Ori Challenges Kenyatta to Ten Debates

Johnson: PA House of Representatives; Feibush: Jeff Fusco

Johnson: PA House of Representatives; Feibush: Jeff Fusco

As the 2015 primary election season heats up in Philadelphia, so do the public declarations of war.

Last week, Mayor Michael Nutter publicly insulted 2nd District council candidate Ori Feibush on behalf of Nutter’s man, Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, calling Feibush a “little jerk with a big checkbook,” and now Feibush is publicly calling out incumbent Johnson by challenging him to a series of ten debates. Read more »

Half of City Council Just Got Cybersquatted

The 5th Square's website.

The 5th Square’s website.

Go to MarkSquilla.com, and you won’t find a word about the South Philadelphia Councilman bearing its name. JannieBlackwell.com, too, has nary a sentence about the longtime Councilwoman representing parts of West Philadelphia.

Instead, both websites redirect visitors to 5thSq.com — the site of a new urbanist PAC known as “The 5th Square.”

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Kenyatta Johnson Wants Ori Feibush Lawsuit Dismissed

Ori Feibush has no proof that he was prevented from buying two city lots for development as payback for his political campaign against Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, city attorneys argued Monday on behalf of Johnson.

Assistant City Solicitors Michael Miller and John Coyle filed the comments Monday with their motion to dismiss Feibush’s lawsuit against Johnson. Feibush, the flamboyant Point Breeze developer, sued in June, alleging Johnson had thwarted his development plans as political payback.
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Ori vs. Kenyatta: Gloves Off

MO-metro-ori-kenyatta-illo-400x443Though Philadelphia’s primary election is many months away (May 19th — mark your calendars!), the battle between incumbent one-term City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson and his challenger, controversial Point Breeze real estate developer Ori Feibush, is already about to reach a boiling point.

Just before the Fourth of July holiday, with City Council members about to go on their annual three-month must-be-nice what-is-this-Denmark? summer break, Feibush filed a federal lawsuit against Johnson, alleging that the Councilman blocked him from purchasing two blighted city-owned properties and from bidding on a large parcel of land, as retribution for Feibush’s campaign for his seat.

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Kenyatta Johnson Consultant Asks Staphmeal Blogger to Start Anonymous Anti-Ori Feibush Site

Joshua Scott Albert (left); Micah Mahjoubian

Joshua Scott Albert (left); Micah Mahjoubian

Micah Mahjoubian is one of the most connected players in Philadelphia politics. He had a high-ranking job in John Street’s administration for eight years. He was senior adviser for Johnny Doc’s ill-fated run for State Senate. He was recently elected to be a member of the Democratic State Committee in the 1st Senatorial District, an office he holds today. And he is on the board of the Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club. So what’s Mahjoubian doing consorting with ex-convict Joshua Scott Albert, the notorious creator of the blog Staphmeal, who is still on probation after spending 8 months in jail? Read more »

396 Challenges Filed Against Nominating Petitions In Philadelphia

You probably thought that there wouldn’t be any major election shenanigans in Philadelphia until 2015, when we’ll be deciding who gets the delightful job of running the city. But no such luck.

May 20th is the date of Pennsylvania’s primary elections, and scores of legal challenges have been filed against nominating petitions for both statewide and local seats.

Jay Paterno’s petition to get on the ballot for Lieutenant Governor is being challenged. And so is Babette Joseph’s petition to run against State Rep. Brian Sims, who unseated her in 2012. Prominent blogger Atrios (aka Duncan Black) charges that he didn’t sign Joseph’s petition, on which his name appears.

And in Philadelphia proper, there have been 396 legal challenges filed against potential candidates for City Committee. Now, if you’re not exactly sure what a Committee Person does in Philadelphia, you’re not alone.

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Morning Headlines: Feibush Announces Run for City Council

It’s happening. Developer Ori Feibush, owner of OCF Realty, is starting his funding campaign for the 2nd District primary in 2015. Philly mag’s Simon Van Zuylen-Wood, who first predicted this in June, writes:

The announcement was short of specifics but an obvious theme emerged: His antipathy towards incumbent Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, whom he’s never been shy about criticizing.

Indeed, Feibush writes, “Can you imagine the good that could come to our communities if their Councilman was truly a willing and active partner?” Zing.

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