#OpeninPHL: Where to Do Hot Yoga in Philly Today

Bikram Yoga Philadelphia | Photo via Facebook

Bikram Yoga Philadelphia | Photo via Facebook

You know what’s even better than hot cocoa on a snow day? Hot yoga. It warms you up and, at the end of the day, makes you feel like you did something other than sit on your couch watching Criminal Minds and drinking Swiss Miss for 12 hours straight. Plus, it only takes 90-minutes max — so you actually can sit around watching Criminal Minds while drinking Swiss Miss for the rest of your day. Now, that’s what I call a win-win.

A lot of yoga studios have taken a snow day today (we don’t blame them), but a few are keeping their doors open. Below, four hot yoga classes to trek to in Philly this afternoon. Read more »

Here’s What’s #OpenInPHL

We coined the #OpenInPHL hashtag back when Hurricane Irene was drenching us in 2011. We thought it would be an interesting social media experiment and useful tool for people looking to splash their way to a local bar.

Today, businesses take to the hashtag without prompting, telling everyone when and where they can go to avoid cabin fever.

And as the big snow storm closes in, here’s what’s #OpenInPHL.

Here’s what’s #OpenInPHL »

Doobies Is #OpenInPHL and Offering a Kind Gesture

patti-doobies-400Yes, we have fun with the #OpenInPHL hashtag on holidays, during storms and such. But Patti Brett from Doobies reminds us that an open bar can also be a welcome respite from being alone.

Brett posted the below message on the bar’s Facebook page:

The holidays are difficult enough without the stress of not having anyone to share them with. Please anyone that is alone on Thanksgiving come by Doobies. You don’t have to purchase anything, if you just want somewhere to go and spend some time with some people I’m offering our spot. No one should have to be alone on a holiday. We open at 4pm.

Another good reason to be thankful for Doobies today? The bar narrowly avoided being the victim of an accident involving a Philadelphia cab yesterday.

Doobies Bar [Facebook]

What Is #OpenInPHL

Foobooz-SnowingThe power outages are racking up, colleges have closed and many offices aren’t open today. But there are some businesses, defiantly swinging open their doors and welcoming the cabin fever suffering masses in for caffeine, fried chicken and of course booze.

Here’s what’s #OpenInPHL. If you’re a business owner, announce that you’re open on Twitter with the hashtag, #OpenInPHL.

Here’s what’s #OpenInPHL »

Stuck at 30th Street? JG Domestic Offers Respite


If you haven’t given up on AMTRAK or SEPTA regional rail after today’s ice storm and find yourself stranded at 30th Street Station and considering your second chalupa of the day, we’ve got a better suggestion.

JG Domestic is kicking off happy hour early today, starting at 3 p.m. Jose Garces’ restaurant attached to 30th Street Station will be offering smoked chicken wings (Apricot Chile Glaze, Whipped Rogue Creamery Smokey Blue) paired with a Sly Fox Helles for $10 or consider the JG Reuben (House corned beef, Swiss cheese, beer mustard, Sauerkraut).

JG Domestic [Foobooz]

Another Snowstorm, Here’s What’s #OpenInPHL


The snow can look beautiful but we’re sure most of you are getting tired of all this white stuff. It might even drive one to drink. Luckily many local bars and restaurants are open and serving. Even if they aren’t getting their beer delivery today.

Here’s what’s #OpenInPHL. If you’re a business owner, announce that you’re open with the hashtag, #OpenInPHL.

Here’s what’s #OpenInPHL »

Snowstorm Janus: Here’s What’s #OpenInPHL

Foobooz-SnowingSnowstorm Janus is here and local businesses are announcing that they are indeed #OpenInPHL.

Everyone is predicting different amounts of accumulation but they all the weather people agree, it will be a lot. Many businesses will be closing which in turn will result in many people looking to fully enjoy a snow day.

If you’re a business owner, announce that you’re open with the hashtag, #OpenInPHL.

Here’s what’s #OpenInPHL »

While Many Businesses Open Late These Bars Are Opening Early


A cocktail in the snow? | The Cambridge

Lucky enough to have a snow day today? These bars are opening early to cater to your party.

The Cambridge at 1508 South Street is opening at noon today and offering up a special Friday brunch. There will be Bloody Marys and of course, 24 beers on tap.

Pub & Kitchen isn’t ready to let the partying that started on New Year’s Eve subside. The bar at 20th and Lombard is opening at noon for a day of snow drinking.

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