OpenInPHL: Rittenhouse Spa Offering Huge Discounts on Saturday Treatments


Snow day pampering. | Image via The Rittenhouse Spa.

Your pre-snow day checklist: Stock up at Whole Foods tonight  (they’re closed tomorrow!), prepare a Netflix binge-watch list, move your car if it’s parked on a snow emergency route, get your shovels and snowblowers ready, and then book yourself a freaking massage. Seriously: The Rittenhouse Spa is open tomorrow, and it’s offering snowed-in locals 20 percent off massages, facials and body treatments all day.

My advice? Do some preliminary shoveling early on in the day, and then soothe tired muscles with a massage. See? Your snow day just got a whole lot better. Read more »

Despite Blizzard, Many Will Be #OpenInPHL

Snow - Philly skyline - Artist's conception

No matter how much snow we get this weekend, some bars and restaurants just won’t be closing. | Artist’s rendition

As this winter storm approaches everyone is boasting that they are open today. Some are even promising that they will be open no matter what. A snow day in the city is a collaborative event. Workers, customers hanging out in a shared experience. Swapping stories of the wind and snow banks they had to overcome to reach that warm bar or hearty plate of pasta. In our digitally obsessed world, a snow day is day where camaraderie trumps Facebook, conversing face-to-face crushes SnapChat and new friends and memories are made. That’s not to say we’re anti-technology, after all the #OpenInPHL hashtag couldn’t work if it weren’t for Twitter. But there’s something special about a snow day. Enjoy it, but most of all, let’s be safe out there.

If you’re a business owner, announce that you’re open on Twitter with the hashtag, #OpenInPHL.

Here’s what’s #OpenInPHL »

Here’s What’s #OpenInPHL This Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Photo by  Russ Brown Photography

Photo by Russ Brown Photography

As always, follow the #OpeninPHL hashtag on Twitter to see what bars and restaurants are opening today in Philadelphia.

If you’re a business owner, announce that you’re open on Twitter with the hashtag, #OpenInPHL.

Philadelphia’s 50 Best Restaurants and the Pope


Amada, one of the 50 Best doing something special for the Pope | Photo by Nina Cazille

It’s almost that time. With Pope Francis on his way, Philadelphia’s preparations have been a bit hectic to say the least. If you’re wondering where to eat during this weekend of Pope madness – fear not – we checked in with Philadelphia magazine’s 50 Best Restaurants to see who’s open and ready to feed the masses.

Read more »

Papal Food and Drink Specials to Get You Started


It’s beginning to look a lot like Pope-a-palooza.

The fencing off of Center City has begun. Port-a-potties line the streets. We may not know exactly what to expect when Pope Francis comes to town, but it is clear that we will not go hungry or thirsty. The city has co-opted our #OpenInPHL hashtag and made it an official part of figuring out what is open for business in Philadelphia during the Papal visit. The hashtag will be the dynamic way of finding out what is indeed open for business during the Pope’s visit.

But here are some of the best Papal related food and drink offerings happenings that we’ve spotted in and around Center City Philadelphia.

Specials worth walking, riding, or biking to >>

#OpeninPHL: Where to Do Hot Yoga in Philly Today

Bikram Yoga Philadelphia | Photo via Facebook

Bikram Yoga Philadelphia | Photo via Facebook

You know what’s even better than hot cocoa on a snow day? Hot yoga. It warms you up and, at the end of the day, makes you feel like you did something other than sit on your couch watching Criminal Minds and drinking Swiss Miss for 12 hours straight. Plus, it only takes 90-minutes max — so you actually can sit around watching Criminal Minds while drinking Swiss Miss for the rest of your day. Now, that’s what I call a win-win.

A lot of yoga studios have taken a snow day today (we don’t blame them), but a few are keeping their doors open. Below, four hot yoga classes to trek to in Philly this afternoon. Read more »

Here’s What’s #OpenInPHL

We coined the #OpenInPHL hashtag back when Hurricane Irene was drenching us in 2011. We thought it would be an interesting social media experiment and useful tool for people looking to splash their way to a local bar.

Today, businesses take to the hashtag without prompting, telling everyone when and where they can go to avoid cabin fever.

And as the big snow storm closes in, here’s what’s #OpenInPHL.

Here’s what’s #OpenInPHL »

Doobies Is #OpenInPHL and Offering a Kind Gesture

patti-doobies-400Yes, we have fun with the #OpenInPHL hashtag on holidays, during storms and such. But Patti Brett from Doobies reminds us that an open bar can also be a welcome respite from being alone.

Brett posted the below message on the bar’s Facebook page:

The holidays are difficult enough without the stress of not having anyone to share them with. Please anyone that is alone on Thanksgiving come by Doobies. You don’t have to purchase anything, if you just want somewhere to go and spend some time with some people I’m offering our spot. No one should have to be alone on a holiday. We open at 4pm.

Another good reason to be thankful for Doobies today? The bar narrowly avoided being the victim of an accident involving a Philadelphia cab yesterday.

Doobies Bar [Facebook]

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