Man Shot 4 Times Despite Giving Up Money

NBC 10 reports on a disturbing crime in Oxford Circle: A man was mugged by four men, gave up his money and was shot four times while laying down in the snow.

“For some unknown reason after taking his wallet they shoot him four times while standing over him at point-blank range,” said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small. Investigators say a 28-year-old man was walking home from a job interview along the 1400 block of Magee Street in the Oxford Circle section of the city Monday night.

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Green Move to SRC Opens Seat on Council

Bill Green’s move to head the School Reform Commission means there is now officially an open seat on City Council. The Daily News reports that Council President Darrell Clarke “holds the power to call a special election for someone to finish the last year-and-a-half of Green’s four-year term.”

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Can Speed Cameras Fix Philly’s Death-Trap Road?

There must have been nine of us in the two-door sedan, and we were driving on the Boulevard.

I don’t really think anything happened to us — we were teenagers, and we were mostly skinny — and my friend Joe had a plan if the cops pulled us over: “Just say we’re headed to the circus and sing that song!” (That would be Entry of the Gladiators.”) If I remember correctly, though, this story had a happy ending: We turned off the Boulevard to drop someone off, and very slowly dwindled in numbers on our way home. But the point remains: We were nine teenagers in a car designed for at most five people, driving haphazardly on Roosevelt Boulevard.

Growing up a couple miles from it, I rode in cars a lot on the Boulevard as a teenager. I drove almost as often, heading to the enormous Tower Records north of Welsh Road, to a friend’s house in Oxford Circle, to Charlie’s Pizza, to nowhere in particular. I was (am) not a very good driver. I never got into an accident on the Boulevard, but there are thousands like me. Clearly some of them are a little more reckless or a little less lucky, and they crash. Or they hit someone attempting to cross the street. The Boulevard is an incredibly useful road that opened up the Northeast; it’s also one of its most dangerous.

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Morning Headlines: Union League Bids for Another Golf Club

For the second time in recent memory, the Union League is getting ready to bid on a local golf club, which might come as a relief to members and staff of the Torresdale-Frankford Country Club, according to the Inquirer’s Joseph N. DiStefano.

Membership contributions to the long-standing club in Northeast Philadelphia have been hard to come by, making it difficult to refurbish its buildings. At one point, the club even considered selling its property to Holy Family University, parking included. That deal never went through.

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Northeast Philadelphia’s Hesh’s Bakery Has Closed


Hesh’s Eclair Bake Shoppe has closed in Northeast Philadelphia. The Jewish bakery had been in business for 54-years. The details are scant but a message in the windows and on the web site says the closure is permanent.

It is with a very sad and heavy heart to tell you that Hesh’s Bakery is now closed and will not be reopening. We thank you for your patronage. We will miss you



Michael Klein has some more reaction on the surprising closure.

Hesh’s Bakery Is Closed [The Insider]
Hesh’s Eclair Bake Shoppe [Official]

Property’s Most Popular Posts of 2013

Rocky and realtor checking out 2313 Lambert Street.

Rocky and realtor checking out 2313 Lambert Street in Rocky II.

Property opened its virtual doors in March, so it hasn’t been quite one year yet. But here are the posts that were the most popular in 2013 — 12 of them because 12 is more fun than 10.

1. Rocky and Adrian’s House From ‘Rocky II’ Is For Sale
rockyII house
In March, the three-bedroom South Philly home that was the set for Rocky and Adrian’s first home went on the market for $139,900. The rowhome near 20th and Wolf looked pretty much the same as it did in the 1979 movie, and though it took some time, 2313 S. Lambert Street sold for around $129,000.

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Morning-of-the-Day-Before-Christmas Headlines: The Waters Rise

The water main break’s gallons are equal to more than 30 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Of course the big story of the day for those in Frankford, North Philadelphia, Kensington, Port Richmond, and Juniata Park (or anyone else with a heart) is the enormous water main break that caused a gush of 20 to 23 million gallons of water equal to 30 to 34 Olympic -size swimming pools. The break will “inconvenience” residents for months. Given the damage to businesses and homes, and the fact that the city is only mandated to pay out a certain amount, the inconvenience is going to turn into major life changes for many. What a mess. Oddly, I’ve heard no jokes about the Rapture yet, or walking on water. Too soon?

More headlines…

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It’s Friday the Firkinteenth (Now with Extra Wow)

kicked28Friday the Firkinteenth is the event Northeast Philadelphia’s Grey Lodge is most known for. Every Friday the Thirteenth the bar stocks its bar with firkins (small kegs) of cask ale. Today there will be almost 30 firkins tapped, and for the first time, the day will be broken up into two sessions.

Tapping for the first session begins at noon, the evening session starts at 6 p.m. If you’re lucky enough to buy the beer that kicks a firkin, you’ll get an awesome I Kicked the Firkin tee. Because of the nature of the event, the Grey Lodge doesn’t do tabs today and all purchases are of the cash variety.

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Midday Headlines: Cira Centre Pong Makes Guinness Book of World Records

cira centre pong game

Left photo by B. Krist for GPTMC.

• Pong on the Cira Centre has earned a a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records, as Philly reports.

The Inquirer’s Al Heavens writes about continued growth in an already flourishing Francisville.

• A December town meeting at Northeast High School will cover draft plans for improving Roosevelt Blvd., area shopping districts, and parks, according to PlanPhilly.

The Philadelphia Daily News says that the new Frankford Avenue murals celebrate that neighborhood’s diversity and history.

• Former Flyer Max Talbot is selling his Bella Vista 3BR that includes a plasma TV and projector, according to Curbed Philly.

• Is Germantown going green? The Inquirer’s Alison Burdo writes about the solar paneled home and eco-friendly development firm that moved in within three years of each other.

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