We Call B.S. on the Cell Phone Incident at B2 Cafe

The verdict is in.

The verdict is in.

On Thursday, we told you about The Cell Phone Incident at B2 Cafe in South Philadelphia. In short, B2 Cafe customer Francesca Depasquale took to Facebook to complain that a female B2 employee snatched a cell phone from the hands of her 3-year-old daughter, who was listening to Pink on it without headphones while other customers were in the cafe.

The mom’s post was shared hundreds of times, and an irate vigilante squad went on Yelp and other sites in an effort to tank B2’s ratings. One concerned citizen even showed up at the cafe, grabbed a bottle of spray cleaner, and threatened to bleach the barista’s eyes out. The enraged, bleach-toting woman seemed to say that the barista punched the girl, an accusation that was alluded to in some of the social media posts. But now that we’ve secured video footage of the mom’s entire visit to B2 Cafe, we can safely say that this was blown way out of proportion. Read more »

A Toddler, a Cell Phone, and One Big South Philly-Style Brouhaha

A scolding server (left arrow) and troublesome toddler (right arrow) clash at South Philadelphia's B2 Cafe.

A scolding server (left arrow) and troublesome toddler (right arrow) clash at South Philadelphia’s B2 Cafe.

UPDATE 2/12/2016 1:50pm: We watched the entire surveillance video of Francesca Depasquale’s 45-minute visit to B2 Cafe, and we call bullshit. For our full report on that video, click here.


In most places in these United States of America, an unpleasant experience in a restaurant is forgotten by the next morning. Maybe it leads to a bad Yelp review. Maybe. But in South Philadelphia, where shoveled-out parking spots are protected by an unspoken promise of bodily harm and where conflicts sometimes take the form of the “I’m funny how … like I’m a clown?” argument in Goodfellas, things are handled much, much differently. And so we bring you the story of what heretofore will be known as The Cell Phone Incident at B2 Cafe. Read more »

The Checkup: Why Philly Could Have a Baby Boom in 9 Months

• If your friends were a bit dodgy about what they did to keep busy while they were snowed in over the weekend, this could be why: they may have been making a baby. Apparently, there’s a scientifically documented baby bump nine months after a major weather event — you know, when everybody’s trapped in their house for a few days with nothing to do. Go figure. [NPR] Read more »

The Easy Trick to Calm a Crying Baby (and Save Your Sanity)

Parents of newborns have it hard enough: There’s the whole not getting any sleep thing, then there’s the fact that they are now responsible for the life of another human at all times for the next 18 years (!!) — and then there’s the crying. But a video of a Los Angeles-based pediatrician, Dr. Robert Hamilton, performing a baby-holding trick that calms crying newborns could help with that last one. Read more »

It’s Happening! Mom-and-Baby Boot Camp Kicks Off This Saturday with GoalsFit



Ask and ye shall receive. I was more than heartened last week when, after posting my plea to Philly fitness studios to offer kid-friendly classes at convenient times for working moms, I heard from several local trainers and studio owners who promised plans were in the making. GoalsFit’s Kasey Manwaring wins the award for fastest turn-around time, as she’s kicking off a boot camp series this weekend for moms (or dads) with kids in tow. Yes!  Read more »

Philly Fitness Studios: Where Are All the Classes for Working Moms?

I know I’m new at this whole “working mom” thing — I’m, what, three weeks in now? — but I’ve already noticed a few things: I’m much more tired than I expected to be, my days feel extra long since they start at 5:45 a.m., and I can’t for the life of me figure out when and how to squeeze in a work out. Read more »

“It Took Me Two Years to Get Pregnant”


Oh, hi Internet! It’s good to see you again. It’s been a few months since I’ve been around these parts, and it feels good — really good, actually — to be back.

For the three of you who noticed my absence, I have a really good excuse, I swear. His name is Noah, and he’s the cute little guy smiling at you at the top of this post. See, um, I had a baby. Back in May. Without telling you. Sorry about that.  Read more »

20 Teens Charged in Cape May Sexting Scandal

Photo by "Smallbones" via Wikimedia Commons

Photo by “Smallbones” via Wikimedia Commons

Ah, Cape May, that idyllic Jersey Shore town that’s usually associated with bed-and-breakfasts, wine bars, and salmon-colored Bermuda shorts and generally not associated with anything approaching a scandal. But thanks to a group of high school and middle school students, Cape May is now the epicenter of a sexting scandal. Read more »

WATCH: Toddler Rescued From Philadelphia Roof

Cleaira_BellThis is Cleaira Bell, the 22-year-old woman being charged with child endangerment because, police say, she left her 2-year-old boy at home, alone, with another woman’s 1-year-old boy — a fact discovered when the 2-year-old was seen crawling on the roof of a three-story residence.

Police say they were called on Monday afternoon to the 4700 block of Leiper Street in the Frankford section for a report of a toddler on the roof. The officers on scene ran to the third floor and forced their way into the apartment — rescuing the 2-year-old as well as the 1-year-old, “who was attempting to climb out of the window.” Read more »

Boston Marathon Dad Scolds Media Over Principal Letter Coverage

Montco dad Mike Rossi crosses the Boston Marathon finish line.

Montco dad Mike Rossi crosses the Boston Marathon finish line.

On Tuesday, we told you about Montgomery County’s Mike Rossi, the Dancin’ on Air host-turned-47-year-old suburban dad currently embroiled in a fight with his kids’ principal over a stern letter she sent regarding his decision to take his children to Boston to see him run the Boston Marathon. Oh, sorry, did we use the word “fight?” Strike that. Read more »

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