Trinity Tuesday: “Buy ’Em by the Sack” in Fishtown for $899K

1037 Crease St., Unit E, Philadelphia, Pa. 19125 (one of five) | TREND images via OCF Realty

1037 Crease St., Unit E, Philadelphia, Pa. 19125 (one of five) | TREND images via OCF Realty

This week’s featured trinity isn’t a trinity.

It’s five.

If you’re looking only to move into a trinity of your own, you can skip this listing. But if you’re looking for some homes that will work for you along with a home of your own, these are very attractive candidates. Read more »

Trinity Tuesday: Holding Court in Queen Village

525 Fitzwater St. #4, Philadelphia, Pa. 19147 | TREND Images via OCF Realty

525 Fitzwater St. #4, Philadelphia, Pa. 19147 | TREND Images via OCF Realty

While Charles Dickens despaired at the straightness of our streets, many other observers have called Philadelphia perhaps the most European of American cities in its ambience.

Chances are that when they said those things, they had pictured in their mind’s eye charming little alleyways like this gated one off Fitzwater Street in Queen Village.

This private lane is known as Abbott’s Court, and lining it are 15 equally charming trinity homes. This is one of those homes. Read more »

Morning Headlines: Feibush Announces Run for City Council

It’s happening. Developer Ori Feibush, owner of OCF Realty, is starting his funding campaign for the 2nd District primary in 2015. Philly mag’s Simon Van Zuylen-Wood, who first predicted this in June, writes:

The announcement was short of specifics but an obvious theme emerged: His antipathy towards incumbent Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, whom he’s never been shy about criticizing.

Indeed, Feibush writes, “Can you imagine the good that could come to our communities if their Councilman was truly a willing and active partner?” Zing.

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Ori Feibush on Universal Companies: “We Want to Give Them the Latitude They Need”

royal theater

Photo by Smallbones via Wikimedia Commons

One of the complexities of the development of the Royal Theater is a legal process that compels Universal Companies, the current owner of the historic South Street theater, to do something with the property or let it go to conservatorship.

Neighborhood resident Juan Levy filed an Act 135 petition that would mark the property as blighted should Universal do nothing to develop it. In that case, a court-appointed conservator would take possession of the Royal in order to rehabilitate it and then sell it, but with a profit limited to 10 percent.

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Developer of Huge Point Breeze Project Will Be Named Monday

point breeze rendering

Rendering of proposed Point Breeze project via Naked Philly.

Though the sale isn’t yet a done deal, 2012 Wharton, formerly Louis Sherman & Co. printers, is in the midst of being purchased by a developer for a proposed 50-home project. The broker in the deal is OCF Realty — better known ’round these parts as Ori Feibush — but according to Feibush, OCF is not the developer. That mystery person will be revealed on Monday, Feibush says, at what’s likely to be a very spicy meeting of South Philadelphia Homes Inc.

Here are the details we know thus far of the developer’s proposal: Read more »

More Point Breeze Drama That You Don’t Want to Care About (but Secretly Do)

ocf-logo-400The Point Breeze Organizing Committee, which in the past two months has garnered headlines for publicly jousting with Point Breeze developer Ori Feibush, just laid out its latest manifesto against Feibush. The last post I wrote about Feibush about allegedly faked Facebook messages ended in conclusory apathy towards the whole situation, and this is no different. But for some reason, I just can’t quit watching what happens there and then writing about it on this damn thing.

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Real Estate Urban Dictionary: “Feibush,” “Feibushy”

Over at reddit/philadelphia, user alphadoodledoo responded to a Daily News article about the recent vandalism of OCF Coffee Shop in Point Breeze. Two windows were broken in the early morning hours before a protest march was planned, in part, against OCF and its owner Ori Feibush.  In the Daily News piece, Feibush said he was “100 percent certain” the damage to the shop had been done by a member of the group leading the march. “The idea that it’s not is almost laughable,” he said.

alphadoodledoo wasn’t laughing. He pointed out that the vandal was wearing a mask and clothing that obscured any identifying details. Then he wrote:

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Morning Headlines: Vandalism Starts a Day of Protest in Point Breeze

Saturday was the Point Breeze Organizing Committee’s march against OCF Realty, and as you’ll see from our photos, which we’ll have up soon, it was very peaceful. Yet early that morning someone in the neighborhood smashed a hole in one window of the local OCF Realty coffee shop, and took another window out almost completely–acts that runs counter to the PBOC’s nonviolent mandate.

Photo: Laura Kicey

Photo: Laura Kicey

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Anti-OCF Activist Lives in OCF Home, and Makes Matters Worse Trying to Explain

posterOri Feibush, the developer who owns OCF Realty, has had a contentious relationship with some of his neighbors in Point Breeze, where he’s been aiming much of his development energies. It’s the oldest story in the book: new developer vs. long-time residents–only in this case not all long-time residents are against Feibush’s efforts and some of his newest and fiercest opponents are just as new to the neighborhood as he is.

With the emergence of the group called Point Breeze Organizing Committee (PBOC), what seemed like a typical beautification vs. gentrification debate (Feibush saying he was doing the former; long-timers saying it was the latter) has gotten kind of muddled. In comparison, an early community meeting in which the developer was called a “white devil” seems almost quaint.

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