10 Best Picnic Spots in Philly 

Photo by Flickr user Rich Lee

Photo by Flickr user Rich Lee

Picnics are good for many things: soaking up some sun (with a layer of sunscreen on, of course!); avoiding a sad-desk-lunch situation; posting no-shoe, feet-on-blanket selfies designed to make all your Instagram friends green with envy, just to name a few. And, on top of all those very valid reasons to post up on a picnic blanket, studies show that getting out into a green areas is good for the brain. So below, our top picks for picnic spots in the city. We say grab a blanket, a basket of picnic-friendly snacks and some friends, and head to one of them today. Read more »

Love Your Park Week Schedule: Mother’s Day Events, Clothing Swaps, an Edible Bugs Dinner and More

love your park week

Philly’s Fairmount Park Conservancy and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation just announced the jam-packed itinerary for the third-annual Love Your Park Week, taking place May 10-17. Besides a host of service projects, like cleanups and other eco-friendly haps, the schedule includes a nice range of activities, including everything from Mother’s Day gatherings to arts and crafts fairs to even an edible bugs dinner.

Find some of Love Your Park‘s highlights below. These are just some highlights, though. To see a full schedule of all 75-plus events, go here. To register and find out more about park cleanups, go here.

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Tom Haverfoods: No Better Way To Waste A Day

I would’ve posted about this yesterday, but I actually spent so much time refreshing the page and laughing my dumb ass off that I ran out of time.

For those of you who missed it, on last week’s episode of Parks & Recreation, Aziz Ansari’s character, Tom Haverford, did an extended, over-the-credits riff on the bizarre names he has come up with for everyday foods and drinks. Chicken parmesan, for example, was “chicky chicky parm parm,” root beer was “super water” and noodles were “long-ass rice.”

It took all of three seconds for the internets to jump all over this, and the result? Tomhaverfoods.com, which proves forever and for always that the simplest things are often the funniest. There’s nothing more to the site than a picture of Tom and a single new Haverfood every time you reload the page. Best of the last ten minutes?

Hot wings are… Li’l flapperz

Milk is… Cereal sauce

Shrimp is… Tiny-ass lobster

Lemonade is… LL Cool Ade