Monday Obsession: Ted Muehling’s Black Porcelain Objects


Objets d’art perfection. | Photo by Courtney Apple.

Well, somebody’s got a brand-new look: pint-size jewelry box Egan Day has unveiled a new and gorgeous website. And it’s just not an aesthetic rehab; the site is now—drumroll, please, and then freeze your credit cards in ice—shoppable.

While most people think of Egan Day as a jewelry store first, its collection of objets d’art are just as lust-worthy. Take, for instance, these pieces, most of which were designed by Ted Muehling. The assortment of gothic black bisque porcelain votives and sculptures and gold-splashed Biedermeier candlesticks are all appropriately moody accessories for the season. (That moth votive reminds me of Valentino’s butterfly-bedecked spring/summer 2015 couture collection. Egan Day owner Kate Egan promises the votive looks even more incredible when lit up.)

So how do I get them?

Sale Alert: Stock Up On Toggery’s Luxe Tees and Dresses Now


Four basics you’ll keep going back to. | Photos via Toggery.

In my opinion, it’s way more fun to splurge on some fantastical, crazily impractical item. To wit: This pair of Alexander Wang metallic blue fur Pilgrim-toed heels, one of my more impulsive—but most fun—splurges. (Hey, now they’re on mega-sale! Go and get a pair!) So when a sale on basics rolls around, it jolts me back to reality: Oh, right. Yes. Basics. I need those, too. 

The most recent sale to catch my attention: Toggery’s end-of-summer sale, featuring basics that pack more of a punch, and are totally worth the slightly heftier price tag than their Gap or Old Navy counterparts. (Plus, it’s a Philly brand! Support!)

Click to get the details and shop the sale.

Your Guide to Shopping On eBay: How to Score Amazing Designer Steals


Your designer and vintage heaven awaits.

I’ve shopped pretty much everywhere: fledgling Etsy stores, garage sales, weird little no-name boutiques, flea markets, consignment shops, the side of the road. Yet I’ve managed to resist the siren call of eBay, mostly because I’m terrified of it. It seems like a black hole, and venturing into it would likely lead to one of two things: 1. Accidentally bidding an ungodly amount of money for something dumb, like a fake Birkin or a side table made out of a rotting tree root, and then winning. or 2. Becoming addicted and slowly turning into a hoarder of porcelain dolls or turn-of-the-century retainers.

But here’s the thing: There are actually extraordinary buys to be found on eBay: Céline bags, vintage Chanel, Miu Miu heels, archival pieces from designers’ past collections. You just need to know how to find it all, and then, how and when to actually pull the plug.

Read more.

Jonathan Adler’s Massive Online Warehouse Sale is Kitschy Shopping Heaven

Jonathan-AdlerIt’s heeeere: Jonathan Adler’s long-awaited warehouse sale. And, even better, it’s online, so you don’t have to make a mid-day dash to our Old City Adler outpost to score the deals. (But go anyway, because being in that store just makes you happy.) Last year’s warehouse sale actually crashed the site. Don’t worry: This year, the team assures us that they’ve “beefed up our servers and souped up our system to handle the chic-est stampede of shoppers around.”

Hurry and click here for sale details.

Warning: You Will Spend All Afternoon Shopping on Ritual Ritual’s New Website

Ritual Ritual

While I was excited when I got wind of Ritual Ritual’s expansion—the postage-stamp-sized NoLibs shop is moving into Arcadia’s vacated space—I really cheered when I got news of the store’s brand-spanking-new website. After all, a spiffy brick-and-mortar is fantastic, but sometimes you just need a quick mid-afternoon shopping break from the comfort of your cubicle, without hightailing it to the other side of town. Enter:, the boutique’s gorgeously spare and now totally shoppable website, so you can get your bauble fix while you wait for the bigger and better store to officially open later next month.

Read more here.

Adorn By Sarah Lewis Just Launched a Fantastic Sale Section on Their Website


This smokey quartz ring is only $40! | Image via Adorn by Sarah Lewis.

Sale alert: Local jewelry brand Adorn by Sarah Lewis just rolled out a brand new sale section on their e-commerce site and it’s fantastic. We’re already huge fans of their bohemian, gypsy-esque designs, so scoring them for up to 60 percent off just sweetens the deal. They’re looking to roll out new jewelry, so let’s help them make some room.

Keep reading for our favorite steals!

15 Most Beautiful Finds on Etsy


Handmade goes high-end on Etsy. All images via Etsy.

Etsy is basically a black hole. The online marketplace features more than 30 million buyers and sellers from all over the world. Some of the stuff is crap—laughably awful creations that spurred a spin-off site aptly named Regretsy (that site has sadly been shut down). But if you have time and patience to sift through soap that looks like glazed donuts and flip-flop wreaths, you can find some extraordinary pieces by supremely talented designers, metalsmiths and vintage collectors.

I’ve curated some of the best finds on the site now, including a dress so gorgeous I recommend you wear it to all your fancy functions; a painterly skirt by a Moscow-based fashion studio that has Anthro written all over it (you hear that, guys?), the best white button-up I’ve ever seen, and jewelry that I have tacked onto all of my wish lists.

Happy shopping.

Click here to see them all.

10 Best Things to Buy at Nordstrom Rack’s New Online Store


Don’t want to schlep out to KOP, Cherry Hill or Willow Grove to shop Nordstrom Rack? Can’t wait for the actual brick-and-mortar to open on Chestnut Street this fall? Lucky for you, the discount arm of Nordstrom has (finally) launched an e-commerce site.

Off-price clearance stores, generally the last shops to join the e-commerce party, are catching up. This past October, Off Fifth opened its e-store; Neiman Marcus’s clearance store, Last Call, also offers online shopping, as does designer clearance emporium Century 21 (which is also coming to Philly!). But you really care about the shopping, and Nordstrom Rack’s site looks pretty darn good. I sifted through the site to bring you the 10 things to nab first. Happy e-shopping!

Click here to see them all.

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