The 10 Best Philly Shops on Etsy


Images via MallayVintage, ABJglassworks, PegAndAwl and ZolaJewelryObjects

Etsy, an online marketplace for artists to sell their wares, can be an overwhelming place to maneuver (too many weird watercolors and oddball earrings). And while researching this post, I was reminded Just. How. Many. Etsy shops there are. But there are hidden gems out there; you just need to know where to look. We culled, browsed and pared down the glut of Etsy shops to narrow down the best of the best. So, here you go: a cheat sheet to the 10 best Philly-based Etsy shops. You’re welcome.  Read more »

The Secret Philly Spot for High-End Designer Fashion


Well, hello, Chanel. | Image via Chloe Johnston.

I’ve already given you guys the rundown of the best Philly boutiques with online stores (see all 10 here), but there are some other online-only spots that have roots right here. One of our favorite hidden gems is Chloe Johnston’s eponymous site, which culls the best of her Parisian shopping finds. And she knows where to look: Johnston leads custom shopping tours of Paris several times a year, and brings back her spoils so that we may shop them without dealing with pesky things like exchange rates and international delivery charges.  Lanvin jumpsuits ahead.

Shop These 10 Philly Stores From the Comfort of Your Couch


Shop goods from Terrain, Third Street Habit, Ubiq and P’s & Q’s.

Shopping local sounds nice, but shopping online can be a heck of a lot more convenient. (See: the current weather.)  But local boutiques — often the ones who lose out in the great online vs. brick-and-mortar battle — are increasingly whipping their stock into virtual shape, curating online stores that let you shop local without having to leave your house. Here, the Philly shops that offer the best online shopping.  Read more »

SkyMall Is Closing: 10 Bizarre Items You Will Never Be Able to Buy On an Airplane Again


Your days to buy men’s compression shirts like these are numbered. | Photo via SkyMall.

In very sad retail news, SkyMall filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday. This means that your days of settling back in the warm embrace of an American Airlines chair and flipping through the SkyMall catalog are over. But what will become of all the massage chairs and life-size medieval knight statues? Before your days of ordering such things are gone forever, here are some of the best items the in-flight mall has to offer. Enjoy.

King Tut’s throne awaits!

Weird Things You Can Buy Online: A $1,150 Kale Necklace


Trendy vegetables.

Kale is a divisive leafy vegetable. Our very own health and fitness editor, Emily Leaman—who subsists on GOOP-ish levels of nutritious stuff—admitted that she hated it over on Be Well Philly, an admission that’s akin to a fashion editor proclaiming she hates Céline.

What’s probably also divisive: this fancypants ‘kale’ necklace. It’s by Khai Khai, a New York-based line from Haim Medine (yep, same Medine as Leandra; he’s the Man Repeller’s brother).

Read more »

Your Ultimate Cyber Monday Shopping Guide


Time to get clicking. | Shutterstock.

Today is the Superbowl of online shopping, and we’re here to help you navigate today’s sale-filled cyberworld.

Here are the best lists of every single sale (at least the ones worth knowing) going on today, for whichever sort of shopper you may be, all gathered in one helpful guide. Go forth and SHOP.

First up: Shoppist’s list of (mostly) local online sales, including Duke & Winston, Moon + Arrow, Toggery and Trove General Store. Start local and work your way out.

Click here to see more.

20 Must-Shop Cyber Monday Deals


She’s not actually working. | Shutterstock.

Without further ado, here are the best online deals — at both national companies and fab local spots — you’ll find on Cyber Monday, otherwise known as the day on which everyone pretends to work but actually only sits online filling up tiny virtual carts and frantically entering in credit card information. May the force of the online shopping gods be with you.

Click to see the top sales we’ll be shopping.

Monday Obsession: Ted Muehling’s Black Porcelain Objects


Objets d’art perfection. | Photo by Courtney Apple.

Well, somebody’s got a brand-new look: pint-size jewelry box Egan Day has unveiled a new and gorgeous website. And it’s just not an aesthetic rehab; the site is now—drumroll, please, and then freeze your credit cards in ice—shoppable.

While most people think of Egan Day as a jewelry store first, its collection of objets d’art are just as lust-worthy. Take, for instance, these pieces, most of which were designed by Ted Muehling. The assortment of gothic black bisque porcelain votives and sculptures and gold-splashed Biedermeier candlesticks are all appropriately moody accessories for the season. (That moth votive reminds me of Valentino’s butterfly-bedecked spring/summer 2015 couture collection. Egan Day owner Kate Egan promises the votive looks even more incredible when lit up.)

So how do I get them?

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