The Edit: 10 Killer Spring Coats to Wear This Week


As much as the 50-degree temps seem like sunbathing weather (ya know, compared to snowpocalypse), it’s not quite time to ditch your coat. But that doesn’t mean you need to bundle up. Spring offers tons of fresh outerwear that looks seasonally appropriate (think: airy watercolors and punchy pineapple prints) while still keeping you warm as the seasons transition. Here, 10 gorgeous picks you can wear this week. So long, cocoon coats. Read more »

New Trend Alert: Why You Should Start Wearing Two Coats Instead of One

Every year, mid-March introduces a tricky fashion dilemma, thanks to temps that swing wildly from cold to warm in a span of only a few hours.  Take today, for instance: It started out at a wintry 35 degrees, but by midday, it’s expected to reach a balmy 61 degrees. Here, the conundrum: Do I wear an ankle-length puffer to accommodate near-freezing mornings? Or, do I opt for a moto jacket for lunch runs outside? The answer, I’ve found, is easy: Just wear ’em both.

During Fashion Month, a coat-layering trend burgeoned. Here was yet another way for fashion’s boldest to sneak extra patterns and textures into their looks while also accommodating the tricky in-between weather of New York, London and Paris during February and March. Unlike some of the less accessible street-style trends, this one totally worked and we found ourselves dying to replicate it.   Read more »

The Edit: 10 Stylish Winter Vests For Guys


Now that we’ve gotten a harsh introduction to winter (have you looked at it out there?), it’s time to talk layering. For an extra layer of warmth, opt for a down filling (check out the Canada Goose option above). For style purposes, a thinner wool or cashmere waistcoat instantly upgrades the look of a button-down. Here are 10 top picks—available locally and online—to help you welcome winter in smart sartorial fashion. (Psst: For our women’s picks, go here.)

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Joe Namath: His 8 Best Fashion Moments … And That Coin Toss Coat


Photo via Vox Sartoria.

I was running late to a Super Bowl party last night, so I missed the coin toss. It wasn’t until much later, when I checked my Twitter feed, that I realized something interesting had happened before the game even began.

That coat.

That giant fur coat Joe Namath wore to toss the coin. 

He clearly had this outfit planned, long before an updated weather forecast had been released. It was cold out there in New Jersey. We’re in a polar vortex! It was cold, and therefore he’d wear a giant fur coat. He’d planned his (otherwise quite normal) outfit around that coat. So what if it was 49 degrees at kickoff? Joe had an utterly crazy absolutely fantastic coat and, damn it, he was going to wear it. So what if he looked a teeny bit like a 1970s pimp? It’s called vintage, people. And no one rocks 1970s pimp like Broadway Joe. Here, a look back at his eight best sartorial moments. Spoiler alert: There is lots of fur.

More fur ahead.

6 Stylish Winter Essentials

It’s easy to deal with snow and ice (and now slush) if you’re able to stay huddled inside your house. (And if you are, then happy snow day to you!) But for those who have to brave the elements—whether it’s commuting to work or taking your kids to the nearest sledding hill—you need some serious gear. We’ve broken down the best of what’s out there, from boots to bags, for a winter-ready arsenal. Oh, and those snowshoes? Those are just plain fun. Click the photo for info on each item, and where to find it in the Philadelphia area.


The Edit: 8 Fabulous Capes



There’s something undeniably glamorous about a cape. They recall Jackie O., or Ginger Rogers. Designers have been turning out modern iterations of the silhouette for several seasons, and the offerings out now are reason enough to ditch the sleeves. (Plus, as we’ve written before, you won’t have to worry about stuffing bulky winter sweaters through the slim arms of coat—bonus!) How to make the look work: Wear with a form-fitting bottom to balance out the volume, and top it off with a cute pair of gloves.

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The Edit: Fall’s Best Moto Jackets

TheEdit-motoEvery cold-weather season, an outerwear trend tops ’em all. Right now, at least for me, it’s cocoon coats, huge, enveloping pieces that swaddle you in miles of fabric—and keep you toasty, toasty warm. Problem is, it’s not quite time to break out the big guns of outerwear yet, for fear of looking like you’re putting the sartorial horse before the cart. (It’s akin to wearing sleeveless tops in April, despite the fact that it’s still 55 degrees out.) And anyway, diving headfirst into winter-wear means missing out on the best piece of the fall season: the moto jacket. Wear a bouclé version for office-appropriate edge, or go all out with copious zippers, quilting and tassels. Here, your best bets.

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