper as well, ideal for making s’mores and grilling burgers.

No surprise that despite the age of some of its fixtures and its less than exciting exterior, it has an offer in already. Keep that in mind, South Philly homebuyers.

Last asking price was $285,000.

Gallery below…

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What Is the Williamsburg of Philadelphia? Discuss.


Photo of Fishtown by Liz Spikol

Gawker writer Max Read knows how to get people talking. Here are the words he wrote yesterday that got the comments section to explode:

Williamsburg and Bushwick, two Brooklyn neighborhoods, have become, for various reasons both accurate and not, a global icon of “hipness.” But it’s obviously not the only “hip” neighborhood in the world. What’s your city’s Williamsburg? And what’s its Bushwick?

And then, because people were getting a little confused, he clarified:

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Passyunk Square Home Sells in Three Days

This four-bedroom home at Sixth and Reed blazed right through the market. Was it the combination of Victorian details and updated appliances? Was it the rear patio? A bedroom with attached dressing room? A bay window? Decorative fireplace?

More than likely, it was all of those things along with the location, which could not be hotter these days. Original list price: $339,000

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New Listings in Passyunk Square: Home’s Facade Matches Nearby Condo’s Kitchen Backsplash


Two homes in Passyunk Square are new to the market this week, and even though one’s a condo and the other is a single-family dwelling, they have something in common.

The two-bedroom condo at 12th and Bainbridge at Le Fleur has a kitchen with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and a “beautifully tiled mosaic backsplash” (above).

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Noontime Headlines: Passyunk Square’s Cedars Crossing Seems to Be Finished

Valley Forge casino revenue is up [Inquirer]
Home price gains bring sellers off the sidelines [AP]
Thousands of borrowers to get mortgage payments reduced [CNN Money]
Cedars Crossing Looks to be Finished. And It’s Really Orange. [Naked Philly]
Fitz4 condos finally appear in Graduate Hopsital [Philly Real Estate Blog]
Timing is key as construction costs rise []

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