Shepard Fairey Afterparty at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts


Shepard Fairey was in town last week for the dedication of Lotus Diamond, a mural he did in partnership with the Mural Arts Program on the façade of a building at 1228 Frankford Ave. in Fishtown. It’s the first of three he is doing in Philadelphia. Fairey shot to fame for the “Hope” poster he created during the 2008 Barack Obama presidential campaign. Thursday he signed bottles of Hennessy V.S Limited Edition at a private event at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and then was guest of honor at a party that evening. He even got behind the turntables at the and spun records for a bit. The dedication of the mural was Friday.

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5 Must-Dos This Week in Philadelphia: Romeo and Juliet in Space, the “I Love You, I Hate You” Happy Hour and More

Every week we round up five of the best things to do in the week ahead. Weather pending, of course. 

BRAT productions three chord fiction

Philly “rock and roll theater company” BRAT Productions is getting a head start on Valentine’s Day with “Three Chord Fiction: Love Bites.” Designed as a way to introduce Philly to the next generation of cabaret performers, the showcase pairs actor-singers with local musicians and tasks them to perform a musical tale about love. After every night’s show a different band will take the stage to woo the audience with an amorous-minded set of tunes. Singers include Red 40, drag queen Cleo Phatra, Senor Papos & Jota, and BRAT resident artist’s Jess Conda’s alter ego Len performing with the Ladies of the Cursed Church Theater. Scheduled bands are The Fancy Balloons (Feb. 4), TJ Kong (Feb. 5) and Upholstery (Feb. 6). Feb. 4-6, 8 p.m., $10, Tin Angel, 20 S. Second St.

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Starr Events Opening Cafe at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

The grand staircase at PAFA. Photo by Laura Novak Photography.

The grand staircase at PAFA. Photo by Laura Novak Photography.

Stephen Starr’s Starr Events is now the exclusive catering provider to North Broad Street’s Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. In addition to the providing food and service for weddings and other events, Starr Events will be refreshing PAFA’s cafe.

The cafe will undergo a complete renovation and rebranding this spring. Look for made-to-order salads, gourmet sandwiches, desserts and La Colombe coffee.

PAFA Will Now Be Catered Exclusively By Stephen STARR Events [Philadelphia Wedding]

David Lynch PAFA Exhibit Opening In Philadelphia In 2014

lynch portraitDavid Lynch fans, if you’re wondering when the director of Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, and Twin Peaks is coming out with another movie, I can’t help you out there. But I can tell you that Lynch’s paintings, drawings and water colors will be featured in an upcoming retrospective at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, where Lynch studied painting in 1966 and 1967. Lynch was terrified of Philadelphia, and his time here inspired him to make Eraserhead. The David Lynch PAFA exhibit will mark the first time that any United States institution has embarked upon a major exhibition of his work. Read more »

PAFA to Sell Edward Hopper Painting to Create Endowment

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts:

Harry Philbrick, Edna S. Tuttleman Director of the Museum of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA), today announced that the 208-year-old institution will create a new endowment for the purchase of artworks, greatly increasing an aspect of the acquisitions program that has long been critical to building the renowned collection of PAFA’s Museum. The deaccession and sale of one of the Museum’s paintings by Edward Hopper, East Wind over Weehawken (1934), will provide funds for the endowment, which will be used both to acquire contemporary artworks and to fill gaps in the collection of historic art.

East Wind over Weehawken (1934, 34 1/8 x 50 3/16 inches) will be auctioned in December 2013 at Christie’s New York, with a pre-sale estimate of $22–28 million. PAFA purchased the painting in 1952 from the artist’s dealer, Frank K. M. Rehn. In keeping with PAFA’s collections policy and standard practice in the museum field, all proceeds from the sale will go into the new acquisitions endowment, quintupling the funds generated annually for the purchase of art.

Here’s a glimpse of Hopper’s painting.

The Inquirer reports:

The 1934 work, East Wind Over Weehawken, is a characteristically bleak streetscape, this one in North Jersey, of angular Victorian houses, tilted telephone and light poles, and almost insignificant figures; a prominent sign stands in the foreground, “For Sale” scrawled in vivid red across its face.

Now it’s selling a major Hopper, a decision Philbrick called “difficult” but necessary to pursue what officials contend is a core museum mission – “to be actively engaged in buying the art of our time.”

The Hopper was chosen for a few simple reasons, Philbrick said. First, Hopper prices are rising fast in the marketplace. Also, the academy acquired the painting with its own money; no donor restrictions govern its disposition.

Review: Jayson Musson’s “The Grand Manner” at PAFA

This ain’t your grandma’s art show.  Jayson Musson’s “The Grand Manner,” the aggressively satirical new installation at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, seamlessly combines urban culture and in-your-face art commentary with some of the city’s most treasured works of fine art. Don’t forget to bring your cell phone—you’ll need it to experience this show. Read more »

The Fine-Art Virgin’s Guide to Collecting

I’m curled up in my chaise lounge as I write this, glancing around my living room. It’s got a nice mix of things, I suppose: a bit of modern, a healthy dose of antique, and a smattering of providential flea market scores. One thing that’s missing: artwork. And not because I don’t appreciate it, or because I think it’s an unworthy investment. It’s simply that I’m completely and utterly intimidated by it. The last time I bought art was in college, when I spent about $50 on a few Kandinsky and Miró prints and stuck them unceremoniously to my cinderblock dorm walls.

I guess I’m the perfect person, then, to attend PAFA’s New Collector’s Night, which takes place on Friday, September 23rd—an event geared to people who, like me, are staring down a bunch of white, unadorned walls. People who are ready for real, grownup art, the kind that deserves gorgeous frames and thoughtful hanging, the kind with a story behind it. The kind that you’ll look at one day, and say, “That was my first real piece of art.” Read more »