Women With Mace, Bats Attack School Bus in Bizarre Northeast Philly Road Rage Incident

[UPDATE] NBC10 reports that police have questioned two women they’re calling persons of interest in Thursday’s bizarre attack. The women showed up to claim the vehicle police say was used in the incident.

The SUV, despite being a Suburban — not a Tahoe as first reported by police — is the one used in Thursday afternoon’s “bizarre” attack, according to police

Two women showed up at the impound lot Friday afternoon to claim the SUV. Police consider the women persons of interest and took them into custody for questioning.

[ORIGINAL] A student was injured on Thursday when police say a group of women attacked a bus with baseball bats and mace on Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia.

The incident happened at 3 p.m. near the Boulevard and Levick Street. Teenagers, 14 and 15 years old, were yelling at an SUV driving next to it on the Boulevard. The women sped up, pulled in front of the bus and blocked its path. Two women then got out of the bus and began hitting it with baseball bats. They also sprayed mace on the front of the bus.

Before leaving in their SUV and fleeing down Horrocks Street, cops say, the women broke the window behind the bus driver. A student hurt his wrists in the attack, but he is expected to be okay.

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Philadelphians Ignore Stabbing in Pathmark Aisle, Keep Shopping

What are people around the United States thinking about Philadelphia today? Well, we’re a cold-blooded bunch who will not let a little thing like a stabbing at the supermarket get in the way of buying our Count Chocula. (Yes, presumably while also eating a cheesesteak.)

That’s courtesy of the above tweet, sent last night by NBC 10 and retweeted a few hundred times, and the related story. On Tuesday, a man in the Pathmark at 840 Cottman Avenue in Burlhome confronted another shopper, police say, and stabbed him in the face and neck with a kitchen knife.

The victim was taken to Jeanes Hospital and later transferred to Temple Hospital due to his worsening condition, but he is expected to survive.

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Cops Looking for Man in Failed Northeast Philly Robbery

The Philadelphia police are on the lookout for a man who attempted to rob the 7-Eleven at Welsh Road and Old Bustleton Ave.

On September 7th, an man armed with a handgun came into the 7-Eleven and demanded money from an employee. The employee said there wasn’t any money in the store, and so the robber demanded lottery tickets instead. The employee said no. And then the dude just left in a dark-colored sedan driven by an unknown accomplice. Yes, thankfully this was quite an incompetent attempted robbery.

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Long-Shuttered Department Store Will Finally Reopen

Castor and Cottman

Photo (and gallery below) by the author.

In 2003, the JCPenney on the corner of Castor and Cottman in Northeast Philadelphia shut its doors. I was in seventh grade at the time and, suffice to say, didn’t really think much beyond Wonder what they’ll put there next … oh my god, I hope it’s, like, a restaurant or something. What ended up going there was … nothing.

Wait, what?

Naïve? Yeah, probably. But up until that point whatever vacant buildings were in the area had been there for so long that they were just part of the streetscape. The norm. This closing was something else. Because here’s what happened: the neighborhood felt more dead than usual.

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Northeast Philly 7-Eleven Robbed, Clerk Pistol Whipped

Image via Google Street View

Image via Google Street View

A clerk at a 7-Eleven in lower Northeast Philly was pistol whipped during a robbery, police said. The clerk was treated at Temple University hospital and released after getting stitches.

Two robbers entered the store, at Bridge and Large streets, at 3:15 a.m. Wednesday morning. After they demanded money from the clerk, who was cooperating with the thieves, one of the robbers pistol whipped him.

The two took an undisclosed amount of money from the store and fled on foot.

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Northeast Philly Wawa Robbed Again by Man with Knife


This morning, a Far Northeast Philadelphia Wawa was robbed for the second time in less than a month by a man with a knife. Police say the man who robbed the Wawa at Knights Rd. and Clarendon Ave. got away with an unidentified amount of cash.

The same Wawa, which is across the street from Far Northeast Philly’s tony Crestmont Farms section, was robbed on July 14th by a man wielding a knife. Police later charged Mark J. Beaver with that crime. In that crime, cops say Beaver handed the clerk a $1 bill, then brandished a knife after the register opened. He reached into the register and escaped with cash.

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Another Man Wearing Muslim Garb Tries to Rob a Bank in the Northeast


Philadelphia police are searching for a man who attempted to rob a bank while wearing female muslim garb earlier this week. Police say the robber, who had a threatening note, did not get away with any money from the Wells Fargo Bank at Castor and Magee avenues.

Does this sound familiar? Two years ago, a man pulled the same robbery not too far away at at Adams and Tabor in the Northeast.

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City Finally Dismantles Boarded Up Frankford Home

frankford home fire 2013

4712 Worth Street (center)
Photo credit: Google Street View.

It’s not even city-owned blight, which begs the question…if it had it been, how much longer would it have taken? After almost a year of neighborhood meeting complaints and 311 calls to the city, the boarded up charred remains of this Frankford home are finally being removed. And at a heavier penny than usual, too.

John Loftus of the Northeast Times reports that after 4712 Worth Street burned down last July, the city stamped it with the ever ubiquitous “imminently dangerous” label and barred its entry. (Although a neighbor says possums and raccoons still managed to settle in.)

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Northeast Philly Native Helped Rescue Man After Calif. Shark Attack

A Northeast Philadelphia native was one of the rescuers of a man bit by a shark in California. A lifeguard for the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Nick Macko was about 10 blocks away when he heard about a swimmer in trouble over his radio.

Macko then helped swimmers and other lifeguards give the injured long-distance swimmer, Steven Robles, medical assistance. Macko was a lifeguard in North Wildwood for nine summers starting in 1999.

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