How a Northeast Native Turned 30 and Learned to Love … South Street?

Illustration by Tim Parker

Illustration by Tim Parker

In retrospect, I should have known I would turn 30 in Philadelphia.

As is customary with Northeast Philadelphia natives, I have never lived more than a half hour from the house I grew up in. I went to college here, then looked for jobs here, then puttered away my 20s right here.

All signs point to lifer.

And yet as I celebrate — or, more accurately, as I icily acknowledge as only a Northeast girl can — the dawn of my 30s, part of me is surprised to find myself doing so in Philly. Read more »

Morning Headlines: Far Northeast Loses Historic Centuries-Old Home (VIDEO)

A blow to historical preservationists in the Northeast: the Stokes House at 2976 Welsh Road was demolished on January 5th. A 12-home twin house development is set to replace it.

According to William Kenny at the Northeast Times, the Millbrook Society’s history of the property shows the Federal-style stone farmhouse dated back to the 1800s, while the property itself has deeds that go as far back as 1747. Prior to that, it had been a plantation estate belonging to Thomas Holme, William Penn’s surveyor, who bequeathed it to his freed slaves after his death in 1695.

Efforts to save the structure were hindered, Kenny writes, due to its long-time owners, the Stokes family, never trying to get it historically designated. Saving the home was made even more difficult for the fact that, as Northeast historian Fred Moore put it,  “no one famous lived there.” Kenney then reports that in 2010, after having given the home two significant renovations to speak of, Stokes Jr. “told the Holme Circle Civic Association that the home was again in disrepair and that restoration would not be cost-effective.”

Click here to see the video of the demoltion (and other headlines!)

Remodeled Home in Bustleton Has Plenty of Surprises

TREND photo via RE/MAXX Elite.

TREND photo via RE/MAXX Elite.

Do we spot the next step in starter home living? This unassuming Northeast Philly home is a twin on a quiet street and would probably have gone unnoticed were it not for its fresh updates: brand new eat-in kitchen, top of the line appliances, and upgraded master bathroom.

In addition to this, the home was custom painted and has hardwood floors underneath its carpeting. Down in the lower level is a large family room with a door out to the fenced yard with pool. 1-car garage also on the premises.

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The Icing on the Butter Cake

Butter cake (courtesy of Danish Bakers) and the author in her new prized possession.

Butter cake (courtesy of Danish Bakers) and the author in her new prized possession.

As a hopeless neurotic with a fetish for Post-it notes, I regularly edit my “What to Grab in a Fire” list.

The first spot never changes: In the event of an emergency, my shih tzu goes under one arm, despite the fact that he would abandon me, happily, for a piece of bacon. A lick of bacon. If I’m being honest in a way I can’t afford to be at this point in my life? A sniff of bacon.

The runner-up used to be a photo album, an irreplaceable keepsake that seems to be on the rescue list of most well-adjusted people.

But last week, things changed, for I acquired a butter cake T-shirt.

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Northeast Philly’s Center for Autism Awarded $1 Million Grant For Expansion

The Center for Autism in Philadelphia has two facilities, one of which has just received a $1 million grant courtesy of the state’s Economic Initiative Grant Program. John George at the Business Journal reports the money will go to expanding the center’s satellite facility in Northeast Philadelphia:

Awarded through the state’s Economic Initiative Grant Program, the money will be used to renovate space at center’s Grant Avenue location, which will allow the facility to provide 350 more evaluations each year and serve 270 more individuals and families through its various treatment programs.

But wait, there’s more…

Abandoned Railroad in Fox Chase Could Soon Be a Park Trail

Photo credit: Google Street View.

Photo credit: Google Street View.

If you’ve ever walked by the Fox Chase Regional Rail Station in Northeast Philly, you may have noticed a long-abandoned railroad bed taking up precious space across from it. That site, we are now happy to report, might in due time breathe new life as a park trail.

The tracks, which were once a continuation of the Fox Chase-Newtown Line, stopped being used by SEPTA in the early ’80s. William Kenney at the Northeast Times now reports the Planning Commission has succeeded in acquiring grant funds to “study the conversion of SEPTA’s abandoned Fox Chase-Newtown Line into a park trail,” a part of which has already been repurposed as Lorimer Trail on the Montgomery County side.

The news, which included the Commission getting a second grant for another study that would look into putting sidewalks on the Rockwell-Hasbrook section of Oxford Avenue, was announced by local resident Chuck Tucker earlier this month during a Fox Chase Homeowners Association and Town Watch meeting,

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Home Sweet Northeast for the Holiday


My trip home for Thanksgiving is barely a trip. Many people have a longer commute to work, and plenty would travel farther for pizza. But because I’m from the Northeast — where moving to another parish or, God forbid, a different Wawa precinct, is taboo — a 35-minute drive counts as something of a homecoming.

And — I-95 construction be damned — it feels good to go home.

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Man Drives Corvette into Delaware River in Northeast Philly

Update: Police have pulled a red Corvette from the Delaware River in the Tacony section of Northeast Philadelphia.

No one was hurt. Police say the Corvette was dumped by a husband who is going through a divorce with his wife. The driver, whose name has not been released, fled the car. He’s wanted on reckless endangerment and other charges.


Police are currently searching the Delaware River after reports that a Corvette drove into the river.

Police first received reports of the Corvette’s dive into the Delaware at about a quarter to 4. Callers told cops the red ’Vette went into the river at Magee Avenue in the Tacony section of Northeast Philadelphia.

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Women With Mace, Bats Attack School Bus in Bizarre Northeast Philly Road Rage Incident

[UPDATE] NBC10 reports that police have questioned two women they’re calling persons of interest in Thursday’s bizarre attack. The women showed up to claim the vehicle police say was used in the incident.

The SUV, despite being a Suburban — not a Tahoe as first reported by police — is the one used in Thursday afternoon’s “bizarre” attack, according to police

Two women showed up at the impound lot Friday afternoon to claim the SUV. Police consider the women persons of interest and took them into custody for questioning.

[ORIGINAL] A student was injured on Thursday when police say a group of women attacked a bus with baseball bats and mace on Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia.

The incident happened at 3 p.m. near the Boulevard and Levick Street. Teenagers, 14 and 15 years old, were yelling at an SUV driving next to it on the Boulevard. The women sped up, pulled in front of the bus and blocked its path. Two women then got out of the bus and began hitting it with baseball bats. They also sprayed mace on the front of the bus.

Before leaving in their SUV and fleeing down Horrocks Street, cops say, the women broke the window behind the bus driver. A student hurt his wrists in the attack, but he is expected to be okay.

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Philadelphians Ignore Stabbing in Pathmark Aisle, Keep Shopping

What are people around the United States thinking about Philadelphia today? Well, we’re a cold-blooded bunch who will not let a little thing like a stabbing at the supermarket get in the way of buying our Count Chocula. (Yes, presumably while also eating a cheesesteak.)

That’s courtesy of the above tweet, sent last night by NBC 10 and retweeted a few hundred times, and the related story. On Tuesday, a man in the Pathmark at 840 Cottman Avenue in Burlhome confronted another shopper, police say, and stabbed him in the face and neck with a kitchen knife.

The victim was taken to Jeanes Hospital and later transferred to Temple Hospital due to his worsening condition, but he is expected to survive.

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