5 Easy Best of Philly Party Outfits

bop featured image 1.3Dressing for events is a skill that requires a well-trained eye, years of practice and an abundance of finesse — or an “oh-my-gosh-it’s-a-week-until-Best-of-Philly-and-I-still-have-no-idea-what-to-wear” attitude. Either way, this year’s Best of Philly Soirée is fast approaching (coming to Dilworth Plaza on Thursday, August 4th!) and it’s outfit crunch time.

No matter what camp you’re in (BOP veteran or first-year novice), we could all use a little style inspiration to make sure that our Best of Philly party outfits are up to snuff. Read on to discover what we’d love to see someone show up in and if you still need some advice, take a look at this list of do’s and don’ts from last year to get you on the right track. See you there? Read more »

The Look: Fur and Bathrobes

TheLook-EGI’ve worked at Philly Mag for years now, but there was a time when I worked at a place where people wore stuff like suits and ties and pencil skirts and button-ups. Needless to say, I didn’t quite fit in. Here at Philly Mag, it’s quite a different story. The writers sometimes come in rumpled, those long-suffering journalist types. The sales team nails professional, chic “I have to meet a client” style.  The marketing team is always on-trend—and they constantly look naturally tan, too, like they just got off a fabulous beach somewhere. My fellow editors, we get to play around a bit: leather pants, sequins in the afternoon, tee-shirts and rhinestones. I’ve realized that I can never go back to a regular sort of office again.  Read more »