There’s a New Health-Focused Online Grocery Store Where Everything Costs $3

If grocery shopping is one of your most dreaded adulting activities, a new online grocery store has just popped up in the market (har, har), and their way of doing things might just strike your fancy. San Francisco-based start-up Brandless, which launched on Tuesday, is an online grocery-shopping platform offering a wide variety of household and grocery products, most of which are organic, non-GMO, environmentally friendly and free of weird additives, and all of which ring in at $3. Read more »

Why Zara’s Second Pa. Store Is Coming to King of Prussia Mall

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Amid economic shifts in the world of fast fashion and retail, popular industry frontrunner Zara will open a two-level store at King of Prussia Mall next year, has said.

As clothiers like the local Urban Outfitters say the retail landscape is oversaturated, Zara has managed to avoid the ramifications of the glut. The installation of the 30,000-square-foot flagship store aligns with the Spain-based retailer’s business strategy, outlined last week in the Wall Street Journal. Thanks to an early mastery of the Internet marketplace for budget apparel, the company has remained generally unscathed in the online shopping boom of the past few years. Its parent company, Inditex SA, recently reported an 18 percent increase in net profit from first quarter last year. Read more »

7 Ways to Win at Online Shopping Every Single Time

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She only put on pants as a courtesy | Image via iStock/Squaredpixels

Let me just begin by saying shopping local is the bee’s knees, not only because you actually get to hold and try on whatever you’re buying, but also because supporting small businesses in your town is just plain good karma. That being said, online shopping has pretty much taken over — especially when it comes to millennials — and there are lots of reasons why people love it, including (but not limited to):

  • Getting to shop in your PJs
  • That rush when you open the box like it’s Christmas morning
  • No sales tax
  • Never having to leave the house and chance awkward encounters like running into that mean girl from high school
  • Did I mention shopping in PJs?

Always looking out for your best style interests, we rounded up the best apps, sites and tips to help you find online shopping savings every time so that your hard-earned money goes even further. Read ’em and weep (knowing that you’ve been paying way too much for online purchases until now).  Read more »

10 Philly Boutiques You Can Shop Online (And Why They’re So Awesome)

Items from P’s & Q’s and Omoi Zakka Shop’s sister store, Select Shop 215.

In this age of instant gratification, online shopping reigns the queen of convenience and guilt-free indulgence. Summer’s just around the corner, beckoning Philadelphians to come out of hibernation in droves. Yay! Right…? Call us antisocial, but the very thought of weaving through crowded streets on a shopping venture makes kicking back in the living room, debit-card in hand while mindlessly scrolling through the pages of our favorite shops sound more appealing than ever. Shopping the best boutiques + never changing out of our PJs = a win-win situation all around. The best part? More and more local shops are opening up e-commerce platforms, going beyond brick and mortar so you can really shop local on the interwebs. Here are the best Philly boutiques you can shop online:
Read more »

You Need to Shop This Massive Tibi Sample Sale Right Now

Tibi Sample Sale banner

Savings are just an email entry away, shoppers. | Image via Tibi.

Remember how we’re always going on about how fast-fashion is the worst, save your money and invest in lifelong, quality garments, blah, blah, blah? If you don’t have the luxury of shopping for designer goods and paying your rent, I understand how this message could fall on deaf ears. (Solidarity, my friends). However, every so often, the wardrobe gods smile upon us, blessing us with things like this gigantic online Tibi sample sale happening right now. Read more »

22 Best Cyber Monday Sales to Shop Right This Second


You think she’s working, but she’s actually shopping. | Shutterstock.

Welcome to Cyber Monday, folks! It’s the day everyone pretends to be working but really we’re all online shopping, frantically (and furtively) trying to nab as many one-day deals as we can. To help you navigate the bevy of markdowns, special offers and crazy discounts, here’s a quick list of the very best online sales happening right now. May be force of the online shopping gods be with you. (And may your boss never know that you’re on Shopbop.)  Read more »

How to Make a Killing By Selling Your Clothes on an App


Depop’s colorful feature page | Pixelbay / Alixe Wiley.

Sometimes it takes a while to realize you have a hoarding problem. My revelation happened this summer, when I took one look at my packed walk-in closet, overstuffed dresser drawers, and cramped attic space. I knew it was time for a massive closet clean-out, but where to begin? I refused to throw anything away (clothing is one of the biggest contributors to landfill waste) and hesitate to consign more expensive, well-loved pieces because the experience can be intimidating and isn’t guaranteed to pay out. It seemed all that was left was to go digital.

Believe it or not, some women make six figures a year using the popular marketplace app Poshmark. (Yes, you read that correctly.) So why not me? I dowloaded the app, starting listing my clothes … and made over $2,000 in two months. Not quite six figures, but I’ll take it. But while I quickly gained 1,000 followers (users who follow your listings) and a steady flow of traffic, I started to resent the 20 percent cuts Poshmark takes and its limited shipping options. Then I found Depop.  Read more »

This App Will Tell You All the Promo Codes That Apply to Your Order

The easiest way to rack up discounts. | Honey

The easiest way to rack up discounts. | Honey

Confession: I never purchase anything online without Googling ‘[Insert store name] promo codes’ beforehand. With e-tailers constantly doling out percentages off and free gifts with purchase, it’s a five-second move that can save you a few bucks or at least the shipping fees. Now, a new shopping app for Chrome called Honey will do the legwork for you.  Read more »

Shop Sixty Five Opens an Online Store (And Lets You Easily Calculate Cost Per Wear)


Some of the brick-and-mortar’s online offerings.

Shop Sixty Five, the Doylestown fashion stalwart, is branching out: First, owner Linda LaRosa Bidlo opened a Glawyne outpost back in 2013, and now the boutique has launched an online store via Shoptiques.

The collection right now is small — only 16 items are available — but it’s worth taking a spin over there (do so here!) to check it out. My picks: an architectural Halston Heritage cocktail dress, a dreamy wrap top by IRO, and a Raquel Allegra frayed-edge tie-dye tee. Tip: Use online code SHOPNOW to get $10 your purchase until May 31st. But the coolest part is that cost-per-wear calculator.

Market Report: The Everything Guide to Shopping for Swimwear Online


Bathing suit nirvana. | Shutterstock.

  • Can’t make it out to Cameo Water Wear or Everything But Water? Here is your everything-guide to buying swimsuits online, whether you’re looking for quick shipping (you know, for that last-minute getaway), great selection, plus sizes or under $100 picks. [Racked]
  • A website called Nudevotion helps you find the best nude-colored clothing for your exact skin tone. Because not all nudes are created equal. [PopSugar]
  • Yikes: Target is in hot water for allegedly stealing a T-shirt design from a young Etsy designer. (We’ve heard this before.) [Katu]

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