Poll: Would You Go Topless During Hot Yoga? (One Philly Yogi Did)



Yesterday, Philly Mag writer Monica Weymouth asked the females of Philadelphia the question: How free do we want our nipples? More specifically, do we really want to go topless in hot yoga — sans sports bras and all — like one of her fellow female yogi classmates did this weekend?

This got me thinking: Is this something I’d secretly love to try? Do other women, too? Is topless yoga, like a topless beach — one of those good ideas in theory (no tan lines!) but we’re just too embarrassed to actually take the plunge?  Read more »

What We Love: Naked Poets

A new calender featuring arty shots of naked poets got our attention recently. Naturally. Not only does it feature tastefully shot men and women in the black-and-white buff, but Victoria Bennett’s “The Naked Muse” calendar raises money for Type 1 diabetes awareness.

There really is something for everyone. The poets range in age from their early 20s to late 60s – and it includes everyone from Eric Gregory and Antony Dunn to Alan Buckley, Graham Eccles and Max Wallis – a young writer who was shot on an opium bed in Coleridge’s study. Leave it to the Brits to bring both brainy and sexy.

Check it out: